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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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De Novo On-The-Go Lint Roller

hair removal brush

Hep Mom look her best with the De Novo Lint Roller.  If she is a pet owner, then this is a must have to get rid of pet hair before she heads out for the day.  Unlike sticky lint rollers that just add waste to our world, the De Novo is self cleaning and reusable.  This sustainable alternative is better is so many ways, because it has an easy to empty compartment where the hair and lint collects, and is self cleaning.  You will not have to pull clumps of fuzz off in the middle of use, and its material is a natural lint magnet.  Plus it is the perfect size for traveling!  Mom will be styling in her clothes without the added pet hair, and lint.  


Isabelle Grace 

Give a beautiful and thoughtful gift to the special mom in your life this Mother’s Day with the Mama Pave Necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry. This lovely piece comes in either gold or sterling silver. The word “mama” hangs from a charming chain, making the perfect gift for a mom with a baby or a mama bear that’s always ready to protect her cubs. Whatever kind of mom you have, she’ll love this piece. It’s so attractive and really sends the message that she’ll always be mama to you. If you head to the Isabelle Grace Jewelry website right now, you can even take advantage of the special code: MOM to save 25% off of your entire order site-wide! 


TrendHim Unisex Glasses

Help keep Mom’s eyes protected from UV rays and the blue light while using her devices with Winston Tortoise Shell Vista Clear Lens Unisex Glasses from Trendhim this Mother’s Day. These glasses feature an attractive tortoiseshell finish and timeless shape that anyone would love. And to keep them looking their best, pair them with a collapsible tri-fold glasses case for safekeeping. This understated case comes in a gray finish with white, lined interior to keep mom’s glasses protected whenever she’s not wearing them. These trendy glasses will make a great gift for mom or dad. 


Queen Billie Hazel

Give mom the gift of home decor and family memories all in one with a personalized family wood sign from Queen Billie Hazel. This attractive wooden sign is made from a barrel head that’s been finished to a lovely sheen, giving it a rustic look that still works well with more modern decor. This family sign makes a lovely home decor piece and the established date serves as a constant reminder of the day she got married or her kids were born. It’s an extra special way to show mom how much you care. I absolutely adore my personalized family wood sign they created for us. 

The options don’t stop there, however, Queen Billie Hazle has a large variety of home decor products that would make wonderful Mothers Day gifts. Head to the website, and you’re sure to find something for the special mom in your life. 



Give your mom the gift of a lovely day out with aplat. Moms definitely need to decompress from time to time, so help your mom do that with these three pieces. The aplat culinary tote, Vin two bottle wine tote, and reusable organic cotton mask will help you treat your mom to a special picnic or other outdoor celebration safely.  The Culinary Casserole Tote is large enough to accommodate a big dish of your mom’s favorite food and is 100% machine washable. 

The Vin Two Bottle Wine Tote is an attractive piece that’s perfect for an afternoon of glass-clinking and togetherness that she’ll be able to use again and again. 
Finally, aplat’s reusable cotton masks are an attractive way to help mom enjoy her favorite places – socially distanced, of course – and still remain safe and secure. These masks come in a variety of colors making them perfect for mixing and matching with any outfit!


Carolily Finery

What better gift to give to the special mom in your life than a piece of beautiful jewelry from Carolily Finery, a mother and daughter-owned statement jewelry company that was founded in honor of two very special moms! Carol and Lily, the mother and grandmother of Donna, the mom part of the Carolily duo, are the namesakes for this brand of gorgeous jewelry, immediately making it mean even more when you gift a piece to your special mom. 

At Carolily Finery, you’ll find a wide variety of pieces from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. The Eliza Statement Necklace, in particular, makes a lovely gift for the mom in your life who loves jewelry. This stunning piece features a gorgeous heavy link stainless steel chain, pewter heart charm, and a secondary necklace of beautiful Swarovski crystal pearls. It’s an elegant, striking piece that doesn’t cross over into a gaudy look. Any mom will love the timeless feel of this one.


Timeless Jewelry from Delicora

Timeless Jewelry

Looking for something that says “simple sophistication” for mom this year? Delicora has beautifully crafted pieces that will be an instant favorite for years to come. Founder Sandra Martinelli creates every unique collection for all skin types using hypoallergenic 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials.  From classic to bohemian to sophisticated styles, the collection includes a wide range of semi-precious stones intended to capture a woman’s confidence, natural beauty and individual style.  

