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Personalized Jewelry

Babes and Babies has personalized gifts that will WOW your friends and family.  Their products are beautiful and unique, which will show how much time and thought went into your gift choices.  There are endless options from Babes and Babies to make this Christmas very meaningful.  You can do a name necklace, bracelet, or ring in numerous styles.  You can get couples jewelry, birthstones, and babies’ names too.  Plus they have engraved photo crystals, customized throw blankets, and so much more.  Just imagine the look on her face when she opens a locket made just for her, or a new mom gets a beautiful charm bracelet with her baby’s name on it.  A photo crystal would be perfect for newly weds.

My favorite piece is the Luxe Personalized Glam Name Bracelet.  I love to think about how happy my daughter will feel wearing her new bracelet with her name on it for all her friends to see.  Rose gold is her favorite, and I was happy to be able to have that as an option for her bracelet.   This Christmas will be special in our house thanks to Babes and Babies

Fingerless Copper Gloves

Apart from being a nice gift for Christmas, the Fingerless Copper Gloves have different benefits for the health, as well. When I decide to offer a gift to someone I care about, I always try the products myself. So, the Fingerless Copper Gloves make no exception.

Here’s my top 3 reasons why I consider that these gloves can be an excellent gift for yourself or your beloved ones:

  • Soft, warming, semi-compression, and comforting properties
  • Eco-friendly and washable
  • Proven capacity to destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses on contact.

Offer these gloves as a Christmas gift and buy a pair for yourself to enjoy extra comfort and benefits for your health!


Long Copper Compression Socks

I’ve read different news about compression socks benefits, but I’ve never understood how beneficial they can be for health until I tried them. As an active mom and business woman, I feel that I need to take care of my feet and overall blood circulation. So, I started researching different products until I found the Long Copper Compression Socks. From the first time I used these unisex socks, I immediately felt my legs less tired after a long day and experienced comfort during my daily activities.

Here’s why this product became one of my “best friends” when it comes to health and comfort:

  • 100% pure natural copper throughout the sock
  • Anti-odour & anti-microbial properties
  • Promotes healthier and softer feet
  • My feet felt fresher for a longer period
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.

Buy them here and forget how achy legs feel like! P.S. They make great stocking stuffers too!


Women’s Waterproof Sneakers

I bet that you watched many commercials about waterproof sneakers that will keep you protected from moisture. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

The Women’s Waterproof Sneakers from Loom Foot Wear contradict the impossible. The producer used one of the most advanced technology on the market to create 100% waterproof sneakers for active women.

Why I like and trust them? Here’s why:

  • Breathable – they are made of high-quality material that absorbs and releases moisture from the air
  • Super comfortable – they use a cushioning system that maximizes comfort and prevents injuries
  • Antibacterial
  • Highly performant – even though they look like sneakers, they are durable enough for trail adventure
  • Easy to wash – the outer coating is made to repel stains and can be easily washed
  • Lightweight – this quality is important as it reduces foot fatigue
  • Flexible – the form-fitting flexibility allows you to make different types of movements
  • Slip resistant – thanks to its non-marking rubber soles you will benefit from excellent traction to ace both dry and wet trails.

I have another surprise for you! 🙂 You can benefit from 10% discount if you use the TLB10 directly on the official website.

Hilife Handheld Garment Steamer

Clothes tell a lot about a person! If you put consistent efforts to look sharp, you gain self-confidence and inspire trust and respect.

Do you think it’s difficult to keep your clothing without wrinkles and always fresh? Let me tell you a secret! You must try the Hilife Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer.

Why do I think this is a must-have? Here are some reasons that convinced me:

  • Super easy to use – all you need to do is add water and plug in for up to 18 minutes of continuous steaming;
  • Works efficiently – all wrinkles and creases will be gone in a few seconds;
  • Portable and lightweight – you’ll easily find a place in your luggage for it;
  • Amazon Choice with 50000+ reviews under $30.

You can easily buy this lifesaver with a 30% discount by using the IG30 discount code directly on Hilife official website.

CEV Collection

August Blue Sunglasses

Get ready to protect your eyes with sunglasses and Blue Light blocking glasses from CEV Collection.  These shades will be just the thing to boost your confidence and elevate your look.  The sunglasses are polarized and protect 100% against the harmful UVA/UVB rays.  The frames for the glasses are made from high quality materials for an on the go lifestyle, plus they come in a protective case.  You can also grab a pair of Blue Light Blocking glasses to reduce your exposure to the blue light from computers and other digital screens.  They will help you sleep better, stay sharper, and live healthier, all while looking stylish.  Get yourself a pair and then grab some for all the people on your list.  After all we only get the one set of eyes, so why not protect them while taking our look up a notch!

