What are the Different Flower Meanings?

Flowers can be a beautiful gift for any occasion. But did you know they are not just for looks? Each flower carries a message with its own individual meaning. Here are eight of the most popular flowers with their sweet meanings so you know which flower is just right for your loved one!


Everyone knows that you give roses on Valentine’s Day. The rose symbolizes love, but the color of the rose can symbolize a different type of love. The red rose is the most well-known symbol of love and desire and 12 red roses send the message of “I love you.” The white rose represents purity, innocence, and new beginnings. The yellow rose is not a romantic rose, but instead symbolizes feelings of friendship, caring, and welcome.


An orchid is a mature and refined flower representing femininity. It is a proud flower that praises the beauty and charm of women. It is the perfect symbol of admiration and respect for the woman that has done so much and means so much to you, such as your mother on Mother’s Day!


A lilac symbolizes youthfulness and confidence. It is an innocent and kind flower that represents all the firsts in life. A lilac sends a “good luck” message for someone who is on the first day of the rest of their life, like graduation or an 18th birthday!


If you are looking for more than just a thank you card, then a Hydrangea is the way to go. It symbolizes heartfelt emotions of thankfulness and gratitude. So if you need to thank someone for their service or kindness, a Hydrangea can do that for you.


Gladiolus represent strength, character, and faithfulness. These flowers are meant to remember and honor someone. You can use gladiolus when someone has passed, to honor them at a funeral service, or just remember them when you are missing them.


A daisy or a gerbera sends a message of loyalty, love, and cheerfulness. This flower can be used to cheer up friends and family when they are going through a hard time and to remind them that you are there for them!


A peony symbolizes happiness and prosperity. This flower lets the receiver know that you wish them a happy life and good health. Send it to newlyweds, new grads, or to wish someone good luck!


A tulip is another flower symbolizing love, but not just romantic love or passion. The tulip stands for perfect, refined, and dedicated love. This flower can be used to congratulate someone for anniversaries or remind someone how much you really love them after years of a happy relationship!


When trying to make the perfect arrangement for any occasion, think about the flower’s meaning. Choose fun arrangements for happy and exciting milestones, as well as condolence arrangements for compassionate reasons.

Whatever the reason, sending a beautiful flower will make anyone feel important, appreciated, and loved on any given day!

Contributed by Ashton Berube

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