What is STEM and How Can Parents Incorporate it into Their Daily Lives?

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STEM, an acronym for science, technology engineering, and math, is a unique approach to teaching and learning. Through STEM, young people can apply technical fields of study to real-world applications and hands-on learning. This educational approach also allows young ones to develop fundamental skills which include:

  • Independent thinking
  • Problem-solving 
  • Creativity 
  • Digital literacy
  • Decision making

Due to technological advances in today’s economy, new jobs are emerging all the time, and advancements in technology are altering the way young people interact and learn every day. STEM learning gives youngsters a chance to develop essential skills that provide them with a foundation to succeed in technical careers that are in demand. 

STEM-based education doesn’t have to be restricted to school classes. It can be applied in everyday circumstances to spark your kid’s curiosity in real-world circumstances. From wearing STEM-inspired clothing like science pattern shoes to cooking with your kids, there are many ways to incorporate STEM education into your child’s daily life. Read on to discover different ways you can achieve this daily.

Use Stop-Motion Videos to Teach Coding

Children generally enjoy animated games and movies. But rather than simply playing or watching them, they can benefit from real-world experience and learn how to code and produce animated videos. You just need a device like a laptop and a stop-motion app to get started. Nowadays, there are a variety of apps available online that can help your young ones develop an interest in coding.  

Shopping and Allocating Funds

Important life skills can be taught through STEM learning, particularly handling funds and budgeting money. For example, you can teach your kids everyday life skills by having them look at your shopping list and allow them to estimate the total cost. If your children are slightly older, ask them how tax is calculated and how that will affect the invoice amount. STEM activities such as shopping and budgeting are ideal for teaching essential skills like logical reasoning and decision-making so your children can understand the concepts of money.

Use STEM Resources Online

Many websites and apps online can help your kids learn more about STEM topics. This is often an ideal way for parents with a busy schedule to encourage their kids to gain an interest in STEM learning. Online STEM classes for young ones include fun and engaging courses that cover several topics including engineering, coding, physical science, chemistry, robotics, cyber technology, artificial intelligence, and game development.

Encourage Your Kid to Think Like an Engineer

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You can use opportunities on a daily basis to encourage your children to think beyond one solution for an issue. An important part of STEM learning is problem-solving. By helping your kids understand that every problem has different solutions, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, you can help them develop their own critical thinking skills. Thinking critically and challenging standards are the basis for innovation and an essential part of preparing your children for success in their future careers.

Watch STEM Videos and TV Shows with Your Young Ones

If you are looking to increase your kid’s interest in STEM subjects, then encouraging your young one to watch educational documentaries is recommended. Numerous documentaries cover various STEM topics and watching them with your little ones can further encourage them to gain an interest in science, technology, engineering, or math. Also, reading science and technology magazines with your kids is an excellent way to make STEM learning interesting and enjoyable for your youngsters. 

Cooking with Your Kids

A practical way to incorporate STEM into your daily routine is to cook with your kids. Through cooking, your little ones will learn math skills such as adding and subtracting to measure the ingredients in a recipe. Moreover, they will learn how food changes its form when ingredients are combined and the recipe transitions to being cooked. Cooking is ideal for busy parents as it allows you to spend time with your child, teach him or her essential life skills, and have lunch or dinner prepared in one activity.


Nurturing your young one’s interest in everyday situations is an effective way to encourage him or her to learn STEM principles. It’s important to understand what they enjoy learning so when your child shows interest in a particular activity, think of ways to encourage that curiosity using STEM principles. It’s important to have fun with STEM outside of school as this will motivate your young ones to incorporate technical skills into their everyday lives.

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