Grounded Revival Tasbih Jewelry

Tasbih necklace

Do you need calm in your life?  Most of us need some more peace and tranquility, and Grounded Revival – Mind & Soul Jewelry has the perfect gift for those who are looking for calm and love jewelry!  They have handmade Tasbih necklaces which are meant to promote balance, protection, overall well-being, and remind you to open both mind and heart.

Who wouldn’t love this Pure Calm Tasbih Necklace that is hand-knotted with 99 howlite gemstones, sterling silver accents, and a beautiful amethyst geode pendant.  Howlite eases a restless mind, and supports in times of stress and anxiety.  Amethyst soothes and relieves stress and strain.   Together they bring you the calm we all need, especially at this time of year!

Luxurious Backpack Diaper Back from Ayla & Co.

There is one thing that is a definite when it comes to babies and toddlers… a mess. I’m not sure why it has taken us until the year 2021 but it has… Ayla & Co. has given us the PERFECT diaper bag for mom or dad on the go. Not only is this bag luxurious, it also comes with a cordless vac! Is there anything more necessary than a vac to follow little snack eating humans around? I think not!

The Ayla Bag includes lots of extras that are typically an additional cost with other companies. Each bag comes with the following items included:

  • a reusable silicone snack bag
  • stroller straps
  • a vegan leather changing pad
  • a reusable wet bag
  • an insulated and removable bottle/snack pouch
  • and a removable and washable inner liner

The compact, powerful Ayla Vac features dual-speed suction and long battery life for a full day’s messes. This cordless vacuum is easy to empty and grabs everything from glitter to Puffs. This is the perfect gift for the new parents or parents to be this Christmas!

 Boho Boots by Kara Mac Shoes

These Boho Boots are a must have for women, especially those who travel.  They can now pack one pair of boots and multiple heel covers to match all their outfits, taking up so much less room then several pairs of shoes.  These boots can really show off your personality and flair with the simple swap of the heel covers There are many different patterns to pick from including camo, denim, crystal, python, skull, and many more.  These boots are made of super soft Napa leather in the upper, and patent leather on the heel cover and toe cap.  They have a 4mm memory foam insole making them comfortable as well as stylish.  The 2 1/4″ flared heel is the show stealer though, with the versatility to change the look of the boot in a simple step!  These Boho Boots are an incredible addition to any women’s closet, freeing up space yet ramping up style.



Diamond Veneer Jewelry

CZ jewelry

This may be the year for you to try Cubic Zirconia, because with the new Diamond Veneer, you will not be able to tell the difference.  Diamonds are not in everyone’s budget, but with this new technique which treats the Cubic Zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, which crystalize around the entire stone, you can look like they are! The technique results in a flawless “G” color on the diamond scale, not the old look of Cubic which was a white color.  The vaporization process they go through, greatly increases the fire, refraction, and durability of these CZ.  Models and celebrities are wearing these Dimond Veneers and even professional jewelers cannot recognize them as fake.  Now you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank!  My daughter is wearing the Traditional Round Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Solitaire Pendent and the Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Special Stud Earrings.  They both look so real, we cannot even tell they are Cubic Zirconia.


Elegant Diaper Bag Backpack

This elegant diaper bag backpack from Momorii makes it easy for parents to access everything that’s packed inside. Thanks to a structured frame that opens widely stays put for a clear view.  An innovative combination of soft fabric and sleek structure. This sporty, elegant, lightweight design features a large main compartment plus lots of pockets for essentials like your phone and water bottle. Easy grab double top handles and adjustable backpack straps make this user-friendly look the ultimate in hands-free ease. Removable shoulder straps and two stroller hangers allow you to attach your diaper bag to your stroller so you do not need to carry it.

This backpack diaper bag can also double as a stylish bag for mom after baby is grown! Super roomy to carry everything she’ll need easily = WIN / WIN!

Organic Heavy Duty Bags from Terra Thread

If there is one gift that is universal it has to be a heavy duty bag. We all need them! From the youngest of tots to an active grandma keeping up with those tots – and everyone in between. We live on the go and we all have “stuff” that needs to go with us! Terra Thread has a bag for everyone. Backpacks, make up bags, weekenders, and more – they have it all!

