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Everything Elderberry from Erin’s Elderberries

I love natural remedies and immune boosters. Elderberry is certainly on the top of that list for me! It has healing and immunity properties that are rivaled by few. It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It is said to help with inflammation and reduce stress (A must this time of year!). I like to keep Elderberry on hand all of the time to ward off simple colds and flus as well.

Erin, owner of Erin’s Elderberries, makes everything in small batches, with as much love and care as possible. She doesn’t make separate syrup for her family. One jar from the batches she makes stays in her family fridge.  When she set out to make the perfect recipe for her family, her toddler was quality control. After some failed attempts, one week he loved one she had made, and one night he looked at her and said “Momma I want some yummy syrup. No icecream, just the yummy syrup that goes on top.”. And that friends, is why Erin’s Elderberries is “Elderberry Yummy Syrup”. That is a night she will always remember, and  wanted to pay tribute to that one mom win!! 


Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush

When I heard about a toothbrush that needs to be charged only once per year, I couldn’t believe it. The Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush proved me wrong.

Oclean, a leading brand in the smart electric toothbrush market that aims to improve oral health through advanced and innovative technology. The brand’s recently launched Oclean Flow is an electric toothbrush that only needs to be charged per year. It is especially great not only for new users, but also for regular users (like myself) who will find this feature very convenient.

This electric toothbrush will surprise you because:

  • It can last up to 25+ weeks between charges
  • It features Sonic technology for a brighter smile
  • It offers 5 modes for your personal brushing routine
  • 2 minutes smart timer and 30s reminder
  • Enjoy a shower and rinse ready toothbrush to stay on the go
  • It is travel-proof

Buy it HERE and get that perfect smile that you always wanted!


Personalized Duffle Bags from GroomsDay

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect guy this year – LOOK NO FURTHER! I can not begin to say how much I LOVE the duffles I have gotten from Joe at GroomsDay! The quality is second to none, the ordering process is simple, and shipping is FAST! Perfect to get here in plenty of time for Christmas!

My bag is going to my favorite 18 year old who’s headed off to college next fall. Bittersweet time for this mama for sure – so proud for his accomplishments but WOW – where did the last 18 years go? I know traveling back and forth will be easier with THIS bag from GroomsDay. We can fit an entire twin size comforter AND a KING sized pillow in it with room to spare!

Regardless of the style your guy prefers, they have you covered; backpack, messenger, leather, weekender, duffle, combat duffle, and MORE! Get your guy a bag for Christmas – then plan a weekend getaway after the first of the year! WIN – WIN!!

Head on over and get yours ordered today!


Meli Botanicals

I wrote many times about botanicals benefits for body and mind. I use CBD and other herbs in different formats to improve my wellbeing status and keep my family healthy. Still, when you are always on a hurry, it becomes difficult to keep a routine and use therapeutic oils or other forms of product. While searching for more user-friendly products, I discovered the gummies produced by Meli Botanicals. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the good taste, but also by their therapeutic actions:

  • CBD Gummies with Lavender and Chamomile for anxiety
  • CBD Gummies with Valerian Root for a good sleep
  • CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Ginger for inflammation

These products are THC Free and come at affordable prices. You can quickly take a gummy daily whenever you feel that you need a little help. Buy them here and enjoy a happy and healthy life!

Ageless Labs

Rapid Relief Cream

How do you relax after a busy day? I thought I knew what I need to do during crazy periods, but Ageless Labs proved that I could do more than that. After years of practice and testing, Ageless Labs developed effective CBD formulations to help you unwind and relax. The company was founded by experts in CBD extraction who make sure to obtain the highest possible level of quality and purity.

Ageless Labs offers an interesting portfolio of products (I quickly became a fan of some of them), as follows:

Gummies: Mixed Fruit

What I like about these products? If you ask me about their cream, I would describe it as super silky, smooth, and doesn’t leave any oily feeling. Besides, I use the Mixed Fruit Gummies to help me relax during stressful period. I give them extra trust point for not being sugar-coated. Find more about them HERE and try them to find the product that works best for you!



