4 Suggestions for Outfitting Your Trailer

Do you wish that your trailer had more features? Most flatbed trailers come from the factory with a bare bones arrangement of a deck, frame, lights, wheels and tires, but simple improvements and additions can help you get more utility and performance out of your trailer. Whether you’re hauling a boat to the lake or materials to the jobsite, outfitting your trailer with these four upgrades can take your towing experience to the next level.

LED Trailer Lights

From bouncing over potholes to getting submerged in water and caked in road salt, your trailer’s taillights take a beating. All that wear and tear leads to malfunctions that can compromise safety or get you a ticket. Give yourself extra peace of mind with an upgrade to sealed, submersible LED lights that shine brighter and last longer than factory stock taillights. Waterproof lights are especially important if you regularly use your trailer to haul and launch a boat.

Storage Solutions

Do you use your trailer to haul a lot of smaller items like lawn equipment or construction materials? Having a good storage system can help you stay organized and keep things from falling off the trailer’s deck. Consider installing an aluminum trailer storage box to keep tools, nails and screws contained. Add a tie-down system to prevent bulky items from bouncing around or breaking loose.

Folding Ramps

Ramps are essential if you use your trailer to transport four-wheelers, riding lawnmowers, cars or other heavy vehicles, but taking those ramps on and off your trailer can be a pain. Install an aluminum ramp kit with handy hinges so you can fold the ramps out of the way when they’re not in use. Space the ramps to fit your most-hauled equipment or choose adjustable sliding ramps.

Adjustable Ball Mount

If you have several different trailers with varying ball sizes and tongue heights, finding a ball mount that fits them all can be a challenge. Solve the problem with an adjustable, rust-proof ball mount. Installing a new ball mount may sound difficult, but it couldn’t be easier. Just remove the old one, slide on the new one, and you’re ready to haul any trailer in your fleet.

Most trailer upgrades are easy to install, but don’t worry if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer. Custom trailer sales lots can outfit your new trailer with your choice from a wide selection of quality accessories. You can also purchase your upgrades from a company that offers free installation services.

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