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Lock Paper Scissors Printable Escape Room Kits

What do you do to keep your kids busy at home? Have you ever tried the DIY Escape Room Games from Lock Paper Scrissors? They launched interesting games that will put your scissors skills to a challenge. They are ideal not only for kids, but also for adults. What’s more, you can download the play-anywhere escape kit and print it to start playing. Once you have everything printed, all you need to do is grab your “weapons”, aka scissors, and start playing. I need to warn you about something. After the first game, it will be difficult to stop playing it and call your friends to come over and play together.

For example, you can start with the Envy Escape Kit. This is a Gatsby style murder mystery game of deadly feuds and debaucherous luxury. If you fancy about a stay-at-home night of blood-stained and velvet gloves, then this is a good choice for you. Another game that my kids absolutely loved was the Lost Mummy. If your children love the Egyptian culture, then this game includes different puzzling artifacts that they will need to setup in less than 20 minutes. The laughs, giggles, excitement, and memories created while playing these games are irreplaceable.


Screen Free Games for Kids

Movement In a Box

If there was ever a “necessary evil” I would have to say smart devices are just that! So many times we use screens as babysitters because we live in a rush rush world. Movement In a Box has created some fantastic game ideas that the entire family can enjoy!

Children will explore tossing, catching, and of course… colors as they move their way through each fun and exciting activity. All activities are research-based, screen-free, and toddler approved!

What’s Included in the Cathching Colors Box:

  • (10) Bean Bags measuring 4″ x 4.25″ with the corresponding color printed on each bag. Colors include: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, gray, and white. Bag for easy storage included.
  • (6) Colorful Juggling Scarves
  • (2) Inflatable 16″ Beach Balls
  • Movement Guide with 12 activities, movement tips, and Did You Know facts 
  • Quick start guide: tips on how to use each item in the box
  • Access to our digital community, including instructional videos, resources, and new activity ideas each month

Give the gift that far outweighs any other this year – your time! Gather your kids from youngest to oldest and explore the world around you with Movement In a Box!


Cre8ive Crayons 

During the Covid pandemic of 2020, Susan Goldman was home with her then, 5-year-old daughter Jessie and searching for fun activities they could do together. Susan has always been creative…she even designed her own prom dress! Being stuck inside reignited her crafty side and the mother-daughter duo started making unique crayons out of old, broken crayons. Jessie (and her friends) loved the Cre8ive Crayonz so much, Susan decided to turn it into a business! From full sets that make the perfect gift to themed crayons in bulk for party favors, Susan can make just about anything you want. One of my favorites is the crayon name custom notepad. Having a gift personalized makes it extra special. Speaking of gifts, for the holidays, she has made adorable Christmas and Hanukkah crayons that make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Cre8ive Crayonz vibrant, bright, and colorful crayons are paired perfectly with these custom notepads by PrintArtKids! Ideal for writing down kids’ cre8ive ideas, goals, or cre8ing a masterpiece.

Each set includes a personalized name crayon and 2 notepads, each with the name digitally printed on 50 sheets of high-quality recycled paper, glued at the top with a heavy board backer. 2 notepad sizes available: 5.5″ x 8″ or 3.75″ x 9. Cre8ive Crayonz are non-toxic and encourage both coloring and imaginary play! Go HERE and order some for your favorite artist!



If you have someone on your shopping list that is hard of hearing – look no farther! ZVOX has got you covered with this TV speaker!

My father in law is all but deaf. Watching TV used to be an absolute chore – we love him but whew, he would have the TV maxxed out and he still couldn’t hear it. Meanwhile, we couldn’t carry on a conversation in the other room! ZVOX has saved us!


ZVOX uses hearing aid technology to get the sound out from under the TV and distribute it into the room and it works! No more TV blasting at max volume during family gatherings. He can watch his favorite show in the den while we play games or chit chat in the dining room – and we can ALL hear what we each other!

