10 Things Your Man NEEDS to Hear From You

10 Things Your Man Needs to Hear


There’s a saying I’ve heard many times, “Give a man 3 good meals and sex (not necessarily in that order) and he’ll be happy”…  While true to some extent, men need much more than this.  Believe it or not ladies, deep down your man needs much of the same emotionally stability that we do.  There’s many more, but here’s a few that I’ve found will lift my man when he’s had a rough go of it!

1.  I Respect You

There are few things a man needs as much as he needs the respect of his wife. The same way we ladies need to feel pretty – our guys need respect. It’s easy to look at them as “our biggest man child” but we need to be careful that we don’t belittle them, especially in front of the kids or other people. 

2.  You’re handsome 

While maybe not as much as us, our men want to know that they’re still the stud. They need to know that when it comes down to it they are still the ones that give us butterflies. 

3.  Thank you

When’s the last time you thanked your man for the things he does. Whether it be providing for the family, washing the dishes, changing a diaper, or simply listening to you “vent” about your day – let him know you appreciate it. I’ve been amazed, when I make a big deal out of my guy doing something out of the way for me, guess what … it encourages him to do more!  Win for him, win for ME!  

4.  You’re a good person

So many times we point out the shortcomings and failures of those we love most. It can make anyone feel worthless after hearing that for years on end. Let them know that you still see the good qualities that you saw in the beginning!

5.  You wanna… 

You knew this one would be on here! Don’t make him make the first move every time!  Initiate some intimate time and watch how tender your macho guy can become. Even if you don’t feel like it – go for it – there’s so many health benefits to a healthy sex life!  Please your man and get a little healthier at the same time. 

6.  I appreciate you

We ALL need to feel this one but men especially. They need to know that we notice what they’re doing. I promise you, the more they feel appreciated the more they’ll do to please you!

7.  Is there anything I can help you with

I’m guilty of constantly asking for help from my sweet hubby (especially when the babes were actually babes). Every once in a while offer your help to him. Let him know you’re a team and you’re cheering for him!

8.  You’re still the one I daydream about

Remember when… you first started your relationship and how magical the thought of him was?  Go back to that time. Let your mind wonder. Push out any negative thoughts and concentrate on his good qualities. And lose yourself in blissful romance with him in your mind!  Then when he gets home refer back to number 5. 

9.  I trust you

This is a tricky one if trust has been broken. But if you’re in a relationship you have to trust that person!  Let them know that you do and then actually do it. Trust is a beautiful beautiful thing!  We all tend to do what’s expected of us, expect your spouse to be faithful and trust them to do so. Not every time, but the more of number 5 you offer the more satisfied he’ll be. 

10.  I’m proud of you

The male ego is a very fragile thing. He needs to be doted on in a very subtle way – so as not to coddle. But they need desperately to know that we are proud to be theirs. They need to know that we take great pride in their accomplishments. 

Try to take one of these phrases a day and slip it into a conversation.  Maybe even whisper it in his ear as he’s leaving for work – give him something to think about as he heads out into the world.  Let me know how it works for you – it’s worked wonders in my home!

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