3 Ways Massages Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

If you’ve been feeling tense or have experienced muscle strain or discomfort lately, you may want to consider getting a massage. These symptoms are also an indicator that you’re probably not getting enough sleep as well. When you can’t get a good night’s rest, you’re more likely to be groggy and have mood swings throughout the day. Interrupted sleep patterns also lead to higher stress levels and impaired memory.

Getting quality sleep is essential to your health. Here are some of the ways that massages can improve your sleep and your overall health.

Massages Are Relaxing

Whether you work nights and are tired during the day, have a job that requires intense physical labor, or spend most of your day taking care of children, getting a massage can relax your body and mind. Massages also help to relieve your body of stress, so if you’re concerned about money issues or relationship troubles, a massage can help you feel your best inside and out. When you get massages regularly, you’ll find that you’re less depressed and anxious. Your body will be prompted to release more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes your body feel calmer. This is why massages are beneficial for children and teens, especially those who suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity.

Massages Reduce Pain

A full body massage can immediately make you less stressed but will also ease pain throughout your body. If you suffer from lower back pain, getting a 30- minute massage a few times a week for about a month will lead to less pain and more comfortable sleep. A massage will make it easier for your body to remain in the REM stage of sleep when your body is barely moving.

Suppose you can’t get professional massages as often as you’d like. You can purchase a massage chair or specially designed pillows to relax your joints and muscles. You can also ask your significant other to give you a massage. You can convince your loved ones to provide you with a massage by telling them that a back rub that lasts for only three minutes can help you get about half an hour of extra sleep. Of course, you can also return the favor so the both of you can get a refreshing night’s sleep.

Massages Balance Your Hormones

Since your body releases serotonin during a massage, this serotonin releases melatonin, which helps the body regulate its circadian rhythm. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. When your body has enough melatonin, you’ll be less likely to fall asleep in the middle of the day and stay awake at night. And once you fall asleep, you’ll be less likely to wake up every few hours. This will improve your concentration the next day and ensure that you’re in a better mood.

It’s important to note that massages work for people of all ages. Even though lower back massages are ideal for middle-aged and older people, massages are beneficial for infants and younger adults. Individuals with fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, and even cancer can benefit from the improved circulation and flexibility that comes with regular massages.

If you’re thinking about adding massages to your self-care regimen, talk to your physician about the types of massages that work best for you. You should be especially careful about getting massages if you’re pregnant or have recently been in an accident. Based on your health needs and previous conditions, you can likely find a massage that works best for your body so you can get back to feeling your best.


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