In honor of our families leading ladies, Delicora has a special set mom will love! Place your order by May 3rd for delivery by Mother’s Day! Check out the Mothers Day Special HERE!

When you give mom Delicora Jewelry you are doing more than just giving mom a gift, you are helping fight hunger too! For every piece sold, 20 meals are donated to fighting hunger through Feeding America. I love supporting companies that support these great causes and I think your mom will be thankful she indirectly put food in bellies everytime she dons her Delicora!



Encouraging Messages for Moms from B Goods

Encouragement for Mom

If you are a mom, you can attest, being a mom is THE hardest job on the planet. Noone warned me that the little bundle of joy I cradled 17 years ago was going to bring such a sense of worry into my life. Worries like; am I loving him enough, is he getting bullied, is he bullying, does he feel valued… and SO much more. Constantly second-guessing ourselves becomes a way of life and can lead us into some pretty dark days. B Goods knows the struggle we moms feel and has some beautiful “Dear Mama Prints” that will encourage us as we live life.

Sometimes just seeing a message can calm our nerves and bring us back to earth or pull us out of the abyss. I have my cards on my mantle at home, currently the one I have up is one simple word, “Grace”. I need grace on a daily basis, but so do my kids – the last year has all of us in a tailspin! Everytime I see my “Mama Card”, I’m reminded to give my family grace, but also to give myself grace! 


B Goods has many other, beautifully lettered, encouraging messages which include: “You are Not Alone”, “Keep Going Mama”, “You Are Amazing”, and so many more. GO HERE and check out the beautifully encouraging work from B Goods.


Groove Life Silicone Rings and Smartwatch Bands

Hand with leopard print silicone ring on ring finger

If you have a mom in your life who loves jewelry and loves being active, then Groove Life is the place to go for great gift ideas this Mothers Day. Groove Life specializes in high-quality, durable, silicone rings and matching smartwatch bands in silicone and leather that are stylish and rugged. Whether your mom has an Apple Watch, FitBit, or Samsung smartwatch, you’ll find something that she’ll truly love. 

You’ll find a huge variety of styles to choose from on the Groove Life website including great pieces like this leopard print ring and matching leopard print Apple Watch band. You’ll find the same great print in their line of other smartwatch bands, as well. 

Of course, all moms are different. Some are outdoorsy. Some are geeky. Some are classically girly. Whatever kind of lady your special mom is, you’ll find a gift for her at Groove Life. They have everything from camo prints to officially licensed Marvel merch like Spider-Man rings. You’ll even find belts! Head to Groove Life and find the perfect gift for the mom who loves jewelry that she doesn’t have to worry about wrecking just by doing her thing. 


Harber London

harbor london

Harber London has the perfect Wallet Organizer for Smartphones.  Treat your mom to a beautifully, well-made wallet to help her organize all her important items plus her phone.  Now she will always know where her phone is, and that it is safe.  This wallet comes in three colors and is made from Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather.  She will look stylish and sleek carrying this around as she runs her errands.  



Custom Nautical Signs from Ipswich River Craft

Is your mom one of those moms who has EVERYTHING? My mom is and my grandma was before her! Even for the hardest to buy for mom – I can almost guarantee they don’t have their own customized nautical sign! These signs from Ipswich River Craft are absolutely stunning! Pamela turned her love water and craftiness into a business that will bring a smile to many faces! And let’s face it, after the year we have all endured, we could all use a little something to smile about! 

Did you know there was a nautical alphabet? I didn’t! Pamela and her husband John handcraft each block into one letter of the nautical alphabet. Then they assemble each sign on a wooden frame. You can have your last name spelled out, Initials, the name of a special place, or like the sign above you can simply say “I love U”. 

My dad was born and raised on a South Carolina Beach. My mom moved there when she was a young teenager, they met and 40 years later their love is still going strong. They’ve lived on the beach and had a lakehouse at one point in my childhood. She is going to LOVE her customized nautical sign! Being on the water has always just been a way of life for us.


These signs are a fantastic conversation piece. They come in four sizes; large, medium, small and mini. Large is best for outdoors or a large room indoors. Medium is the most popular and is good inside and out. Smalls and minis are used indoors but can also brighten up a porch, boathouse, shed or smaller outdoor space. The height for each size is consistent. The length depends on the number of letters. 

Pamela would love to answer any question for customization, you can contact her here


Fashionable Cocktail Sneakers


Who ever said you have to wear stilletos to compliment your “evening attire” obviously NEVER wore stilletos! Why must we sacrifice comfort for style? Thanks to Cocktail Sneakers we don’t! These fashionable sneakers can take you from a little league game into a board meeting in style. 