Some other great features of this TV Speaker include:

  • Includes new SuperVoice technology to reduce distracting background sounds.
  • Three 2″x3” high-output full-range speakers.
  • 24 watt Class D digital amplifier.
  • Dolby™ Digital decoding.
  • PhaseCue virtual surround delivers room-filling 3D sound from one small cabinet.
  • New remote control uses large buttons with easy to read labels.
  • One optical digital toslink, input, one 3.5mm analog.
  • One headphone/subwoofer output jack.
  • Bright, Easy to read Alphanumeric display.
  • Can be used on furniture or wall mounted.
  • Dimensions: 17″w x 3 3/8″d x 2 7/8″h – 2.8 lbs (3.1 lbs with power supply cord)

Give the entire family a gift this year when you give this TV Speaker from ZVOX!


Personalized Gift Card from GiftCard Granny

We ALL have that one person (at least one person – I have 4!) – you know the one. That person that you dread buying for every year. Not because you don’t love them and appreciate them… but because they have EVERYTHING and TWO of some things! Gift Card Granny has heard our cries and delivered us a gift that will never fail! Personalized Gift Cards! (Why didn’t I think of that?!?)

Imagine sharing that family photo or old inside joke memory on a custom and usable gift! Not just bringing a smile to their face, you may even get a call or text right away thanking you for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift card. A gift so nice, they would even keep the gift card as a keepsake forever. Better yet, if you choose to send a virtual Visa eGift card or Mastercard eGift card, your gift is sent instantly via email – no need to wait for printing or physical postage and waste!

The process is beyond simple! You simply upload the image you want on the gift card, select the amount you want on the card, submit your order, and wait for the gift card to come via mail! So beyond simple and it’s a gift ANYONE will appreciate!

Try it today, the Build-a-Card by Gift Card Granny.


GIGI Building Bloks

I remember as a little girl making castles out of cardboard boxes and sheets – I felt like a queen (pun totally intended 🙂 ). I can only imagine the fun I would have had with these super fun Gigi Bloks! It never failed as I was building the sheet would fall (or my brother would give them a shove) and tear down my handiwork. We won’t discuss what ensued after a brother destroys a queens castle… ahem.

I can’t wait to build my niece her own Gigi Blok Castle and I will gladly be the guardswoman over the castle. No little brothers will destroy this castle!


These building bloks feature interlocking design like many of the smaller building blocks on the market. Gigi’s is built out of sturdy cardboard and snaps together so you don’t have to worry about a younger sibling or pet bumping them and knocking over your work of art!

Children’s imaginations have always marveled me – the sky is truly the limit. Whether you are building a castle, a dragon, or a car wash Gig’s takes it to the next level of fun!


QB54 Football Game

Do you have a serious baller on your Christmas list? My in-laws are serious about ball – doesn’t matter what kind! They are fanatics about basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and any other kind of ball. We ALWAYS play some kind of “ball” at family gatherings – ALWAYS! I am going to be everyone’s new favorite person at our next get together when I pull out QB54!

QB54 is a combination of football and cornhole – only so much BETTER! Like cornhole, absolutely any age can play and dominate!

I have two teenage boys who are always popping up with friends in tow. I know QB54 is going to be a HUGE hit with them as they make s’mores by the fire this fall.  


Doctor Who Coding Kit

If you have a budding techie on your Christmas list, the HiFive Inventor Coding Kit needs to be under your tree this year! 

The BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit makes coding fun and easy:
  • HiFive Inventor mini-computer
  • Doctor Who and Tynker coding lessons
  • Thousands of activities and challenges
  • External speaker
  • Light up USB LED cable
  • External battery pack
  • Alligator clips


The HiFive Inventor is a hand-shaped programmable coding board for kids, with guided lessons voiced by The Doctor herself, Jodie Whitaker. The board is an educational and fun way to learn to code for ages 7 and up, using lessons by online learning leader, Tynker and powered by SiFive.

