What to Do and Who to Contact After a Car Accident

Some car collisions are relatively minor, what we sometimes refer to as fender benders. The involved drivers might agree no real harm was done and go their separate ways. But when major damage occurs during a car accident, the drivers will rightfully exchange insurance information and take the requisite next steps. Here is what to do following a car crash.

Call the Police

Local law enforcement will arrive at the scene after an accident when notified to make a police report. After interviewing everyone involved, the officer may take photos and write a detailed investigative summary that will become an official record. It will probably be available for downloading or requesting a print copy within a few days.

Get Medical Help if Needed

Call 911 if someone in either vehicle needs medical help. If the injuries are minor, you may be able to drive to the emergency department of the closest hospital. Immediate evaluation and treatment are the first issue to address. In the days following the accident, new symptoms may appear, or current ones may worsen, and these should be assessed by a medical practitioner for treatment.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Let your insurance agent know about the accident. Damage to any vehicle involved will need to be evaluated, and repairs will be accordingly authorized. In a severe crash, the car could be totaled, which means the responsible insurer will pay a market value price for the car and take ownership of it to be junked. The insurance agent can also advise you about medical coverage and life insurance coverage stemming from the accident if those needs become apparent.

Collect Relevant Documents

Keep track of all the reports, documents, and expenses related to the car accident. You may need to later order official hospital or doctor records, but obtain what you can as soon as possible. A clear and objective record of injuries, damages and losses will need to be constructed to pursue a legal claim.

Consult an Attorney

Contact a car accident lawyer to discuss the accident. The attorney can explain the laws pertaining to a legal claim and will want all the information available on the motor vehicle accident. Even if you decide not to file a lawsuit, talking to a Minesh Patel – Houston TX injury lawyer can provide helpful information about your legal rights and responsibilities.

Being involved in a car accident is frightening. The results could threaten the health and financial stability of you and any passengers. Take these steps to help you decide how to appropriately handle the situation.

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