Cocktail Sneakers are designed for every woman. 

Each sneaker, aptly named for chapters in women’s lives — Professional, Traveler, Weekender, Outsider and Occasion –showcases Cocktail Sneakers’ signature almond-shaped toe, delivering a soft, feminine silhouette while our deep heel cup and shock-absorbing insole provides both arch support and the comfort of an athletic shoe.

This perfect harmony was achieved through years of development. Founded in Marblehead, MA and designed in Brooklyn, NY, Cocktail Sneakers were wear-tested and brought to life by a team of talented women from around the globe. From a female-owned and operated factory, to all-female branding, design and development teams, Cocktail Sneakers was created by women, for women — riveted on a critical point of differentiation which is, “how do Cocktail Sneakers make you feel?”

Give Back

One of my favorite features of Cocktail Sneakers (besides the obvious comfort) is their support of Soles4Souls. Helping others is such an important part of humanity! We are all in this thing called life together – giving a gift of used shoes may not mean much to you, but it could mean the world to the recipient! Thank you Cocktail Sneakers for spreading the Love!

Get mom out of the stuffy uncomfortable shoes this Mothers Day with a pair of Cocktail Sneakers! She will thank you!



Ili New York Crossbody


For the on-the-go mom, the ili New York Crossbody Organizer is just the thing. This charming leather Crossbody bag is pleasing to the eye and gets down to business on the inside. It comes complete with multiple pockets, an adjustable strap, and a zippered enclosure. In addition, it features an RFID blocking liner that will keep your credit and debit cards secure inside. This Crossbody Organizer will hold just about anything that the special mom in your life could ever possibly want to store and it’s super stylish, to boot. 

This bag is the perfect gift for fashion-forward moms who like to come equipped for any possible situation. With as much storage space as this lovely crossbody organizer has, she’ll be prepared for anything.


Denise Cox Designs 

Gift a beautifully unique piece of jewelry to the one-of-a-kind mom in your life this Mother’s Day with Denise Cox Designs. Her charming line of jewelry focuses on purpose, unity, and harmony, all of which can be found in every mom’s day-to-day approach to life! These pieces are bold and exquisite, just like the special mom in your life. I especially love the Harmony Ring with Diamonds. It features a beautiful filigree design with diamond accents – the perfect combination of bold and classy, just like a strong mom. 

You can find so many more Mother’s Day ideas at Denise Cox Designs, as well. She has an impressive collection of rings, bracelets, and earrings to impress even the hard to buy for moms. They’re all beautiful and unique – the perfect accessories to complement your special mom’s style this Mother’s Day. 


Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips

It’s often been said that moms don’t want cleaning supplies or gadgets for Mothers Day. I’m here to tell you that it’s the truth. USUALLY. That being said, when I see something like Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips, I have to admit, it gets my attention. I have to stop and do a double-take. As a mom, laundry is part of my EVERYDAY life so I can honestly tell you that these would be a great gift for any mom. 

For one thing, they’re just so neat. I mean, they’re detergent strips! It’s an ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning powerhouse in a tiny, pre-measured strip of liquid-free detergent that just gets tossed in the wash. Why is this a great idea for a Mothers Day gift? Because it’s unique, it works, and it’s environmentally friendly. It doesn’t get better than that.  Another big plus is that these strips make doing laundry so easy, even the older kids can help out, and that’s really a gift, too, isn’t it? 
Need any more convincing? Check out these certifications!
  • Paraben-free
  • Phosphate-free
  • Biodegradable 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan


Homasy ColorMist Cool Mist Humidifier

If the mom in your life has dry skin, dry sinuses, or dry eyes, chances are, her home is too dry. The Homasy ColorMist Cool Mist Humidifier helps get extra moisture into the air along with the added bonus of diffusing essential oils while it does it! Now mom can enjoy a home with the correct humidity levels and a healthy dose of aromatherapy, as well. It also features whisper quiet operation, adjustable mist level, and even a built-in nightlight. 


JAWS: Just add water cleaning system

For the mom in your life that seems to always be cleaning something, give her the gift of an effective cleaning system that’s tough on household cleaning chores and easy on the environment with JAWS, the Just Add Water System. Made with environmentally-friendly ingredients, JAWS uses a refill, reload, and reuse system in which you simply get a refill for your existing JAWS spray bottle, add water, and clean. 

