What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident With A Truck

Getting into an accident can take away a lot of your quality of life. On the low end of the spectrum, you may not be able to do your favorite DIY projects. On the other end, you could be faced with years of physical therapy and a mountain of doctor’s bills. 

One common accident that happens is on the highway due to a truck driver’s negligence. Trucks are especially dangerous due to their size, the sheer amount of them on the road, and the fact that the drivers are often fatigued. 

Stay at the scene

It is important to not leave the scene of the accident even if you feel like you are not injured. Once you leave the scene, your case can become very difficult to prove. Wait for emergency responders to arrive and give them an account of the accident.

Don’t attempt to move your car right away as its position of it will usually give an indication of how the accident happened. Take pictures if it is safe to do so which can be used later on for a potential court case. 

If you are injured then make sure that you wait for EMTs to arrive and give you aid. They will ask if you want to be seen by a doctor if they feel your injuries are not life-threatening. You should go even if you feel your injuries are minor. 

Take down the information of the driver of the truck. At the same time, it is important to get information from all of the other drivers in the accident as well as bystanders who witnessed it.

Keep detailed records

The more information that you can give to your lawyer, the better. This information will help them build their case and elevates the chances of a successful claim against the insurance company.

Document every phone call with your insurance company, the other insurance companies, and their lawyer. Also, keep all of the receipts from medical expenses that have been paid.

If you missed work due to injury or distress then make sure to document the days missed and what the lost wages are. 

Don’t talk to adjusters

At some point, you will be contacted by the other insurance company and speak with a claims adjuster. They are not calling to check in on you or get your side of the story. Their purpose is to get you to say something that can be used to ruin your case. 

Don’t make any statements to them at all. If they have questions refer them to your lawyer.

Watch over your health

The human body is not designed to handle a large amount of force or physical impact. This is something that one gets during a car accident, especially if it’s a truck. No matter how serious or minor this accident was, it’s so important to keep a close eye on how you’re feeling. Even if you feel safe, your seat belt was tightened, and you aren’t currently facing any pains it’s still going to be important to keep a close eye on. In most cases, a collision is going to cause a lot of damage and injuries.  It also takes months for the healing process to run its course if you’re looking to make a full recovery.

It’s very important that you see your doctor as soon as possible after having an accident. Not only will this help with the insurance claim, but you need to watch over your health as well. Some injuries take a little bit of time before they develop, which is why you must seek medical attention immediately and not wait. Some injuries are going to be more significant than others such as a head injury or fracture. Concussions tend to be the most common injury during a collision. Sometimes these head injuries will come with teeth being chipped or knocked out as well. 

No matter if you’re showing symptoms or not, just make sure you seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes there are delays in feeling pain or other expected symptoms from a collision. Watch over your health care and look for things that are out of the ordinary for your body.



Make sure to have a good lawyer when you find yourself in this situation. They will handle just about everything while you focus on healing and moving on with your life. 

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