ZEM Mini Backpack

This Mini Backpack is made using heavy-duty 14 oz organic cotton canvas. The best backpacks for everyday use and the environment! It features outside and inside pockets to organize your things. I plan to use this bag as my purse! It is roomy but not overly bulky – making a perfect everyday bag. My only problem is going to be keeping it away from my 13 year – she wants it in a bad way!

The Mini Backpack is sized perfectly to work as a purse, hiking bag, or for a younger child backpack – It’s versatility is one of the things I fell in love with. The organic cotton means it will stand the test of time!


Makeup Bag

This organic cotton zipper pouch is perfect for you to organize your bag! Not only is it great to house your makeup, you can order in several colors and organize your entire bag! This versatile bag is great to hold electronic chargers & earbuds, pens and notepads, personal items for us gals, medication, and so much more!

Each purchase supports Feeding America‘s campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need.



Handmade Hebrew Women of Valor Cord Wrap Bracelet

Eshet Hayil – A chapter from the Biblical book of proverbs has been sung around Jewish dinner tables at least since the 16th century. This song in Proverbs is meant to praise the efforts of the housewife.⁠ ⁠The delicate Eshet Hayil bracelet from Meydalle is a gift worthy of any amazing woman in your life.

This beautiful 24K gold plated bracelet is hand crafted in Israel and delivered in a gift wrap ready for gift-giving. 

The Hebrew quote bracelet boasts a saying we could all benefit from; “Anything is Possible”. In Hebrew it is pronounced “Hakol Efshari” Never say can’t, don’t, won’t – believe that “Anything Is Possible”.  The perfect inspirational gift for yourself or for your loved ones.


Wearable Blanket by The Comfy

This time of year consists of hayrides, bonfires, and a crisp in the air that whispers “Christmas is COMING!”. What better way to enjoy all of the seasons festivities than curled up in an ultra soft blanket – The Comfy!  What’s even better? The Comfy comes sized for the whole family! Order one for everyone and cuddle up to the fire as you roast marshmallows and dream of the season around the corner!

The Comfy Jr.

Gone is the multi-layered thickness of The Comfy® Original Jr., instead, The Comfy® Dream Jr., is a single layer of luscious microfiber that’s so soft, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a baby blanket. Perfect for indoor playtime, energetic games or for cozy times on the couch, The Comfy® Dream Jr., will have kids worldwide living #TheComfyLife.

The Jr is perfect for the littles in your family! Stock up NOW – we all know the shipping delays that are here – don’t miss out on your Comfy!

The Comfy Original Quarter Zip

Just when you thought the famous wearable blanket, couldn’t get any better, The Comfy went and added a zipper to create, yep, the all-new The Comfy® Original™ Quarter-Zip! Designed with the ultimate in comfort and flexibility in mind, The Comfy® Original™ Quarter-Zip has the same buttery soft feel that’s made The Comfy® Original™ the best-selling wearable blanket in history, and the added zipper makes it easier to slide over your head and control how warm you want to be. So go ahead: Slip one on, zip it up (or down), and start living #TheComfyLife!™

I have already enjoyed being cuddled up on the couch in my Comfy – it is so beyond soft! This is the PERFECT gift for “that person” who always seems to be cold! Get yours ordered TODAY!



Waffle Bath Robe from Lotus Linen

This Waffle Kimono Bathrobe set a perfect gift for any lady on your Christmas list. The lightweight cotton robe is cozy and perfect for after a hot bath or while she sips her morning coffee. Available in a range of sizes from S-XXXL and 8 colors. Send your favorite person some much deserved stress relief they’ll enjoy all year long! The set includes a cotton waffle bathrobe with belt closure, pockets, structured collar, and a pair of matching slippers so she can lounge in luxury from head to toe. Also available for men!

Rainbow Candy Boho Wood Bead Bracelet Set

One of the dearest memories that someone can have from a dear person is a piece of jewelry that never gets old and carries tons of memories with it. When you don’t know what gift to buy to someone you love, the best advice I can give you is buying jewelry. The Rainbow Candy Boho Wood Bead Bracelet Set from Isabelle Grace offers a combination of color and style, all featured in a three natural wood beads. This set features:

  • 1 x 10mm brown wood bead bracelet with 14kt gold fill or sterling silver 4mm accent beads
  • 1 x 10mm brown wood and recycled tumbled glass beads accented with 14kt gold fill or sterling silver accent beads
  • 1 x 6mm dyed turquoise blue agate beads

But, do you know what’s the best part of it? The bracelets are made with powerful stretch cord and accented with genuine 4 mm 14kt golf fill or sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is expertly crafted by hand by artisans who are passionate about their work and make each piece very special and unique. Get into the holidays’ spirit and buy the bracelet set HERE!