Hydration Drinks from Electrolit

My eldest son is constantly on the go. I love to watch him love life – he is a senior in high school and is trying to squeeze absolutely everything out of it that he can. His soccer team is pushing hard to make it to State this year (fingers crossed and prayers going up!). He loves working out on his off days and basketball and baseball will follow soccer. To say hydration is a necessity for him is an understatement! These drinks from Electrolit are becoming his new favorite way of staying hydrated during games and workouts!

Electrolit was first launched in 1950 as a solution for dehydration in children. Its unique formula, great taste and variety of flavors has positioned the product as the preferred premium hydration beverage for children and adults. With a large selection in flavors, Electrolit is the perfect stocking stuffer for you friend or loved one who lives life on GO!





I don’t know about you, but whenever I feel stressed and overwhelmed with tasks, I try to find comfort in CBD products. I recently found Calma, sublingual CBD drops, produced by Cerena, that have immediate effects on my anxiety. With just a few drops I immediately feel the shift into a more focused mindset and get the necessary balance to finalize my projects. Apart from its amazing positive effects, I also like Calma for its combined flavors of pepper, pine, honeysuckle, and nutty scent.

Trinity Flight

After getting in love with Calma for its capacity to help me shift into calm focus, I was positively surprised by the Trinity Flight. It consists of three doses, Calma being one of them, that help you decide which formula works best for your needs. For my working and living style, Calma is the most efficient. But, I also tried Alivio that helped me shift away from pain. Nocturno is also great when you need some restorative sleep in a mega busy period.

I also have a huge surprise for you! You can get 10% discount on Cerena products with the discount code THISLADYBLOGS! Give them a try and give yourself the opportunity to stay away from stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, and more!



Two-in-One Reusable Bottle from FLPSDE

The unique (multi) purpose of our Stainless Steel, Vacuum Insulated, Reusable Water Bottle is to improve convenience & efficiency for users on-the-go. Not only will consolidating your stainless steel water bottle & snack container reduce the amount of things you have to pack, but our two-in-one reusable water bottle also reduces production waste, transportation emissions. In a nutshell, FLPSDE is the best water bottle for minimalists & the best reusable water bottle for the planet.

These bottles are going to be such a lifesaver as we head into our hectic sports seasons! Being able to pack a snack and hydration together in one container is simply genius! We moms need all the help we can get – we always seem to need just one more hand. FLPSDE is making it easier to stay hydrated and pack healthy snacks for this on-the-go life we live!


Cooling Cuff

The wristband that rapidly lowers body temperature.

Heat is miserable.  It makes you uncomfortable.  It steals your energy and makes you work harder for worse results. Cooling Cuffs lower your body temperature by cooling the blood on the underside of your wrist. The cooler blood circulates to cool down your entire body.


My two younger kids have built in heaters – they can just think hot thoughts and start to sweat! These Cooling Cuffs are going to make SUPER stocking stuffers for them this year! They can use them while they are working around the farm or playing basketball at school – these cooling cuffs are so versatile! Go HERE and order one for your friends and family who love to work out but hate the heat that goes along with it!


Fun Hand Soap from Splatz

One of the biggest chores as a young mom was keeping my kids healthy and CLEAN! I had two boys 23 months apart so germs seemed to be oozing out of them some (most) days when they were younger. Anything I could find to make being clean and healthy fun – I was all for it! Splatz hand soap is one of the newest Super Fun ways to encourage kids to wash up when they come in from playing!

Kids can have a blast bursting the bubbly soap balls as parents use this playful personal care product to promote healthy hygiene habits that will come in handy more than ever during these pandemic days.


Pricing ranges from $14.99 for an 8-ounce jar (about 60 SPLATZ and a spoon) to $59.99 for two 20-ounce refill jars (about 300 SPLATZ) and a dispenser.


QB54 Football Game

Do you have a serious baller on your Christmas list? My in-laws are serious about ball – doesn’t matter what kind! They are fanatics about basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and any other kind of ball. We ALWAYS play some kind of “ball” at family gatherings – ALWAYS! I am going to be everyone’s new favorite person at our next get together when I pull out QB54!

QB54 is a combination of football and cornhole – only so much BETTER! Like cornhole, absolutely any age can play and dominate!

I have two teenage boys who are always popping up with friends in tow. I know QB54 is going to be a HUGE hit with them as they make s’mores by the fire this fall.