What is a Sander & How to Use a Drum Floor Sander

Guest post contributed by Kate Westall

A sander is defined as a power tool, running on electricity, which is used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Floor sanders used for woodworking use electricity as a source of energy, while the floor sander used for auto body repairs use compressed air. Let us take a look on how to use a drum floor sander as these floor sanders are most common, though other types of floor sanders are also used.

How to use a drum floor sander?

Drum floor sanders are mean machines and can easily injure you, because of their power and heaviness. However, they’re the only means of sanding down a floor to perfection.

  • Renting or buying one: Be assured that this is a piece of equipment you are not going to buy in a long time. You can search these floor sanders online and you can find some companies that provide floor sanders for rent. So, you can rent these machines or if you have a large-scale company then you can also buy them to save your future expenses.


  • Buying a whole range of sandpaper grits: The grit of sandpaper refers to the thickness of the grains on it. You will have to buy long stretches of sandpaper, which are for this use only and also because you do not know exactly how much will be needed.


  • Have a rental yard mount the sandpaper: You are not expected to know how to put on sandpaper on the drum sander, so have the rental yard that the floor sanding professionals put on the initial piece for you. It helps if you observe carefully how they are doing it so that you can replicate the process later.


  • Don’t lift the sander: This can cause serious hurt and damage to the lower back. You can appoint some professionals and they will lift these sander machines for you. They are experienced and they can easily move or operate the floor sander machine.

Safety guide for floor sander

Remember that the floor sander will consume great amounts of power. So, unless you want to see your extension cord melting and causing a short, it’s best to avoid them. If that’s not possible, buy an extension cord which has the same wire gauge as that of the sander.


  • Safety glasses, dust masks: There’s going to be a huge amount of dust in the air, even though the sander comes with a dust bag. This is not the time for heroics; you could get injured, seriously. Safety glasses are essential because the drum floor sander will create sparks when working.


  • Opposite the drum motion: You have to pull the sander towards the opposite direction of its motion. Do not go close to doors and walls as the sander can easily damage them.


  • Sand lightly: You need to use only the weight of the sander. There is no need for extra pressure to be applied. You also have to follow the grain of the wood. The sander has to be pulled in straight lines, and these lines have to overlap one another. Take some break during this operation and remove the deposited dust after a certain time from the floor.


  • Stepping down: By this, we mean that you start with a larger grit, and work your way down to the smallest grit recommended to get an even and smooth finish. It’s akin to a sculpture where bigger chisels are used first, and the finer ones later.

So now you can hire these floor sanders on rent from online portals. But if you have a construction company then you can also buy a new one for your business.


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