  • This is the first programmable mini-computer for kids designed around the Iot. SiFive, the BBC and Tynker aim to provide engaging STEM education to the next generation of coders to unlock the future potential of the IoT. Unlike other kids coding kits – the HiFive inventor offers limitless opportunities to continue learning to code.
  • The HiFive Inventor includes a robust SiFive open-source RISC-V processor, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, an onboard suite of sensors, illuminated USB cable, and edge connectors.
  • The kit includes lessons for all ages, including block coding for early learners and MicroPython for advanced learners.
  • Coding lessons are set in the world of Doctor Who for game-based learning.



My son is a true “Techie”. He loves EVERYTHING technology and is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest tech. He gives these noise cancelling headphones from ZVOX FIVE STARS! An 18 year old giving anything five stars is a BIG DEAL!

The AV50s are lighter than many noise cancelling headphones — less than half a pound. Add that to the fact that they can truly cancel out the roar of jet as it takes off and I would have to agree with the teenager – ZVOX has left the competition in the dust! My son loves the bass boost these headphones give and the clarity while he’s watching an episode of “The Office” is amazing!

  • AccuVoice technology. The AV50s use ZVOX AccuVoice technology to give a boost to voices while they reduce unwanted noise. So you understand dialogue clearly, without having to turn up the volume. 
  • AptX Bluetooth. You can connect AV50s using the supplied cord, or connect to your phone, tablet or laptop computer using aptX Bluetooth technology. With an optional Bluetooth transmitting device, you can also connect to your TV. 
  • Hands free phone calls. The AV50s have a microphone in the right ear cup that allows you to make hands free phone calls with your cell phone. You hear the caller – but not the crowd around you.
  •  Slim carrycase. It’s easy to travel with AV50 headphones because they fold flat – the case is only 2.5″ thick.

If you have a techie on your list – these are the headphones for you! Go HERE and order a pair for yourself while you’re at it – according to a certain teenager – you will NOT regret it!


True Tot Tower from True Growth

My “baby” is now looking down to me. I can only imagine what a difference this True Tot Tower would have made when she was younger helping me in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see my 11 month old niece helping her mom bake cookies in her “Tower”!

Jump start your child’s independence with True Tot Tower, a natural wood learning platform that safely boosts kids and toddlers up to counter height.

With a foldable design and premium safety features, our original stability tower is a must-have for toddlers.

• Boosts kids to counter height at 38.75″.

• Foldable for easy storage.

• Height adjustable with 3 settings.

• Rubber feet for added stability.

• Dimensions W 23″ x D 21″ x H 36″.

• 1- year warranty.



Shape Bending Box from Shashibo

Looking for something to fidget with and stimulate your mind? You’re in the right place. Shashibo is a shape shifting box that transforms into over 70 shapes. Plus, with its strong magnet system you can combine several cubes to build even larger shapes, sculptures, and structures.

The thing I love most about Shashibo is that it gives families something to bond over. Kids and grandparents alike can gave a competition to see who can come up with different shapes. I love products that bring generations together and Shashibo does just that! What are you waiting for? Go HERE and order one for everyone in your family! Pop some popcorn and have a Shashibo party!


Relaxation Sound Machines for Baby and Doggie

Baby Shusher:

When my children were younger, we traveled ALOT! We had a noise machine that we used at home to help them sleep better… only problem was it wasn’t easily portable. Hence a problem when you’re traveling and baby wants the “Noise Machine”! Baby Shusher alleviates that problem and makes travel super simple with baby!

Soothe your fussy baby with Baby Shusher, the sound machine that soothes babies to sleep with a real human voice. See why thousands of busy moms swear by the Baby Shusher, a portable sound machine that helps soothe babies to sleep. 

The Baby Shusher is wireless and portable, so it go anywhere baby goes. Each device comes with a handy wrist strap making it easier to carry or tether to the carseat. Every new or expectant mom on your list needs one of these!


