Why Renting A Forklift Is Better Than Buying A New One

Forklifts are used for lifting and handling large quantities of materials in various industries. A company can either rent, buy a new one or even get used forklifts for sale. Not all companies who utilize forklifts in their daily operations opt to buy their own, even when they are needed on a regular basis. Here are some of the benefits of renting a forklift in comparison to buying one.

No huge purchase costs incurred

Electric forklifts can be rented for either a long term or short-term period. A business can avoid the substantial capital costs associated in buying a forklift by renting the equipment for the desired time-frames. Long term hires can be planned for monthly or bi-monthly rates with a rental company. Short-term rental prices differ significantly; however, most forklift rental companies do offer affordable short-term costs. Always inquire what deals or offers are available in order to minimize costs as much as possible.

No maintenance or repair costs

Renting a forklift eliminates the costly and unexpected maintenance and repair costs. Usually, when forklifts are hired, the rental company is responsible for all maintenance costs. This is because the rentals companies generally include maintenance, servicing and repair costs into the regular payments you make. The regular rental payments are easier to budget for than the huge unexpected bills which incur when you own a forklift. Therefore if there are any maintenance issues, simply contact the forklift rental company and inform them that the equipment needs repair or replacing, which will be done at no extra costs.

Safety issues

Forklift owners must ensure their equipment meet all appropriate safety requirements. Many accidents associated with forklifts are due to neglected safety procedures and poor working conditions. Rental companies are responsible for the training and ensuring proper working conditions are maintained by the company renting the equipment. They should also provide expert advice plus full risk assessments, lifting method statements which cover areas such as personal protective equipment, operating instructions and specifications.


Renting a forklift enables the element of flexibility for a company. The customer can have a variety of models to choose from and get the suitable forklift to rent for a particular job. This kind of flexibility cannot be achieved once you purchase a forklift which can lead to higher costs for a business or inefficient working procedures that lead to results.

Access to the Latest Technology

When you buy a forklift, you are stuck with it, even if technology is upgraded or advanced. However, when you choose to rent, you can get a modern forklift that features the most recent technology and incorporates all the new developments that have been made since you purchased your forklift. You should opt for renting a forklift, as you will never have to use outdated technology.


To make the best decision for your business regarding renting or purchasing a forklift, consult an industry specialist to engage the best advice. By analyzing the above factors and advice provided, you will be in a position to make the most suitable decision for your business, which is certainly renting a forklift.

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