What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

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A business without an internet presence is invisible in the 21st century. Most everybody is online, and if your company does not tap into the vast pool of leads and buyers browsing the internet on a daily basis, you are missing out on most of your market.

You can try to figure out the algorithms yourself. How to make Google like your website? What is the best subject line for a commercial email? What is the best time of day to post on social media? Trial and error, many wasted dollars, and nerves await you if you try to answer these questions all by yourself.

The other tactic is outsourcing – letting professionals who have already run the gauntlet of experimentation and optimization increase your revenues and market share on a level you may not realize is possible.

Let’s dive in and see why hiring a digital marketing agency may very well be the best investment for your business.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency, and what does it do?

A digital marketing agency like wicked reports is a business you can outsource all of your digital marketing efforts to. It’s all too easy to get lost in the myriad of metrics, data points, graphs, reports, trends, and other statistics. A professional digital marketer knows how to navigate the sea of numbers and percentages and extract invaluable insights that can boost your sales and market share significantly.

Services that digital marketing agencies provide include:

  • Market research

A digital marketing agency – such as this female-led small business digital marketing agency located in Fort Worth – will conduct in-depth and thorough research of your consumers’ needs and preferences.

Every click a consumer performs is recorded somewhere, resulting in an overabundance of data, the likes of which have never been seen.

A digital marketer will construct a meticulous profile of your average customer, as well as measure and gauge your current market cap.

  • Thorough competitive research

Say your business model involves selling white doves released at weddings. That is to say, an extremely niche sort of enterprise. Even if they have never worked with a business of your type, a digital marketing agency has the tools to research your competition and draw conclusions from their marketing efforts to your advantage.

Why reinvent the wheel? Your competitors have already done a big chunk of the research for you. Inspecting their strategies will save you huge amounts of trial and error, as well as expose weaknesses in their approach. Exploiting those weaknesses means having an edge that is hard to underestimate.

  • Improve user experience

What is the best color for a call to action button? What, you haven’t even thought of that? But that may very well account for 10% of your lost leads.

There’s nothing that diminishes brand image quite so rapidly as a clunky, badly designed website. A hidden contact form will make a visitor give up and navigate to your competitors in a hot minute.

User experience is king – once you draw a customer to your sales portal, half the battle is already won. A digital marketing agency will make sure you maximize your conversions by optimizing your sales funnel and customer experience.

Stop wasting perfectly willing prospects – let a digital marketer use their expertise.

  • Marketing strategy

Depending on the type of business you run, certain avenues of marketing can be far more fruitful than others. This all depends on demographics – if your consumer base is largely stationed on Instagram, then obviously, you should dedicate the largest part of your marketing budget to that specific social media platform. But how do you run an Instagram ad campaign? Where do you allot resources, how do you schedule your posts, what type of content should you create, how long should the campaign last, what goals should you set, and how do you use what you have learned during one campaign when creating the next one?

A barrage of questions that all have many more wrong answers than correct ones. An excellent digital marketing agency will have the right answers.

  • Branding

Investing in a brand means investing in the future of your business. It means grasping your consumers’ attention and affection, bottling it up, and making sure it lasts for as long as your company thrives.

Digital marketing carries with it unprecedented opportunities for branding. With the abundance of tools at their disposal, ranging from market research tools to design resources, a digital marketing agency will be able to forge a lasting brand for your business much more efficiently and effectively than you thought possible. Also, the digital marketing community will enable you to select the appropriate marketing channel for your brand or business.

  • digital marketing community

A computer still cannot handle the creative part of being a human. But the non-creative part, the repetitive, time-consuming, mind-numbing tasks – that’s where computers excel.

Automating these types of tasks is a staple for digital marketing agencies. Tasks that would steal hours out of your work week can usually be scheduled and automated within a few clicks. A digital marketer will take care of that for you.

  • Creating content

What type of content is suited best for your business? This is a core feature of a digital marketing effort, and it involves an intimate knowledge of both rapidly changing trends and tried-and-true methods of consumer engagement.

Should your business invest in a regularly scheduled blog, or would an animated video help your business’ effort most efficiently? Should your content marketing campaign have a serious tone, or do you risk treading the treacherous waters of memes?

Apart from helping you decide what type of content to create, a digital marketing agency will also make sure your content is consistent, regular and that it tackles the correct, searchable, and shareable topics.

  • Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t show up on the first page of Google – well, that just means that your competition is.

Since most online shopping starts at Google, knowing how to get the algorithm to like your website enough to put in the first five results is an invaluable skill.

Just this aspect alone is enough justification to hire a digital marketing agency.

  • Development and design

You can let your 15 year old nephew design your logo and a freelance web developer from across the globe construct your website. You can do that, but it’s not advisable.

Digital marketing agencies usually have dedicated teams that will guide your online presence from the ground up, starting with the backend infrastructure all the way to the minute design choices that can make or break a potential sale.

On top of that, a digital marketing agency’s developer resource pool will make sure your website is up and running, working on an optimized level, and maintained properly. Website trends and tech change in a matter of months.


There’s really no excuse to neglect your business’ online presence. You may think that you understand how social media works and what people want to see when they get to a checkout page of an eCommerce website.

However, the devil is, as always, in the details. A professional digital marketing agency will know the ins and outs, save your money on trial and error, and bring you an enormous amount of traffic and potential prospects.

Make sure you find somebody you can trust, that will value your time, that has all the required tools and the proper expertise, and your business will profit from a digital marketing agency immensely. 


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