Why Everyone Is Falling In Love With Subway Tiles

Subway tiles were designed for the subway stations, that is why they are easily sanitized and cleaned. This feature makes them the ideal material to use in the kitchen and bathroom because these areas harbor a lot of dirt.

This is why when we use subway tiles in the kitchen; it is not only to improve the looks but also to make the cleaning process easy. Due to the latter scenario, subway tiles have become very popular in modern architectural designs.

In this regard, let us at some styles that are making everyone fall in love with subway tiles.

Square Tiles with Darker Grout

White squares with darker grout are slowly phasing out the rectangular traditional style design. This design comes in handy for people who do not like the all-white effect. Interior design specialists believe that this look can be used anywhere.

To come up with the design you just need 4-by 4-inch tiles. Instead of arranging these subway tiles in a straight-line orientation, you create a 1 or 2 inch offset on the vertical or horizontal row. Make sure to integrate darker grout to make the design more playful and interesting.

You can also use dark terracotta tiles to create patterns. This helps to avoid the ordinary brick-laid subway look.

Moroccan Flair

Presently, Moroccan flair is on the spotlight, all thanks to homeowners who want to diversify. The design comes with trendy ironwork patterns adding the exotic flair to your kitchen or bathroom.

This subway designs borrows much from the Moroccan architecture, hence, the name. Even though the process of installing the tiles is somehow complicated, the results always speak for themselves. The design works well if you paint on a backsplash or stair risers.

The Classic

This is amongst the early and the most popular tile designs. Its simplicity and authenticity make it the subway tiles design sought by most people.

It involves creating a full wall on the shower or kitchen floor and half-wall backsplash behind the doors. An all-white classic effect usually produces the perfect white backdrop against all other features in the room. Design experts believe that this design best suits the bathrooms.

However, it never disappoints when used as interior décor.

Harlequin Patterns

Let the name not fool you, this is a very common sublime tiles design. It involves a floor or a wall stacked with diamond-shaped patterns. The design is trending because of its graphic element that arouses visual interests. That is why you will realize it is making its way as the kitchen backsplash.

With that in mind, tiles are of the paramount essence in the contemporary world décor. They are used everywhere across the globe. However, always remember consulting before going for any subway tile style.

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