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Weighted Blanket from Magic Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been super trendy lately and would make a luxurious and unique gift for adults, teens, and kids. The original design from Magic Weighted Blanket has been scientifically proven to help ease anxiety and add a sense of calm through a process called Deep Pressure Therapy. 

The Magic Weighted Blanket is special compared to other weighted blankets because they have been made in America since 1998, come with a lifetime warranty, are designed with an attached duvet cover, and are completely machine washable.

Magic Weighted Blankets are designed with a pocketed inner liner to evenly distribute the weight across your entire body, creating the sensation of being hugged by your blanket.  This hugging sensation is known as Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) and research has shown that weighted blankets can help everyone – even people with anxiety, autism, PTSD, and sensory processing disorders – relax and fall asleep more easily.


Dough Bowl Farmhouse Candle from LightScapes

To me, there is something almost therapeutic about the gentle flicker of a candle. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed lighting a candle seems to help the stress melt away! With so many options of cute candles and scents – this is a definite go to gift for most ladies! I have recently fallen in love with the candles from LightScapes.

You don’t need to worry about making your home beautiful and smelling amazing. These country, rustic, classic farmhouse dough bowl candles do all the work for you, they come in 3 different bread fragrances: Herb Focaccia, Cinnamon Bun, Cranberry Scone. They smell simply divine – I have mine in my kitchen and everyone who has come over comments on the lovely aroma. Enjoy the scents of the season then use the empty dough bowl as farmhouse decor ~ a 2 in 1 decor piece!


Therapedic SleepRX Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Give the best gift ever, that of a wonderful night’s sleep!  If you suffer from sleepless nights, you will understand how priceless good rest really is.  With the Therapedic SleepRX Memory Foam Mattress Topper you will be so cozy because of the quilted mattress pad of Suprelle Cool Night fibers, and the 2 inch gel memory foam that will relieve pressure points and provide great comfort.  This mattress topper is made here in the US and adds an extra layer of comfort to your mattress.  It is the perfect sleep upgrade without having to get a new mattress.  You will love the comfort, as well as the fact you can toss it into the wash to keep you cool and clean!

My daughter just got a new queen mattress, but just the regular type.  Now she is sleeping in paradise with this Therapedic SleepRX Memory Foam Mattress!  She said her bed is so much more comfortable, and she sleeps great with this topper.  Therefore grab one for your family and friends, and give them all sweet dreams and perfect rest.


Succulent Plush Pillow from Green Philosophy Co.

Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? Look no further – they’ll be delighted by these unique, fun designs from Green Philosophy Co.  The simple, versatile designs let you showcase your love of nature while fitting right into your home.  Every Green Philosophy Co. design is inspired by a specific plant.

Black Friday Weekend Deals: 
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This Big Pop Blush Peach pillow is the finishing touch to my daughters bed. It’s soft enough to cuddle as she falls asleep and pretty enough to be the crowning jewel of her bed! These will make a darling addition to any room or porch!


Bathtub Caddy & Bed Tray from Elite Creations

WHY NOT LIVE LIKE A STAR? You deserve it! Hang a “do not disturb sign on your door”, and silence the world outside. From bath to bed time this is the only Tray you need. Expands up to 42.5″ to fit any size tub and with height adjustable foldable legs transforms easily to a bed tray for the ultimate comfort. Includes 2 side trays.

My son broke his leg playing soccer a couple of weeks ago and this tray is making his life SO much easier! He’s used it to do school virtually, complete homework, and eat his meals. The quality on this caddy is second to none. The legs pop out to support his books and he has used it multiple times in the recliner without the legs extended – it works perfect both ways!

This bath caddy and bed tray was an early Christmas gift for our home and we are so thankful!


“Sister” Cozy Blanket from ButterTree


Tears of Joy Guaranteed. Tissues Not Included. Forever Your Sister, Always Your Friend: Celebrate the bond you share with luxurious comfort and a beautiful design with sayings of sisterhood. Made with super soft fleece to feel like a warm hug, our throw blanket is a gift you’ll be proud to give and one she’ll cherish forever.  Quality Is In The Details: At ButterTree, they do NOT use digital print for design transfer, they use an advanced dye process that fully blends the colors with individual fibers. This ensures a high-definition design that won’t fade or bleed.

Your time together is the greatest gift… this Blanket Is the next best thing! A sentimental big sister gift from brother or any sibling. No present says I Love You Sis more than this plush gift blanket that says it all.


Chirpwood Paint by Shadows Kits

Chirpwood Paint by Shadows kits are “everything Paint by Numbers is…and everything Paint by Numbers isn’t. It is a perfect alternative to coloring with paint. It is just as easy and gives better, quicker results. But if you want to learn a bit about acrylic painting, Paint by Shadows® kits are “training wheels for the beginning painter.” The included simple instructions along with Chirpwood’s online tutorial videos make a beginners’ first experience a good one. In addition, the value is amazing. There are six—count ‘em—six canvases, three brushes, 24 tubes of paint, and six guide images in each kit for a price of $45. Add Chirpwood’s patented TwoStick frame for $23 dollars and you have a perfect holiday art kit. Follow Chirpwood on YouTube and take advantage of all of the amazing video tutorials!


