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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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All-In-One Painting Kit from Art Studio Live


If you have a creative family, who enjoys doing projects together, Art Studio Live is a one stop shop! My sweet daughter is quite the  budding artist and is teaching me quite a bit with different techniques. This Art Studio Live kit would be a wonderful gift (hint… hint…) for this mama heart. It gives me beautiful original artwork and sweet quality time together, which is priceless!

They have structured their step-by-step videos for all skill levels, from absolute beginner to intermediate artist.  You select your art from our online library of instructional videos and begin creating your own painting as you choose to paint flowers, still life, landscape, animals, etc.  Art Studio Live has structured this paint kit for both adults and kids to join in the fun!

You can go HERE to view the different packages they offer and to learn more! I promise this gift will keep giving year after year – Every time mom passes her beautiful painting it will bring memories of the creation of the painting flooding back! 



KT Recovery + Wave

Electromagnetic Pain Relief

electromagnetic pain relief

Does mom suffer with pain? If so, KT Tape has got you covered this Mothers Day! It’s hard to function and wear the many hats moms wear when in pain. Give mama the gift of being pain free NATURALLY! 

The new KT Recovery+ Wave ™ is a breakthrough in drug-free pain relief. KT Tape has taken clinically proven electromagnetic therapy from the clinician’s office and brought it to you as an easy to use and portable FDA cleared device. What was once an expensive, bulky clinical and sports therapy treatment is now lightweight, discreet, and wearable – to go wherever you go. 

Key Features:

  • Produces sensation-free electromagnetic waves – modulating nerve activity to provide pain relief
  • Reduces pain in tissue and joints associated with soreness, sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal injuries
  • Designed to decrease pain to help improve sleep, physical activity, and quality of life

Head on over to KT Tape to learn more!



Flippy Tablet Pillow

Tablet Stand

The technology age we live brings so many gifting opportunities. Chargers, cases, stickers, etc… we are always needing a new accessory for our many smart devices! I’m totally “flipping” out 😉 over my latest discovery – The Flippy! 

Flippy is available in so many colors and patterns, and one version comes with internal storage for cords and glasses. It also comes in full and mini tablet/book sizes and has three different sides for different angles for display positions. Flippy is designed for sitting or reclining, standing – great for workers, students, cooks, and gamers – and puts your comfort first, with no “tech neck.” It weighs mere ounces and has no moving parts to break. Sales proceeds also help support the literacy non profit First It is made by Happy Products, Inc., a certified women owned business.

The Flippy tablet stand makes it easier to multi-task, which is a necessity for any mom! Use it to keep your recipe handy while fixing a meal, keep your phone steady while you have face to face calls, and so much more!  My daughter is already trying to stake her claims on my newest Flippy…  You simply can not go wrong getting mom a Flippy for Mothers Day! While you’re ordering, go ahead and add one for your self – you can thank me later!



Keep Germs Away with a Bag Hanger from Clipa

Bag Hanger

The Clipa 2 is a sleek ring that automatically opens into a bag hanger: it extends bag life while preventing contact with viruses, bacteria, germs, water, and dirt Simply open either end and instantly hold up to 33 lbs. in just a half an inch of space from just about any vertical or horizontal space. Great for grocery carts and hanging restaurant carry out from car headrest posts in cars.  7 finishes to complement handbag hardware, it hangs bags from airplane lavatory handles, stall and cubicle walls, sinks, and doors missing a coat hook. Even works on rails! Tested to last 10 years, won’t tarnish and its backed with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty.  1.6 oz. 3” diameter. Gift boxed with idea guide inside. MSRP: $15.99., US shipping is always free and there’s  no minimum.


Dry Erase Spray Marker

Whether Mom is an executive or a stay-at-home parent, she’s familiar with whiteboards and the boring, old markers used on them. But now there’s Spray Erase, the erasable spray paint designed especially for dryerase boards and even glass! Available in red, blue, black and green, and cleverly designed to look like giant-sized markers, Spray Erase works just like regular spray paint, letting her fill big expanses of whiteboards with color, or use stencils to give messages, lessons and presentations extra impact.

I plan to use these in my Sunday School class. This mama is NOT an artist! Being able to give a visual to the kids as I teach is going to be fantastic! The sky is the limit with these Spray Erase paint. I homeschooled my son and these would have been so much fun for him to use during arts and crafts!

Go HERE and order these for mom!