4 Hacks to Save Money on the Water Bill

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If you’re looking to save money on your water bill, you’ve probably already put an empty bottle in your toilet tank and started closing the tap when you brush your teeth. There are many more steps yet to take, however, and they are just as effective as these two popular strategies. Your wallet and the environment will both appreciate these water usage reducers.

Load It up

The next time you shop for appliances, look for the Energy Star and Water Sense logos. Appliances with these designations use up to 50% less water than others, which translates into big water bill savings. If you’re not ready to go shopping just yet, load up the appliances you do have every time you run them. Never run the dishwasher or washing machine when they are only half full.

Go Native

A lower water bill can often be found in the garden. Although exotic plants are attractive, it is best to plant local species that grow naturally in your area. Native plants have evolved and adapted to the growing conditions around your home and are able to thrive without help from you. Irrigating lawns and gardens uses a tremendous amount of water and simply isn’t necessary if you stick to native species.

Drill a Well

One way to cut costs is to tap into the water already located on your property. Rather than paying the city for water, consider hiring a professional drilling company, like Mike’s Drilling, to install a well on your land. A well lets you collect water from pockets of it located underground and can greatly reduce or even eliminate your city water bill.


Clearly using waste water for tasks like washing the dishes is not recommended, but you can find a surprising number of uses for it. If you drop an ice cube on the floor, throw it in a plant pot instead of the sink. Plants also appreciate the old water from dog dishes or leftover in dinner glasses. If you use water to boil or steam vegetables, save it and use it to make soup stock. Water used to rinse rice is often used as homemade starch, and most people have enough bathwater left over to wash their car.

Any one of these methods by itself can noticeably reduce your water bill. Putting them all together works even better and is a powerful tool for reducing your water bill and water usage. Try them for a month and you’ll have a lower water bill and the satisfaction of knowing you did something that will benefit the environment.

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