FinaMill Spice Grinder 

Few things in life have the power to bring together people like food.  A delicious, well-prepared meal can bring us together, make us forget about life’s problems and foster connections with the people who matter the most.  A great gift this holiday season is FinaMill, the world’s first spice grinder with interchangeable pods.  You fill the pods with fresh, whole spices, click the pod into your FinaMill and easily grind spices at the touch of a button.  Because your spices are in different pods, there’s no cross-flavor contamination.  When you taste your meal with delicious, freshly ground whole spices, you will never go back to pre-ground spices.  FinaMill is cordless, battery-operated, looks beautiful on your kitchen countertop and it is easy to use.  Available in three beautiful colors, FinaMill is a great hostess and holiday gift or a present for anyone who loves to cook.  Shop November 8 through November 25 and receive 20% off the entire line of products.  Save 33% on FinaMill and accessories and 50% off spices if you shop Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.


3-Tiered Serving Trays

The next few months brings LOTS of get-togethers with family and friends… which means LOTS of food! I love to display food creatively when we have a Christmas party. These tiered shelves are going to make elegant table decor a snap! With 3 x-large plates this serving platter set offers ample room to present a larger selection of mouthwatering goodies. It is designed with a raised rim that can be used to serve everything from cupcakes, cookies, biscuits to fruit and cheeses. The removable rectangular plates nestle in the portable and foldable metal stand for easy storage.

No assembly required, just unfold the legs of each metal stand. The unique design will lock the legs in place, creating a strong and reliable structure. The frames and plates stack fitting easily into compact spaces while not in use. LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW – Make any party a grand affair with this modern, refined and versatile design. The three separate tiers allow you to create a variety of table settings to accommodate your imagination and heart’s desire.


Willow & Grace Designs Floating Shelves

The holidays are the perfect occasion to think how to redecorate and organize your rooms. If you are looking for premium floating wall shelves, then you shouldn’t miss Willow & Grace Design solutions. You can effortlessly organize your space thanks to the Willow & Grace Designs Floating Shelves that feature a smart-bracket installation system. Besides, the product offers a successful combination between classic and modern style, adding a luxurious flair to your interiors and the rustic touch.

Willow & Grace Design is a family-owned company that values the customers’ opinions and identifies solutions to their space design problems. Therefore, they guarantee top quality by adding extra attention to details, form, and function. You can decorate your rooms without worries, using these shelves that can securely hold up to 40 lbs.

Buy it HERE and bring your space a new vibe with innovative decor solutions!


Bags + Stella

What do you do when you need to elevate your mood and environment?

Since I discovered Bags + Stella brand, I was amazed to discover how such simple products can help me freshen my room and fill me up with energy.

Bags + Stella take the boho chic style to the next level, offering a distinctive California look. They offer home decor and accents for your daily indulgence. You can easily fall in love with the brand’s scented candles, room diffusers, or bath salt. You can effortlessly customize your home experience with elegance and charm. 

Check Bags + Stella one-stop shop whenever you need a touch of style for your space or want to make a durable and unique gift to someone you care about!


Vegan Leather Mat from Wander & Roam

One of the best part of being a kid – is just being a kid. Playing with markers, blocks, making crafts, painting, picnics, and DIRT are all staples to a happy childhood (in my opinion 🙂 ). The folks at Wander & Roam realize that being a kid sometimes means there may be a mess involved and they have the solution – Vegan Leather Mats!

These mats are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & easy to clean…use for play, yoga, and everything in between! These mats are perfect to pack in the car for a day at the park, beach trips, or “project day” at home that may involve painting.  To preserve the life of your printed mat, use extra caution when folding or cleaning, and be sure to avoid sharp objects or heavy furniture as the ink may scratch or crack.

Head on over and choose the perfect design for your mat!


Children’s Joggling Board from The Joggle Factory

In Collaboration with Lowcountry Autism Foundation

Have you ever experienced “Southern Hospitality”? If you haven’t – you are MISSING OUT! Being from the South, I may be a tad bit bias, but there is no better place to live on earth! People smile walking down the street, you are often greeted with “How ya’ doing” by perfect strangers, yes ma’am and thank you are everyday terms, and we just generally enjoy simple things in life.

The Joggle Factory has perfected Southern Hospitality in one product! Here in the South we like to use our porches for socializing and unwinding after a long day. A good joggle board is the PERFECT way to unwind! 

One thing that made me fall in love with this company even more is this children’s joggle board that supports a cause near and dear to my heart – Autism. Proceeds from the sale of each children’s joggle board goes to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation!

The quality is superb and assembly is a snap! This would make a PERFECT gift for the expectant parents or a “First Christmas” for your little one. It is a gift that will grow with your child, can be passed down for generations, and will benefit a great cause!