We love the kitchen, glass, hardwood, shower, and granite cleaners along with their disinfectant, and we think the mom in your life will, too. To make the gift even more special, why not do a little of that cleaning for her! 😉 


 Studio L Jewelry 

Studio L Jewelry, launched by Jewelry Connoisseur and Entrepreneur Liora Elhanani, delivers elegant light-weight handmade pieces inspired by the essence of The Holy Land, a sacred area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in the modern State of Israel and surrounding landmarks, representing longevity, valiantness, and grace. 

You’ll find necklaces, earrings, jewelry sets, and many bracelets to choose from. From dainty to chunky, the sophisticated pieces at Studio L are distinctively created for a unique appearance that complements personal style and fashion. 

Jewelry is always a great gift option for Mother’s Day. Especially the Claire 24K Gold Wire Bracelet from Studio Jewelry. Show that special mom in your life how much she means to you with a lovely 24K gold bracelet made up of multiple wire rings. It’s an elegant piece that’s perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. 


InstaExtras Instant  Pot Accessories

For the woman who just loves her Instant Pot, you can’t go wrong with these gift ideas from InstaExtras. This silicone steam release diverter allows users to direct steam away from cabinets and walls, avoiding water damage over time. The premium silicone lid covers and seals the top of the inner pot for storage in the fridge or transport to special events or just the table. Finally, the silicone steamer basket makes it easy to steam and drain foods without a headache. Help your mom, wife, or other special mom in your life get the most out of her Instant Pot with these great accessories.


Keepsie Kits: The Works – Ultimate Sustainable Travel Kit

Moms who love travel and the environment will love The Works: Ultimate Sustainable Travel Kit from Keepsie Kits. This kit makes travel easier for the user and the environment by offering everything they need in one convenient travel kit that’s sustainably sourced and made. The kit is package-free by default, which means there’s no excess plastic or other packaging materials burdening the planet. In addition, the kit itself contains a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tablets, travel towel made from recycled plastics, reusable bamboo cutlery, and more. It’s all attractive, effective, and 100% sustainable. If your mom loves getting out and seeing the world while also taking care of it, this is the gift for her.


Rogers & Hollands

Calling all husbands, sons, and daughters. If you’re looking for the perfect show-stopping gift for your wife or mother, look no further than the Opal Pink Sapphire Diamond Pendant from Rogers & Hollands. Set in sterling silver with a cushion-cut created opal stone, a brilliant-cut created sapphire stone, and two diamond accents and attached to a whisper chain, this pendant is the perfect gift to give to the woman in your life who’s given you so much. Looking to go that extra mile? The Opal Pink Sapphire Diamond Pendant is complemented by an Opal Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring and Drop Twist Earrings to match!

Rogers & Hollands will continue to dazzle you with the latest trends in gold hoop earrings and pendants for any occasion. View the entire collection, here. 


VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser Set

What’s the one thing we all know about moms? They’re stressed out! Moms do so much, and all of that doing can make for stressful days, indeed. That’s why a VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser set makes the perfect Mothers Day gift. This set comes with a handsome woodgrain diffuser and six different essential oils including favorites like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. It’s the perfect gift for any mom who needs a bit of relaxation in her life. And we ALL do!


Iron in a Bottle from Tom and Sheri’s

Family-inspired, family-created and family-owned. Years ago, Sheri Eudaly gave up ironing and created a homemade spray that turned out to be a game changer – no more irons, no more hassle, and best of all…no more wrinkles. Her son Austin saw the global need for the product when friends kept stealing his, so in 2018 set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world. The goal? Perfecting a modern wrinkle-releaser that’s efficient, effective and plant-based (bonus: it smells great, too!). After several trial runs, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle was born.

 Ms. Sheri may just be my new favorite person! Ironing is hands down my least favorite chore but I hate spraying chemicals on my kids clothing just because I don’t want to iron… With purified water, a plant-based surfactant, natural quality control agents and a light linen fragrance made from essential oils of only the highest quality, what you see is what you get, and there are never any foreign or unpronounceable ingredients to look up. Iron in a Bottle is safe for even the most sensitive skin, so you can feel at peace using it for the entire family.

Organic wrinkle releaser

Mornings are so much more peaceful with Iron in a Bottle. The kids and hubs aren’t frustrated trying to find clothes that don’t need ironing and I’m not hiding hoping they’ll just iron it themselves. Any mom will thank you a thousand times over when she opens her package of Happy Water aka Iron in a Bottle. Go ahead and order one for everyone in the family – this is a gift mom won’t mind sharing!


