10 Best Christmas Gifts for Guys

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year OR it can be the most stressful time of year… One of the main factors in which side of the coin you land on is – getting the PERFECT gift for your perfect guy! Finding the right gift EARLY in the season makes it so much easier to relax and enjoy the hot chocolate and snuggle time on the couch! This is why we have compiled our Top 10 List of Gifts for Guys this year!

We have something for everyone; if you have a grill loving guy on your list we have some awesomely unique gift ideas, health conscience dude to buy for – read on – we have something for him too, and if you want to make Christmas last all year long we have some amazing subscription boxes for MEN! When you see the one you want – hit the link and order away! Christmas shopping has never been so easy – and you are welcome! 🙂

Grill Accessories


They say good things come in small packages, and the MeatStick Mini is no exception. Mini makes it easy to achieve fine dining results at home with a price point that won’t break the bank. Pair it with The MeatStick App to get you inspired in the kitchen and cooking like a pro in no time.

  • cook steakhouse quality steaks at home by making sure they aren’t overcooked
  • spend more time with friends and family instead of babysitting the turkey in the oven as the MeatStick Mini will let you know when it’s cooked perfectly.
  • become a chef by cooking perfectly cooked meats in all types of ways, from the oven, deep-fryer, air-fryer, or just on the stove.

The MeatStick Mini is the newest high-tech wireless meat thermometer and is going to make it easy to cook the perfect steakhouse quality steak, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas chicken, and more! My dad is going to LOVE this little gem! Never worry about the internal temp of that chicken breast again. Getting that steak to the perfect warm pink center has NEVER been easier. You can put dinner on the grill, turn on some relaxing music, and watch your smart device to register the desired temp – BAM dinner is served!


Texas Irons

This rustic BBQ must-have lets you leave your mark on just about anything you can grill.  Featuring up to 3 letters of your choice, it can be accessorized with a beautiful cedar gift box or hanging board.  A conversation starter to say the least!

Why have I never thought of “branding” my food on the grill?!? This is such a darling idea – You can have the folks at Texas Irons create your personalized branding iron – with up to three letters OR they can make a huge variety of different logos! I got my parents a set that says “mom” and “dad” to use and can’t wait to see their faces when they open them. 

  • Iron Construction     
  • Each letter measures ~1″h x 1″w x 3/8″d
  • Entire iron measures ~11.5″ in length, including handle
  • Ships in 2-3 business days.

These branding irons boast a distinctive script and rustic black color. This personalized Blacksmith branding iron makes a convincing mark – a truly genuine piece of art! No wonder this beauty made our top 10 list for guys in 2021!


360 Knife Block

If you have a serious chef in your life they will tell you – one of the necessities is a good chopping knife. 360 Knife Block brings you a family of knife storage for people who love their knives!

360 Knife Block has a variety of beautiful ways to display knives. The thing that sets these knife blocks above the rest is the magnetic properties! They have wall mount or countertop options available – so you can choose the one that fits your guy best! The Original 360KB is designed to fit under standard upper cabinets and hold most popular home chefs’ knives. The stylish hourglass shape elevates your knife storage concept into a work of art. The NEW 360 Knife Block MAX is designed for use on kitchen islands and has slots in the top and 4″ wide straight sides to hold up to 12″ long blades. Designed to hold more, bigger, knives. The wall-mounted 360KB BAR features two rows of magnets from end to end. Easy to level backer plate with long screws and washers for “micro-adjustment”.

I have the 360KB Bar and my hubby LOVES it! It keeps the knives in arms reach and adds a sophisticated flare to our kitchen decor. I can imagine these blocks would be great for an outdoor grill area as well! 


Subscription Boxes

There is something special and exciting about receiving and opening a “mystery package”. I have two teen boys who still light up when they get something in the mail – they don’t want mom to see it but you just can’t hide some things from mom! If you are struggling with the perfect gift for your guy, why not try a subscription box?!? It’s perfectly perfect – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Check out a few of my fave subscription boxes for my guys!


Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs is THE place to shop for subscription boxes for EVERYONE on your list but they have some super unique gift ideas for guys! Do you have a bacon lover? Amazing Clubs has a bacon subscription box (the bacon is simply divine!) Is your guy a guy that dresses to impress when he leaves the house? Amazing Clubs has a tie subscription box – get a new tie every month to keep the ensemble fresh. Who doesn’t love COFFEE? They have a coffee of the month box for the coffee lover. In fact, Amazing Clubs has OVER 40 subscription boxes for you to choose from!

The oh-so-popular Variety Club lets you combine any of the 40 gourmet clubs into one great gift! Just choose how many months, tell them when to start shipping, and pick your favorite clubs. Got a pickle and cheese lover on your list? You can send both. Want to spice it up? Try adding a hot sauce or salsa delivery. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Go for chocolate, cookies, or dessert. The possibilities are endless! Best of all, no matter what you choose, you’re covered by Amazing Clubs unbeatable “They’ll Love It!” Guarantee!

You can choose to send a gift announcement by mail or email or you can print it from your computer for the ultimate in last-minute gift giving! Your gift announcement will include your personal message, details for your recipient about their gift membership, and their delivery schedule. Whichever box you choose it’s sure to be one of the top 10 gifts this year!


Mystery Tackle Box

If your impossible to buy for a guy who is avid or longs to be a fisherman – Mystery Tackle Box is your one-stop subscription box shop! This subscription box is perfect for the anglers on your list. True fishermen are P.I.C.K.Y. about their tackle – Mystery Tackle Box takes the hassle out for the giver trying to decipher which lure is which. When you gift your guy a subscription box from Mystery Tackle Box, they can set up their preferences and KNOW they will be getting their favorite lures every month!

Mystery Tackle Box is a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing products every single month! These subscription plans introduce beginner and expert anglers alike to new fishing lures and tackle, and the best way to use them. Are you ready to fish like you’ve never fished before?

How Much Does It Cost?
Mystery Tackle Box is only $19.99 a month for their standard box and $29.99 a month for the PRO box and you can cancel any time. Most anglers spend at least $25-$50 per month on fishing gear, so this service exposes anglers to new quality lures at a fraction of the price. Plus they ship for free and don’t charge sales tax (in most states).
What Will I Get?
Each month you will get a variety of quality fishing products from both large and small manufacturers. Mystery Tackle Box does its best to send a variety of brands and products types in each box to ensure that you have the best chance of discovering and trying new products. They have product specialists who are experienced tournament fishermen reviewing each bait put in the box to make sure it is high quality and effective. 

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

If your guy is a “techie” chances are they have heard and longed for a Bluetooth speaker from GravaStar. What better time of year to surprise him with one than NOW! These Bluetooth speakers are like works of art – they are stylish AND provide an out-of-this-world listening experience!

Catered for the audiophiles, the build-in Gravastar’s proprietary DSP audio algorithms developed promises to deliver deep bass, accurate mid-range, crisp high, and equal-loudness contour. The technology produces high clarity and punchy bass even at low volume allowing you to “Hear everything and feel it”.  Mars Pro features an additional 2.5″ full-range speaker, 1″ high-frequency tweeter and now boasts a maximum 20W output with a high sensitivity of 86 db. With these specs, you can feel a stronger bass at loud volumes with less sound distortion and feel your music as much as you hear it. Mars Pro Bluetooth speaker delivers ultra-powerful bass even at low volumes. 

Equipped with the TWS Bluetooth V5.0 technology, the two paired Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth speakers provide you with an even more powerful and immersive stereo experience. This is THE gift for the techie on your list! GO HERE and choose from their colorful selection!


Journal or Organizer

Does your guy live by a list? My sweet hubby would be lost without his lists – he makes them weekly,  monthly, annually… I believe it’s the sense of satisfaction at crossing things off the list that keeps his endless lists going. This binder from PLOTTER USA is the PERFECT gift for my list-loving guy and yours too! 

This 6-ring leather binder uses genuine Pueblo leather with a brushed texture that gives off the most dynamic aging of all leather types. The surface of the authentic Italian leather is deliberately buffed by craftsmen using a special gold scraper. Enjoy the rustic look of the leather paired with the gold back plating when it is new. As you handle the leather more frequently, the texture lies flat for a much more distinct luster and glossy appearance. The more you use it, the darker the color becomes. Bible Size is the iconic standard size for personal organizers that holds all you need in one convenient place. It is compact and fits comfortably in your palm for easy access to writing and recording notes. Pair it with Diary Refills to add scheduling functionality to your system.

