Why a Trip to Cairo is a Cultural and Food Carnival

After more than 1000 years since it was originally founded, Cairo remains one of the fewest cities in the world with an energetic vibration. Any tourists who put their feet first on Egyptian land will be amazed by the city’s cultural variety, different social levels, and the amazing well-preserved environment. Each of these elements gives the metropole a unique facet that makes the Egyptian experience very special. You’ll want to search the best flights to Cairo and get connected to the city’s energy and history.

Cairo is a smart combination of modernism and tradition. While on one side you may find the modernism at its highest, you can also discover how it feels to live in the ancient times in the opposite part of the city. Also, you shouldn’t ignore the food which offers tasty surprises at every corner. The gourmet industry revived in Cairo since the Arab Spring Revolution in 2011. When you stroll along the city’s streets it is impossible to leave without trying at least one bowl of the Egyptian traditional dishes and be surprised every time by its flavors and hearty taste.

The aromatic Turkish coffee available at every corner will tickle your senses and give you a boost of energy. Whether you try it in an international coffee chain, or you want to see how traditional vendors prepare it, the Arabic taste has no rival. The Egyptian delights should be also on your bucket list. Egyptians are crazy about sugar and they refer to their sweets as the perfect cure for mind and soul.

Also, it is impossible to ignore the cultural vibe. With the pyramids of Giza located very close to the city, Cairo has many interesting stories to tell. Getting close to one of the world’s wonders is definitely awe-inspiring and will send a powerful message. Its flawless geometry and extraordinary architecture will make you understand that nothing is impossible as long as you are determined.

The local hospitality is taken to a new level in this city. You will find some of the friendliest people in the world who are always ready to offer you an exquisite experience as a tourist in their city. When positive emotions are present everywhere, you will feel that language is no longer a barrier. People immediately notice a traveler’s energy and will invite you to their shops or open bars to have a drink and enjoy Egyptian goodies.

Despite the current pandemic restrictions and concerns, EgyptAir flight booking services still offer flights from different cities in the world.

Although the city has less tourism in this period, nothing can steal its grandiosity and cultural heritage. You can see this period as an advantage. You will no longer find the immense crowds, nor the lineups made in front of all cultural attractions. 


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  1. I loved it in Cairo, the place is magical and I would love to come back there one day. You photo work look so fresh too

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