Custom Pet Blanket from Cuddle Clones

Custom pet gifts

Every mama loves her human babies, but let’s face it – We are raising our human babies to one day leave us. Our fur babies however, they are here for the long haul! Our fur family will be there for us with an unconditional love after our offspring fly the coop! If your mom is a fur mama too, Cuddle Clones has a HUGE selection of unique gifts for this mothers day. Blankets, coffee mugs, phone cases, stuffed replicas of your fur baby, and MUCH MORE!

I just received this blanket and love cuddling under it at the end of the day when me and my hubby catch up! The custom art is spectacularly realistic and the warm fuzzy sherpa fleece makes it a perfect weight to use year round in the Carolinas! The custom pet blankets come in your choice of sizes, 50″ x 60″ or 60″ x 80″. 

You simply can not go wrong with a Custom Pet Blanket for the fur mommy this Mothers Day! Go here to check out the details and see the other gift options Cuddle Clones has to offer!


Pet Portraits from Andy’s Paw Prints

There are few things that warm a mama’s heart like our fur babies. Coming home to the unconditional love of our pets is just what the doctor orders after a day of work or tending to our human 🙂 babies! Our pets truly become a part of our family, so what better way to celebrate the joy they bring than by a beautiful portrait for Mothers Day! Andy’s Paw Prints makes some of the most stunning pet portraits I have seen!

We have quite the unusual pet. My animal loving daughter rescued a baby calve from her grandfathers farm. He was born with a Vitamin A deficiency and blind. He couldn’t find his cow mama to eat and was going down hill fast, so my sweet girl adopted him. After MANY long hours and months of nurturing and LOTS of LOVE, our “little calve” is living a Kings life on our farm (and he regained his sight after finding the right medication!). Meet our baby… Sammy!

Andy’s Paw Prints Facebook Page

Is that not stunning! Andy’s Paw Prints captured the heart and soul of our favorite little guy. The attention to detail makes it look like he is about to step out of the canvas. We don’t talk about it, but when Sammy leaves us, we will have this portrait to remember the many snuggles and games of chase. If you are looking for a gift for your pet loving mom, contact Andy’s Paw Prints for a custom pet portrait. I promise, mom will thank you!



Fuzzy Robe with Pockets from 3Wishes

Fuzzy Robe

Slipping into a cozy fuzzy robe after a long days work is a calming therapy for me. It speaks peace to my soul to be able to be home and comfortable with my peeps!  This robe from 3Wishes is beyond cozy and I love the fact it has two pockets, because let’s face it, even when we’re relaxing at home we need our phones… I like to keep mine on my person so I can listen to my favorite tunes as I go about my business.

3Wishes offers a large variety of lingerie. If you are looking for something for your significant other this Mothers Day, head on over here! Rather you are looking for comfort or play, 3Wishes has you covered!


Ultra Comfy Throw Blanket

Soft comfy blankets have a way of making a space feel like home. I love keeping throw blankets in our family room to snuggle under for family movie night. These buffalo check throws from Good Manors Living will make a fantastic gift this Mothers Day!

This classic buffalo check plaid blanket makes the perfect design accent for a chair, couch or bed. The throw blanket is not too large or bulky, it can even be worn as a shawl or shoulder wrap!

Gently, woven of long lasting, skin-friendly, super soft acrylic this throw blanket is conveniently machine washable and dryable (for extended life wash only when needed). Colorfast dies are resistant to fading. You’ll love this warm, cozy throw blanket and will be amazed by its quality and value.

You’ll love this warm, cozy throw blanket and will be amazed by its quality and value. This throw blanket comes in gift-ready packaging and is great gift idea for Mothers Day!


Fashionable Glasses from

Sunglasses for MOM is the leading online eyewear retailer. Offering a variety of high-quality designer and house brands in a wide-range of styles – single vision glasses, progressives, sunglasses, and more – was built on the belief that purchasing eyewear shouldn’t break the bank and is on a mission to change the way consumers purchase eyewear.
With over thousands of styles and all the brands you love, we are sure you will find the perfect gift for Mother’s day. To help you make the decision, you can use the Virtual Try-On which uses augmented reality to allow you to upload an image and see how each frame looks on you.

Modern Match Lingerie


Comfortable undergarments are a necessity for todays mom! With all of the hustle and bustle of the modern age we are in, who has time to tug at underwire? Modern Match Lingerie has some of the most comfy (and quite beautiful) bras and underwear you will find anywhere!