PLOTTER USA has a variety of sizes and colors to meet everyones needs!


Air Sanitizer

Dads are “fixers”. If there is a problem – their mind automatically goes into “fix it” mode. One dad in Portugal was weary of seeing his young son suffer with allergies, so he developed Airfree Air Purifiers to clean the air so his son could breathe easier! Airfree’s mission is to combine the best technology and design, to turn our clients’ needs into innovative solutions for indoor environments, whether for health reasons, comfort, or to increase productivity. The technology began being developed thanks to the initiative and creativity of a Portuguese businessman in an effort to find an effective way to ease his son’s allergy attacks. After successful testing at the INETI microbiological laboratory in Portugal, large-scale production of the devices began to take shape so that more families worldwide could be able to enjoy the benefits of a simple, effective concept.

Airfree’s purifiers have been tested hundreds of times proving its effectiveness in destroying bacteria and viruses and other organic materials that can be detrimental to our health. Throughout its testing, Airfree models have proven time and time again to kill 99.99% of airborne microorganisms, but the company wanted to ensure its consumers that its products would also destroy the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus variant, to show its consumers that they can completely trust their brand. 


Beard Care

Facial hair is back and is all the rage – I, for one, LOVE IT! My guy has a beard and knows threatening to shave it off will get my attention in a hurry! Brio has a trimmer for the beard, hair, nose… if your man grows hair Brio has a trimmer for it! 

The Brio Beardscape is the ultimate tool to manage your beard from 5 o’clock shadow to 5-month masterpiece!  The Beardscape perfects the stubble-look with the integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment. The Beardscape includes 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm guards.  It comes equipped with 5 speed settings, responsive controls and an informative display all wrapped up in a compact size.  The ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and heat and is quieter than metal.  The Beardscape is one of the quietest trimmers available!  The titanium rake is precision ground to match perfectly with the ceramic blade.  Charge the Beardscape in the base or plug it in while you use it but with a ridiculously long battery life, your trimming will never be cut short.  The Beardscape makes an excellent hair trimmer and is perfect for any manscaping project.  For the Beard and Beyond.



I have two teen boys who are all about chains and bracelets – more so than even my daughter. These pieces from Joyamo make gifting jewelry personal – because let’s face it – our guys can be sentimental too. This matte bar necklace for men with a distinctive leather cord has space for you to put names of four special people, animals, favorite places, or whatever else you can imagine. Keep the things he loves most close to his heart!


However, if your guy is more of a bracelet guy – no worries! Joyamo has some spectacular bracelets that you can personalize as well! Because it is time to give back all the love and protection your dad or husband makes you feel, get him this bold Men’s Leather Bracelet with Oval Name Beads from JoyAmo. You can customize this leather bracelet in a few shades of black, brown, and blue with up to 10 name beads.


Personalized Duffle Bags

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect guy this year – LOOK NO FURTHER! I can not begin to say how much I LOVE the duffles I have gotten from Joe at GroomsDay! The quality is second to none, the ordering process is simple, and shipping is FAST! Perfect to get here in plenty of time for Christmas!

My bag is going to my favorite 18-year-old who’s headed off to college next fall. A bittersweet time for this mama for sure – so proud for his accomplishments but WOW – where did the last 18 years go? I know traveling back and forth will be easier with THIS bag from GroomsDay. We can fit an entire twin-size comforter AND a KING sized pillow in it with room to spare!

Regardless of the style your guy prefers, they have you covered; backpack, messenger, leather, weekender, duffle, combat duffle, and MORE! Get your guy a bag for Christmas – then plan a weekend getaway after the first of the year! WIN – WIN!! Head on over and get yours ordered today!

I would love to hear which of these Top 10 Gifts for Guys will be under your tree this year!

Meatstick Mini     Texas Irons     360 Block Knife        Amazing Clubs

Mystery Tackle Box     GravaStar    Brio

AirFree     Brio     Joyamo     GroomsDay

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