Clear Round Tote from Margo Paige

Do you have a bag lover on your Christmas list this year? If so, you simply must head over to Margo Paige and Order one of these ultra trendy clear bags!

Margo Paige constructs the outer workings of these stylish bags from durable, recycled PVC. The inner black pop-in pouch is made of faux leather and is waterproof. You can use the bag with the pouch for a night out on the town or pop out the pouch and use the clear bag alone for a more casual look.

Every bag lover MUST have one of these super cute bags in their collection – GO HERE and order today!


Ultra Soft Bath Robe from Olive & Linen

‘Tis the Season for lounging around and watching Christmas movies on repeat! What better way to lounge than in an Cloud Soft Turkish Towel Robe from Olive & Linen?!

This hooded robe is one of the softest most comfortable robes I have ever worn! I LOVE the length of it! It doesn’t drag too low or get bunched up while I’m cuddling on the couch at the end of a long day. It’s made of Turkish cotton, read below for more details:

  • Loomed from yarn died, 100% long-staple Premium Turkish Cotton
  • Naturally soft, lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in two unisex sizes for a relaxed, comfortable fit
  • Perfect for lounging or drying off
  • Oeko-Tex®  certified free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dies
  • Pairs perfectly with our Cloud Soft Turkish Hand Towel and Cloud Soft Turkish Towel
  • Made in Turkey

The Cloud Soft Turkish Towel Robes comes in several different colors, so order one for everyone in the fam and relax around the fire as you count your blessings!


Personalized Duffle Bags from GroomsDay

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect guy this year – LOOK NO FURTHER! I can not begin to say how much I LOVE the duffles I have gotten from Joe at GroomsDay! The quality is second to none, the ordering process is simple, and shipping is FAST! Perfect to get here in plenty of time for Christmas!

My bag is going to my favorite 18 year old who’s headed off to college next fall. Bittersweet time for this mama for sure – so proud for his accomplishments but WOW – where did the last 18 years go? I know traveling back and forth will be easier with THIS bag from GroomsDay. We can fit an entire twin size comforter AND a KING sized pillow in it with room to spare!

Regardless of the style your guy prefers, they have you covered; backpack, messenger, leather, weekender, duffle, combat duffle, and MORE! Get your guy a bag for Christmas – then plan a weekend getaway after the first of the year! WIN – WIN!!

Head on over and get yours ordered today!



My Life Handle

Having kids and dogs can be a challenge when out and about.  You sometimes need an extra hand, and thankfully My Life Handle frees up your hands for more important things than holding a leash.  This great Hands-Free Leash System distributes your dog’s pull across your core instead of your shoulder or hip, making it comfortable and easy to use.  With the patent pending sling you can attach different accessories to the hub, making this a multi-functional product.  Maybe you want to walk the dog, or use it to carry a heavy bag, or paddle board.  It can help distribute the weight of your child as well.  With the Hands-Free Leash System you can talk a hike with your dog and have free hands to take photos or use your water bottle.  You can even enjoy a cup of coffee or look at a map, while you dog is safely beside you.  This is a wonderful addition for everyone on your Christmas list.



DIPHDA: Cross-Species Accessories 

One of my top priorities when it comes to my pets is keeping them safe and healthy. Have I ever thought about their apparel and accessories? Not so much…until I found DIPHDA! This brand’s accessories helped me add a little extra personality (without going overboard, of course) to my pets and turn our walks in the park into a veritable catwalk. Apart from being high in style, the cross-species accessories produced by DIPHDA are interchangeable, vegan-friendly, and have healthy properties. This women-owned company is based in L.A. They focus on reducing their carbon footprint by using sustainable materials in products and packaging, without compromising on quality. Bravo to them!

Which one is my favorite? I would say that the Open Solaris Slider Set looks good on both dogs and cats. What’s so special about it? It successfully combines aesthetics with healing properties through its Rose Quartz charms. Also, it features a solid brass and solid brass nickel plated with a tarnish resistant lacquer finish. On top of that, the charms are 100% unique thanks to the gems’ organic variances. Plus, the stones are set in highly durable resin while the cork has natural antibacterial qualities. Honestly, I wouldn’t think of something more appropriate for a pet, which not only looks good, but also has tons of healthy attributes.