Modern Match was created to disrupt the lingerie industry, and shake up the status quo. They make lingerie for women, by women. Their lingerie is designed to make you feel powerful and strong, for yourself and no one else!

Their mission is to support you and help you step into your superpower.

Meet your new favorite T-Shirt bra with a sensual feel! Maintain your natural shape with ultra-thin stretch memory foam cups for body-hugging comfort, this style creates a smooth silhouette for every outfit! Classic meets modern elegance with the lace band without compromising on comfort. This bra gives you the most shape and definition out of all our styles.

If you can’t decide which one to order for your mama, get her a gift card and let her do her own shopping! We mama’s don’t mind shopping on someone elses dime every once in a while!


Everyday Tote from Groovy Girls Gifts

Fashionable Bags for Mom

I may or may not have a slight obsession with ultra fashionable bags. I may. Ok – I’m completely obsessed and we may have to build on another wing to our house to store them. 🙂 A good everyday tote is an essential for moms these days. We have to be prepared with first aid kits, water bottles, hand sanitizer, snacks… EVERYTHING! This ultra cute roomy Everyday Tote from Groovy Girl Gifts is my new go to bag! It’s incredibly stylish and has room for all of our “essentials”.

This ultra-spacious Canvas Tote Handbag can effortlessly carry everything you need when you’re headed out for the day. With double top handles and an adjustable strap, you’ll get a comfortable carrying position whether you go hands free or not. It also features an exterior front pocket and interior zippered compartments to stash your essentials, all within a zippered closure for security and easy access. Whether you’re headed to work, the gym, or a weekend getaway, this canvas bag is the perfect choice for toting your essentials on the go.

Be sure and let Groovy Girl Gifts know that we sent you!


Sienna Sport Sandals from Viakix

Sporty sandals

I learned along time ago that if my “platform” is unkept I will not be moving very well. Your feet determine where you go and how quickly you can get there! Therefore, we must pamper them the way they deserve! The Siena Sport Sandals from Viakix are ultra comfy and add support just where we need it!

Viakix uses a proprietary arch stabilizer technology to provide an ergonomically designed insole with contoured arch support. The Siena sandal has a thick comfortable EVA foam midsole, providing more cushioning and less stress on the joints.  The Sienas are made with soft, stretchy textile webbing that conforms to the curves of your foot. All of the Viakix sandals are designed to provide that cozy, comfortable, satisfying fit.  These sandals have an adjustable strap around the ankle to customize to your needs. 

I can attest, any mama on your list will give a BIG Thank You once she slips her tired feet in these sandals! Get where You’re gong in style – With Viakix!


Personalized Maps from Point Two Design

Personalized Maps for Mom

My sweet husband is very much an explorer at heart and throughout our two and a half decades together, I have adopted a bit of his love for travel. Our love of travel has blossomed into a love of maps. We love checking off states in the Continental US as we visit them (only 4 more to go – YAY!).  Just recently I have started a “wall of maps” in our family room. I’m including maps of our favorite places. Point Two Design has come to the rescue in a MAJOR way! 

You can use their pre-designed maps or you can personalize your own!  Tell your family’s story with the cities that hold your most memorable adventures. Frame the cities where you grew up, fell in love, went to school or started your family.  With hundreds of beautifully designed maps to choose from or by making your custom custom design, you can add any city or town into your decor. Design your own city map with just a few clicks and create a truly unique piece of art with your own personalizations. Build a map of any city or town in the world and build a wall art collection of all of the places that are special parts of your past and present.

These maps will be a constant reminder of where you have been and where you want to go! Go HERE and get yours ordered today!



Hair Scrunchies from Celestial Silk

Silk scrunchies

My daughter and I both have long hair that stays pulled back a majority of the time. We can attest these scrunchies from Celestial Silk are absolutely wonderful!  We may or may not continually steal each others from our hair drawers. 🙂  Mulberry silk scrunchies keep all hair types healthier and more manageable by reducing the friction that leads to frizz, breakage and hair loss. 

Celestial Silk hair ties are more comfortable than normal hair ties and they help prevent hair creases. Not just practical – silk is always elegant. A touch of silk adds a little luxury and subtle glamour to everyday hair care routines.

This 3 Piece Silk Scrunchy Set Includes: Charcoal, Ivory and Pink.  Celestial Silk hair ties are made with 100% grade 6A mulberry silk.