What Is the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum for Struggling Students?

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To be successful in school, one has to master certain topics. Many students find math to be one of the hardest topics to master.

While some students find it easy to master math, others struggle. When your child is struggling to learn the concepts associated with math, it can be helpful to try a homeschool math curriculum. There are a variety of available options that will help your child to catch up and possibly even excel in math.

If your child needs a boost in math skills, this article will help you to determine the best approach for your child. Let’s take a look at the best homeschool math curriculum for struggling students.

M3 Montessori

The best homeschooling math curriculum for struggling students may be M3 Montessori Math Curriculum. Its unique way of teaching math encourages students to use both pictures and words to understand math concepts.

M3 Montessori is one of the best homeschool math curricula for struggling students. It is a complete and interesting way to teach math that encourages students to learn on their own.

Discovery and exploration-based learning in Montessori helps students understand math concepts. The M3 Montessori math curriculum stresses how important it is to practice and understand the basics.

This is essential before moving on to more complex operations. Students are also encouraged to use a variety of learning tools to complete tasks. This includes hands-on activities, physical manipulatives, and visual aids.

Life of Fred

Life of Fred is widely praised as the best homeschool math curriculum for struggling students. This unconventional curriculum uses real-life scenarios to teach math from a story-based approach.

Each book in the series follows Fred Gauss, an eccentric math professor, on his interesting adventures and begins with a short story. It includes math ideas and equations that get harder and harder as the story goes on are woven into it.

Unlike standard textbooks, it uses meaningful real-world examples throughout the lessons.


DreamBox Math Curriculum is a great homeschool math curriculum for struggling students. It gives each student a personalized learning experience that is dynamic and interactive. Also, it has been shown to help students learn basic math skills.

The adaptive technology in DreamBox Math works with how a student naturally learns and gives them help as they go. It offers over 600 different lesson modules. This makes sure the students study the material they need, and the concept is mastered instead of memorized.

It also measures each student’s progress. This allows the teacher or parent to track their child’s learning and customize instruction according to their pace.


It is designed with the idea of providing a visual and tactile approach to math. This makes it less intimidating and more engaging. The program is arranged in a spiraled set of topics that are progressively difficult. This allows students to move at their own pace and focus on areas they need help.

Math-U-See also offers supplemental materials such as worksheets, drills, and assessment tests to help the student learn concepts and track their progress.

A Guide on the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum for Struggling Students

Overall, the best homeschool math curriculum for struggling students who are having trouble is one that fits their skills, interests, and beliefs. Homeschooling can help students do well if they have the right mix of support, flexibility, and consistency.

When choosing a homeschool math curriculum, track your child’s progress over time to ensure that they are getting the personalized instruction they need to succeed. Get started today and join the homeschool community!

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