Funny Graphic Tees and Hoodies from Famous In Real Life

Sometimes all it takes is a look or a gesture to bring back memories of your favorite movie or television show. Famous In Real Life has crafted some high quality funny fashion to gift to your favorite someone this year!

With more than 700 designs Famous IRL has something for absolutely everyone on your list. These humorous gifts are great conversation starters. My son LOVES a certain show that boasts the “Worlds Best Boss” mug quite often in their episodes. It is so refreshing to hear him put away the cares of being a teenager in todays craziness and laugh literally out loud to the funny characters!

Now he can wear a smile along with his hoodie and tee as he remembers “that funny thing” that someone said! Life is short – we may as well enjoy it and laugh a little along the way! GO HERE and get your order in for these great quality Christmas gifts this year! They are totally teenager (and mom) approved – this apparel spans generations!


Childrens Velour Holiday Set from Feltman Brothers

There is something special about the Christmas season. It’s when families put aside outside distractions and come together intentionally. When my children were younger, I always made sure they were dressed festive for the get-togethers for the gazillion pictures that were sure to ensue. Feltman Brothers has managed to marry fashion and comfort into one darling velour set for the youngest among us this year!

This Velour Holiday Set is perfectly soft and charmingly styled for this years season! Feltman Brothers quality is second to none – and this set is more proof of that! One of the things that made me fall in love with it even more is the matching doll outfit! I got my niece, Parker, the Feltman Brothers doll last year with this velour set – this year my niece is 14 months old and will be able to dress like her doll – who just happens to share her name!

Feltman Brothers spans generations with their quality. I have a feeling this little velour set will see many hours of play this year and in years to come when our sweet Parker dresses her own baby in this very set!


Men’s Leather Weekender Luggage Bag by LeatherNeo

I always thought that the best gift for men should be a gadget or something in the area of technology. The Men’s Leather Weekender Luggage Bag by LeatherNeo proved me how wrong I was. This bag is an absolute spectacle! It’s handmade from genuine leather, with impressive details. I never thought that a men’s luggage bag can have such thoughtful details and luxurious design. It’s almost impossible (I would say 101% impossible) to not impress any man with this handcrafted luggage bag.

The material used for this bag is 100% buffalo leather. You cannot imagine how soft and high-quality it can be until you touch it. Also, the bag comes with different pockets that will help you keep your accessories and documents as organized as possible. It’s the ideal type of luggage for a city break or short business trip. Plus, you cannot ignore the fact that it looks absolutely awesome in a man’s hands. In my opinion, it inspires power, self-confidence, and elegance. Buy it before it runs out of stocks!



Hair Accessories from Bellefixe

Looking for something for the fashionista on your list? Bellefixe has hair accessories for every girl on your list! Bellefixe is a woman owned and managed company based just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Who knows what women want to wear better than… a woman?!

From headbands to scrunchies and pins to clips, Bellefixe has it all! I personally love the box that the College Bundle came in. It’s a stylish sturdy cardboard box that will house all of the hair accessories neatly when not in use. You can go HERE and order yours today!




If you need the perfect gift for a daughter, sister, mother, aunt or best friend, Resera Jewelry is the way to go.  Not only will you be getting a high quality piece, but it will come with the story of the woman who made it.  Plus 20% of the profit is donated to Love One, which is an organization that provides emergency medical care to children in Uganda.  This beautiful bee necklace called, “Bee the Change” is such a pretty necklace.  You can get it in silver or gold, and give a gift with meaning to someone you love.  This necklace is a token to help us remember that we can bless others through our everyday small actions.  Just like bees are tiny, but impact our ecosystem in a major way, we can “Bee the Change!”.

LaSalle (Mini Premium)

My bag is never big enough for all the things that I need to carry with me. I think all women have the same problem (don’t you?). Even though I like to spoil myself with new high-quality bags, it seems that I never have enough in my closet. So, one day, I decided to buy LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote bag. Lucky me! I have it for quite a while and I couldn’t find any flaws for it so far. It is produced by the PEGAI brand. I discovered it in 2017, soon after it was launched, and I was mesmerized by the company’s leather crafts and unique gifts produced by the handy people who work there.

