Smiles for Miles: How to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

As a parent, you have a responsibility to teach your children about dental health and encourage proper dental hygiene that they will take with them into adulthood. Of course, as any parent knows, that’s easier said than done. Even if your children don’t currently have the best habits, these tips can help keep your kids’ teeth healthy.

Demonstrate By Example

If you want your children to practice good dental hygiene, you will need to practice good dental hygiene yourself. Start by having a good attitude about brushing your teeth and going to the dentist. If you complain or show fear, your children will pick up on that. Some companies, like Rabel Family Dentistry, know that visiting the dentist is not that bad of an experience. Keep up with your own daily routine and dentist appointments.

Brush Every Morning and Night and Floss After Every Meal

Brushing cleans the teeth while flossing removes food bits stuck in the teeth. Teach children to brush their teeth every morning when they wake up and every night before they go to bed. AT this time, they should also use a child-friendly mouthwash. Children should also learn to floss after each meal to remove any food stuck in their teeth. You can make the experience as pleasant as possible by using products designed for children and rewarding children for good habits.

Educate Children About Oral Care

Educate children about their teeth. Teach them about how many teeth they have and the different parts of the tooth. You can also teach them about what items are particularly bad for their teeth, such as sugary foods and acidic drinks.Look for books on the topic or do some research together.

Explain to them that they have way more control over their teeth than the Tooth Fairy ever will. If children don’t understand that they have control over their teeth, they won’t understand why it’s so important to brush every day.

Prepare for Dental Care on the Go

Carry floss and travel toothbrushes and toothpaste with you in the car for young children and teach older children to have these items with them at school. When they do feel unfresh after a meal, they will have the ability to resolve the problem and feel more comfortable, and they’ll be grateful.

Teach children good habits at a young age so that those habits continue for life. More importantly, teach your child that they have control over the condition of their teeth. You can provide them with toothpaste, floss, and books on the topic, but they ultimately need to be the one to take care of their teeth.

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  1. Brushing those teeth at an early age is a must. Also, don’t forget to see a pediatric dentist as your baby is getting their teeth in. A dentist can help you with preventative care and help keep your baby healthy. Once your child is beginning to lose teeth, they should have seen a dentist several times for cleanings and can help pull out a stubborn tooth if necessary.

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