Don’t Get Caught in Landscaping Limbo: 4 Mistakes You Must Avoid

A huge part of landscaping is developing something that will be both appealing and easy to maintain. You have to consider the types of plants as much as the amount of effort that you’re willing to invest into the project. Here some of the more common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when you’re landscaping your yard. 

Failing to Plan 

If you don’t create a plan for your landscaping, it might end up looking haphazard and be more difficult to maintain over the long-term. Consider, for instance, the ease with which you can mow your lawn and how it will impact your other forms of landscaping. There are mow edges that can be installed that will make it easier to maintain the lawn and prevent the spread of grass into the flowerbeds. Another thing to consider is rubbish management so that you can haul away your unwanted debris during the project. 

Lack of Contrast

Another common problem when it comes to landscaping projects is your garden lacking contrast and interest when it comes to color and height. Select a variety of plants that will complement as well as contrast one another. Lay them out before you move forward with getting them planted. Taking a step back to inspect your masterpiece-to-be will give you a better representation of how the final product will appear. 

Growing Conditions 

The types of plants you select will be dictated by the growing conditions. This includes items such as the amount of sun required, shade restrictions, and the amount of moisture content in the soil. Many plants are better suited to certain areas of your yard in order to reach their full potential. Before you make any major purchases, make sure that the plants that you’re selecting are appropriate for the space that you have planned for them. 

Plant Growth 

Another common problem that people face with landscaping projects is failing to take into account the amount of space that will be required for mature plants. Overcrowding issues could be causing you to experience problems with being able to maintain your yard. The amount of spacing that you need between plantings will be dictated by the plants that you select. Take this into account so that you don’t get caught off-guard. 

Avoiding these more common mistakes may help you to have a yard that you can enjoy without having to spend hours maintaining it. Above all else, remember that the first step to any landscaping project is to create a plan. This will allow you to take into account the other concerns that will crop up for your project.


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