Its dimensions are ideal for fitting a 13’’ – 15’’ laptop while it still leaves enough room for other essential things that a woman needs. Besides, it has an elegant and practical inside pocket and a key loop. As I also love mini bags, I was happy to find that this model comes in different versions. So, I couldn’t resist but to buy it in all sizes: mini, grande, and jumbo. Plus, the color options are ideal for any type of style. You can choose between chestnut, mahogany, charcoal, or rock. You should think of this bag as an investment for the future as its design and quality will never go out of fashion. Trust me!



Weighted Eye Mask and Travel Cushion from Manta


The world we live in – full of chaos and stress – is making it harder and harder to get a good nights sleep. Proper sleep is one of the key elements to living a healthy life! If you have someone who is suffering from sleep deprivation, this Weighted Sleep Mask from Manta is going to make such a difference in their life!

This mask from Manta is tailor-made for anxious sleepers who struggle with stress and insomnia. Gently pressing powerful relaxation points on your face alleviates tension and induces relaxation by stimulating the release of serotonin and melatonin, which calms your nervous system and primes your body for deep rest. Add 100% blackout, and boom: you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply without changing your routine (or getting a prescription).

WEIGHTED is made to fit your unique face. Your eye cups’ position, angle and strap tightness are infinitely adjustable for a fit so seamless, you barely feel your mask on your face. It’s like it was custom made for you. (Because it basically was.)

If you have someone who travels in between time zones or is suffering from insomnia –  GO HERE and give the gift that will literally change their lives! Give them the gift of a good nights sleep!


Manta Travel Pillow

My family travels a good bit. We take missions trip to the TX/MX border at least once a year and most years it’s multiple trips. So trust me when I say, this travel pillow from Manta is a life saver! No more head bobble as I fall asleep… it never fails – I start to nod off and BOOM my head goes crashing to one side or the other and startles me awake! NO MORE!

Most neck pillows push your head forward or don’t stay in place. The inflatable Manta Sleep Travel Pillow is different – you can use it in 4 different positions so you can pick what’s most comfortable for you.

Unlike most options, you can use this travel pillow in several different ways, providing maximum comfort on your trip.

The Lock: Fits behind your neck and attaches in the front, so you can comfortably rest your head.

The Hug: Securely hugs around the front of your neck providing support as your head leans slightly forward.

The Nod: Fits in front of you, so you can comfortably rest your chin on the pillow without the dreaded head bob.

The Cradle: The ends of the pillow rest on your shoulder and cradle your head as you lean back.

Personalized Gifts from GiftAFeeling

Personalized Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket

Personalization of just about everything is ALL THE RAGE right now! We live on a family farm and my middle child is passionate about being a 6th generation farmer! He has started getting shirts and hats made with our family name and logo. He is going to flip out when he gets this versatile lightweight jacket from GiftAFeeling!

The pullover jacket comes in a variety of colors and embroidery is included in the price. It is lightweight enough to easily pack it in a backpack or gym bag. Being on the farm, we never know when we will be out working and a rain shower pop up. This jacket is PERFECT to stash in a saddle bag or in the four wheeler “trunk”.

If you have a serious sportsman, adventure lover, or (like me) a future farmer – this packable jacket is a must have this Christmas!


Personalized Photo Etched Heart Necklace

Do you have a special lady in your life who loves jewelry but has every piece imaginable? These custom pieces from GiftAFeeling are the perfect gift to add to her collection!

The process is beyond simple. You simply upload your photo, choose personalization, and hit submit! Then sit back and wait for the mail to run in a couple of weeks. You get a unique personal gift from the comfort of your home – WIN -WIN!


  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Water-Resistant
  • Adjustable Necklace Chain Measures 18″-22″
  • 316 Steel or 18k Gold Finish

I chose to get my sweet daughters necklace as a tribute to her best friend… as you can see in the picture above his name is Sammy and yes, he is a bull. He was born with many health issues, she was really sad because Covid had just hit and she couldn’t go to school. They bonded and saved one another and now he will live out his days on our family farm. This beautiful necklace will serve as a sweet reminder, that love heals, long after Sammy has left us.

Go HERE and order a one of a kind – sure to thrill – Christmas gift for your favorite gal this year!



Custom Photo Beach Towel from Flashprint Designs

Are you looking for a personal gift for your beach loving buddy? Flashprint Designs has the PERFECT gift to wrap up under the tree – a Custom Personalized Beach towel!