Doggie Shusher:

This Doggie Shusher will be an invaluable gift for both furbaby and furmama & furpapa. Lets face it, our pets are a vital part of our family and when they hurt ~ we hurt!

Does your furbaby suffer from anxiety? Canine anxiety affects roughly 70% of all dogs, leaving owners at a loss for how to help. Shusher had you in mind when they created Doggie Shusher to help dog families overcome anxiety, no matter the trigger. Whether your dog struggles with separation, loud noises or traveling, this tool makes life better.

Bring peace of mind to the whole family with a Doggie Shusher in your furbabies stocking this Christmas! It is truly a gift that will keep giving!


Shark Off Bracelet

You’ve heard that sharks can smell blood in the water for long distances. They can also sense tiny electrical fields. “Tiny” like five one-billionths of a volt (that’s 5/1,000,000,000ths). They can feel your heartbeat.

Shark OFF‘s electrochemical technology dissolves in the water and gives off about 1.5 volts of electricity. When curious sharks approach, they come into contact with the field and BOLT. 
It’s amazing to see a 400 lb shark coming at full speed and do a 180-degree turn to get away.
It’s great for anyone who loves the ocean but worries about their kids (and themselves) in the water. My daughter used to LOVE going to the beach… then it happened… she was around 5 when she saw an episode of Shark Week on TV. Now she is terrified of going in the water – well she WAS terrified of the water. After she watched the above video she is ready for a day at the beach IN the water with her Shark Off shark repellent on! Thank you Shark Off!


Carter Sunglasses from Technigadgets

Technigadgets is a fashion brand that offers a wide array of stylish yet affordable men’s accessories: Sunglasses, Watches, and Bracelets. What is unique about our collection is the Vintage and Steampunk vibe it represents which is perfect for those who love retro-modern fashion.

My teen sons are going bonkers over these awesome aviator styled sunglasses! Great quality at an affordable price is a great Christmas gift to both the giver and receiver!


Acrylic Puzzles from Puzzometry

Puzzles are always a great way to spend family fun night. Time spend searching and sorting pieces gives lots of time for conversation! These puzzles from Puzzometry are some of the most unique and thought provoking puzzles I’ve ever done. My eldest son is my “thinker” and these puzzles are PERFECT for him. He prefers to work alone and “think” his way thru solving his Puzzometry. My daughter however, loves to chat and work on hers together.  These puzzles will be perfect for stocking stuffers for your favorite puzzle lover!



Reynard Tourbillon Watch from Technigadgets

This beautifully crafted watch from Technigadgets will be an instant winner for your dad, grandpa, special someone, boss, … pretty much any man on your gift list this year! 

Bringing the stunning moon phase design, this tourbillon watch is an accessory for a great outfit. Boasting its textured dial and chronograph function, it is also housed in a stainless steel case and durable leather band. One of my favorite features is when you turn it over to look at the back… it’s see thru! You can see the inner workings of the watch! Go HERE and order yours today!



SKILCRAFT Defender Press-Tip Ballpoint Pen/Flashlight

The SKILCRAFT® multifunction Defender Press-Tip pen has a cap that breaks glass up to 8mm thick, and comes with the essential Phillips and flathead screwdriver for quick repairs. The press-tip writing mechanism has a distinctive click to open and close and can write upside down and in extreme weather conditions, including cold and wet. My two teen boys LOVE this pen! It is perfect for any guy on your list!

Partnering with Alphapointe means achieving more than a supply need. It means giving back while giving your business great products and services. It means empowering those with vision loss without sacrifice to quality and the high standards you expect.  Alphapointe is a , not-for-profit 501(c)(3) manufacturing, sales, and service organization that has continued to serve people who are blind and visually impaired in the Kansas City, Missouri community and surrounding region since 1911. Alphapointe is an AbilityOne agency and an affiliate of National Industries for the Blind (NIB). 

Give the gift that will give back! Give a Defender Press Tip Pen from Alphapointe!