Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes ~ You’ll Never Want Plain Baked Again!

Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes ~ Not Your Average Potato!

Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes are nothing short of amazing.   They are versatile in their toppings and always fresh. The trick with these little gems is whipping the potatoes so they are smooth and creamy, then add in your toppings before baking again.   It infuses the normally bland potatoes with a ton of flavor and takes your Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes from delicious to amazing.  Your family will love the change from a basic baked potato and you’ll love the smiles.

Change Up Your Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes

Get creative with your toppings with your Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes!  Whatever your favorites, add them in for amazing results.   I used leftover bacon from breakfast in my Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes because bacon makes everything better!   Cheddar cheese, sour cream, and chives finished out my favorite flavors and made the best potatoes.  I’ve also made these with a bit of leftover taco meat and toppings, making them a fantastic change to the tried and true taco.  A friend of mine chopped up some leftover corned beef she had cooked in her Crock-Pot, as well as some Swiss cheese, then topped it with a bit of leftover sauerkraut and brown mustard for a Reuben Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes.  I thought it was a little weird until I tried it and I was in LOVE!  They were some seriously tasty Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes!

Making Up a Big Batch of Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes

You can make up a big batch of Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes and freeze them after stuffing the shells, but before you bake them the second time.  Once they are frozen, place them in a plastic zippy bag or freezer container, and you have them whenever you want to take them out and bake them.  Add a few more minutes to the bake time when you remove them from the freezer, and they will be just like fresh made.  Remember to keep the toppings you like on hand for when they come out of the oven and you’ll be all set with a beautiful Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes.

Skip the plain old baked potato and make up some Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes!


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