I absolutely adore these towels! My sweet daughter has a pet cow… yes a big sweet bull is her pet. She loves him and he loves her – he was born with little chance of living and she was depressed due to Covid keeping her home from school. They saved each other! She is going to ABSOLUTELY flip when she opens her personalized beach towel this Christmas!

Go HERE and check out the MANY Personalized gifts Flashprint Designs has to offer… socks, scarves, blankets… they have it all! Make this Christmas personal!


Groove Belt by Groove Life

Buckle up! Do you know what a men’s belt says about you? While the canvas belt tells that you are a practical person and you also care about style, the belt created by Groove Life shows that you are ready for new experiences. This concealed carry belt is not only comfortable for all-day wear, but also very resistant.

It is made of neodymium magnets that ensure a seamless and easy snap-on and off. Besides, it doesn’t require any folding in your belt loops. The durable and unique materials such as the A380 aluminum alloy buckle will make you feel prepared for anything. So, even if you’ll have to move on Mars tomorrow, at least you’ll have one accessory that will make you seem part of the group. Plus, your waist will thank you for keeping it strong and comfortable!



Fashion Watch from TrendHim

One thing I’m learning from my two teenagers is this; watches are to men what shoes are to women. At least this is the way it goes at my house. My guys LOVE watches and the more the merrier! TrendHim has a HUGE selection of very stylish yet cost conscience watches! My middle man child LOVES the Lucas Moment Watch in particular! It is perfect for a ballgame or a special night out with friends! It features a smooth and comfortable genuine brown leather strap.

Lucas Moment Features:

  • In stock – Free shipping on this item
  • Black sunray dial
  • Extra slim case
  • Brown genuine leather strap
  • Japanese quartz movement

Designed by Seizmont in Denmark, this is the one watch to rule them all. Casual? Check. Formal? Check. Slim? Check. Handsome? Check…  Now go “check” a gift off of your Christmas list by ordering HERE!


Loungewear and Fuzzy Socks from Heat Holders

We all have that one person in our family who is ALWAYS cold. (I have a few) It can be 95 degrees outside and they come walking out of the house in jeans and a hoodie (I wish I was kidding…). Heat Holders is “The Gift” for them this year!

Heat Holders has socks to keep the piggies warm, night gowns to cuddle up in, lounge pants to laze around in, and much more!

Heat Holders is not your typical “warm fuzzy socks” and such. So what makes Heat Holders stand out above the rest?  I’m so very glad you asked! Japanese-designed, cashmere-like acrylic yarn provides high-performance insulation with advanced moisture management. Innovative knitting technology produces extra-long looped cushion pile that boosts our breakthrough TOG rating!  And last but certainly not least sock inners are thoroughly brushed to retain maximum warm air inside for all-day comfort and wearability.

Don’t take my work for it, go HERE and order some today!


Care Packages from Cancer Care Parcel

There is nothing more tragic than childhood cancer. The “C” word is terrifying for anyone but unfathomable for a child. Cancer Care Parcel has some of the most precious gifts that can be shipped to not only children but anyone on your Christmas list that is fighting the battle to stay healthy and cancer the same time!

These care packages come with something fun to do while waiting in doctors offices or hospitals. They also have a variety of items to keep the patient comfy, like fuzzy socks, blankets, etc.  These gift packages are made to enable children (and adults) to take some of their worries away and bring some peace back into their lives.


Blankets for Her from Elegear

Cooling blanket

As a mom who is headed down the proverbial hill, I feel like I can honestly say nights can sometimes be torture. I’ve come to that moment in time when I sweat like a pig perspire throughout the night and it’s no fun. If you have a mom or special lady in your life who suffers from “night sweats” this Cooling blanket from Elegear will be the only gift you need to get!

The top is a fabric woven with Arc-Chill cooling yarn, which can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate, so that your skin is dry and comfortable.  The bottom side is made of 100% cotton – so you know it’s cuddly and soft! The dual sides of this cooling blanket make it perfect for four seasons!

Being able to toss this comfy blanket in the washing machine is another HUGE win for this mama! No trips to the laundromat and days without my cooling blanket!

Tie-Dye Blanket for Her

Every girl needs a “go-to” blanket that she can curl up with at home or on the go. This ultra soft blanket from Elegear is just that blanket!

The beautiful colors in each blanket are unique ~ each blanket ishandmade, so that the color and pattern of each blanket are different! These beautiful blankets can go from the crib to college. They are soft enough for baby to be snuggled in and big enough to cuddle up in at college on those nights when she’s missing home.

