Why Aussie Employers Like Hiring People With a Disability

If you’re living with a disability and you’re currently looking for a job, you’ll no doubt be aware that your path will have various obstacles that you will have to overcome before finding employment. All job seekers face multiple challenges, and those with a disability will encounter even more.

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There can be some advantages for disabled job seekers in the modern employment market. With a lot more emphasis being placed on hiring workers with a disability and employers now having a far greater understanding of what a disabled job seeker can offer, some employers are actively looking to hire people with a disability to fill various roles in their organization. This article will be taking a look at the reasons why that is.

It Can Be Good For Business

Simply having an employee with a disability in the workplace can produce a positive vibe. Often, there will be a strong connection between that employee and the customers. When it comes to sales roles, many customers feel confident purchasing an employee with a disability. Many customers make the association that a salesperson with a disability is more trustworthy and honest.

Other employees also benefit from their presence. It can boost staff morale and even increase loyalty among the workers through building a diverse workforce. This can ultimately lead to a lower turnover rate of staff. Teamwork is also enhanced on most occasions when employers focus on workplace diversity.

Improved Company Image

Cultivating a diverse workplace can also boost a business or company’s image. The reputation of a company’s brand is crucial, and any employer who demonstrates favor to various groups of individuals will boost the company’s image.

This can increase customers and attract the right employees if and when a position becomes vacant in the company.

Workers With a Disability Are Often More Reliable

Although it can vary, studies have shown that workers with a disability are more reliable than the average worker. Disabled employees take fewer sick days, and once they’ve landed a satisfying job role, they also tend to stay longer rather than flitting from one job to the next.

This is a huge bonus for employers. Maintaining a stable workforce has multiple advantages, such as not always spending time and money finding new employees or continually training new workers.

Many workers with a disability are very dedicated and keen to show up for work each day, more than happy to have a job, feel like they are contributing, and have a regular income.

Disabled Workers Are Safe Workers

Research over the years has shown that workers with a disability tend to have a higher degree of workplace safety than other employees. They are more careful and thoughtful in their processes and are often more alert to potential workplace hazards. Living with a disability makes you think about everything you are doing, which plays a pivotal role in workplace safety.

Assistance In Finding a Job

Of course, job seekers with a disability don’t have to find employment alone. There are professional assistance programs available for you to take full advantage of, such as Disability Employment Services.

The easiest way to access the DES program is through a Jobactive provider in your area. You can team up with a local Jobactive provider via Centrelink.

The DES scheme has been devised to assist disabled job seekers on every level, from assessing your ability to work, getting you job-ready, arranging job interviews, and monitoring your progress once you become employed.

Disability Employment Services is just one of a number of national assistance programs you can look into.


In Conclusion

If you’re living with a disability and are currently looking for work, gain confidence because many Aussie employers now understand the advantages disabled employees can bring to the table. Also, take advantage of any assistance program available to you, such as DES, to help you in your job hunt.


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