Each blanket is made of super comfortable flannel material, with Japanese Heatwarm +2℃ Technology. Making sure you stay toasty and warm on cold nights. Like moms cooling blanket above, this tie-dye blanket is machine washable!

You can go HERE and HERE to find out more about these fantastic throw blankets for your favorite girls this Christmas!


Carter Sunglasses from Technigadgets

Technigadgets is a fashion brand that offers a wide array of stylish yet affordable men’s accessories: Sunglasses, Watches, and Bracelets. What is unique about our collection is the Vintage and Steampunk vibe it represents which is perfect for those who love retro-modern fashion.

My teen sons are going bonkers over these awesome aviator styled sunglasses! Great quality at an affordable price is a great Christmas gift to both the give and receiver!


Expandable Knack Pack®

The bag that launched the iconic Knack style. Professional and modern, the Series 1 Medium Expandable laptop backpack combines great everyday function with great travel function in the same bag.

My son is venturing out to college next year… how did this even happen so quickly?!? This bag will be perfect for him as he navigates classes, there’s a place for everything! His laptop can be safely tucked away while his work clothes for after school are tidy in their place.

His goal is to travel the world and I hope he can… this bag will make travel easier to keep everything at his fingertips. If you, like me, have a traveler or dreamer in your life, this KnackPack is perfect!



Reynard Tourbillon Watch from Technigadgets

This beautifully crafted watch from Technigadgets will be an instant winner for your dad, grandpa, special someone, boss, … pretty much any man on your gift list this year!

Bringing the stunning moon phase design, this tourbillon watch is an accessory for a great outfit. Boasting its textured dial and chronograph function, it is also housed in a stainless steel case and durable leather band. One of my favorite features is when you turn it over to look at the back… it’s see thru! You can see the inner workings of the watch! Go HERE and order yours today!


Bee The Change Necklace from Resera

Designed in partnership with Lexy Burke, this bee charm necklace is an intricate and fun way to remember the impact you can make on others. Just like Lexy invites her TikTok followers to donate literal spare change to bless others through huge tips and gifts, you can make a change through your everyday, small actions. We like to think that bees are Earth’s sweet way to show us that even very small things can play a vital role in the ecosystem.

Silk Hair Scrunchies from Celestial Silk

Mulberry silk scrunchies keep all hair types healthier and more manageable by reducing the friction that leads to frizz, breakage and hair loss. Celestial Silk hair ties are more comfortable than normal hair ties and they help prevent hair creases. Not just practical – silk is always elegant. A touch of silk adds a little luxury and subtle glamour to everyday hair care routines.

These hair scrunchies are the only ones my daughter and I use! She loves pulling them out of her stocking each year for Christmas and I hide mine – because she likes to swipe them!

Celestial Silk also offers ultra smooth silk pillowcases and eye masks – you can check out their selection and stock up on Christmas gifts HERE!

All Day Gloves from STOGO

If you have someone in your life who is, what I like to refer to as, Germ Aware, these gloves from STOGO are the only gift you’ll need to have them under the tree. I can sympathize with said “Germ Aware” loved one. My family calls me a “germaphobe”, a title I wear proudly!

Made from GRS-certified recycled polyester, these sustainable gloves offer full-hand protection from high-touch surfaces at the gym, grocery store, and public transportation (bus, taxi, ride-share, airplane).

Fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Gloves are sensitive skin and eczema friendly and offer protection for those who cannot use hand sanitizer.


Personalized Gift Card from GiftCard Granny

We ALL have that one person (at least one person – I have 4!) – you know the one. That person that you dread buying for every year. Not because you don’t love them and appreciate them… but because they have EVERYTHING and TWO of some things! Gift Card Granny has heard our cries and delivered us a gift that will never fail! Personalized Gift Cards! (Why didn’t I think of that?!?)

Imagine sharing that family photo or old inside joke memory on a custom and usable gift! Not just bringing a smile to their face, you may even get a call or text right away thanking you for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift card. A gift so nice, they would even keep the gift card as a keepsake forever. Better yet, if you choose to send a virtual Visa eGift card or Mastercard eGift card, your gift is sent instantly via email – no need to wait for printing or physical postage and waste!

The process is beyond simple! You simply upload the image you want on the gift card, select the amount you want on the card, submit your order, and wait for the gift card to come via mail! So beyond simple and it’s a gift ANYONE will appreciate!

Try it today, the Build-a-Card by Gift Card Granny.