Moroccan Blanket from Verve CULTURE

There is something about this season that shouts comfy blankets, bonfires, and Christmas music to me! These Moroccan blankets from Verve are absolutely STUNNING! The tassels add just the right sophistication to make these great to use and to throw over the chair or couch when not in use.

I had originally thought I would gift this blanket to my mom for Christmas… sorry if you’re reading this mom… NOT going to happen. 🙂 Like all other Moroccan blankets, the more “love” you show it – the softer it gets! I love cuddling up under my blanket at the end of the day while my husband channel surfs for hours  watches a tv show that we mutually agree on… 

You simply cannot go wrong by gifting one of these beautiful blankets. Get yours ordered today!


Relaxation Lamp from ALLAY

The Allay Lamp is a unique lamp that uses a narrow band of green light to calm the brain, promote sleep and relieve headache pain, all without relying on medication! Invented by a Harvard medical school professor and neurologist, it’s the ideal solution for many of us who are very much in need of a good night sleep or are struggling with headaches and migraines. Allay’s patented glow naturally soothes the brain reducing stress, anxiety and headaches. 

We have already put our Allay Lamp to work! Between the stress of school, Covid, sports, and life in general – my daughter is feeling the squeeze. This lamp is helping to calm her nerves and get a better nights rest. I love the fact that she can improve her sleep without going on medication. 

This would be a FANTASTIC gift for pregnant or new moms – because if anyone suffers from sleep deprivation … it’s new moms! You can go HERE to learn more and order your Allay Lamp now!



Maple Table Cloth

This holiday season forget about the typical gifts for your guests and family members. Offer them something unique that they will love and keep them talking after the Christmas dinner. Offer them a Maple Table Cloth that fits any table and is made of high-quality materials. Loom & Table offers this product as affordable prices. The company aims to eliminate the hassle of finding an appropriate gift for Christmas and offer a myriad of styles of prints.

In case you aren’t sure on which style will fit your guests’ style, then you can choose the gift cards available on the website. Loom & Table is a family-owned business that takes quality and heritage to the next level. Therefore, the producer uses the finest fibers and premium polyester to create durable and easy-care products. Put your bets on this choice and you’ll be a winner!



Sherpa Bamboo Knit Throw

What’s one of the first feelings that embrace you together with autumn? When I think of the chilly nights and short days, all I would like to do (hopefully, it’s not just me getting this feeling) is staying in bed with a plush and comfortable knit and watching my favorite movies together with my better half. But, what if I told you that you can do this in a eco-conscious way and you can use products that can keep you warm, give a homie feeling, but also support ethical and sustainable production practices? Cariloha has all these aspects covered and more.

The Sherpa Bamboo Knit Throw is one of Cariloha’s sustainable products made of eco-friendly materials. The viscose bamboo makes this bedding softer than cotton, while being highly breathable, as well. Apart its luxurious design, this knit is one of the plushest and comfiest I have ever tried. If you care about someone’s health and comfort, you can offer this blanket as an anniversary, gift, or birthday gift. It’s impossible to go wrong with this choice whether you do it for you or for someone you love!



Candle Set from The Copper Bell

The only thing I love more than a flickering candle is a flickering candle with a clever name! The Copper Bell has delightfully scented candles with darling names!  This set of soy candles come in a gift box wrapped with a bow – ready to put under your tree!

The Fall Sample Set comes with 6 absolutely wonderfully scented candles:

  1. All You Knead is Loaf – apple cinnamon loaf
  2. Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About – pumpkin caramel latte
  3. In-Cider Information – mulled apples, autumn leaves, musk
  4. Pear Pressure – pear, riesling, pine
  5. The Snuggle is Real – cozy blanket
  6. Up in Smoke – sweet tobacco leaf, sandalwood, musk

I would love to tell you what my favorite scent is … but they all smell so yummy I can’t choose just one!

Most candles from big box stores are made with paraffin wax – an oil byproduct – that can result in unfortunate side effects like headaches. Katrina at The Copper Bell started exploring soy wax as an alternative and never looked back. Soy burns longer and cleaner than it’s paraffin counterpart.

These soy candles will make the perfect gift for any candle-lover on your list and Katrina makes it super simple – order from the comfort of your home and receive a gift wrapped box of goodness!


Home Decor Delivered to your Door from Decocrated

Give the gift that keeps giving all year long for your decorating lovers with home decor subscription box! There is something beyond exciting about receiving a package addressed to you – regardless of your age! Decocrated gives us a box of goodness to dress our home in every quarter!

Each box comes with 6-8 seasonally inspired pieces. I just received the fall box and fell more in love with each piece that I unboxed. My mantle looks cozy and inviting with the warm fall colors! I was shocked at the quality of each piece. 

If you have a home decor lover – this home decor subscription box will be an INSTANT hit!


Personalized Gifts from The Book of Everyone

Save 10% with code:  THISLADYBLOGS10

Do you have a memory box? You know the box… the one where tickets from “the” movie or the program from graduation… the box where we stash our “Memories”. I have several; one from when me and my sweet man were dating, one for each of my kids when they were babies, one for… you get the idea. We keep our memories stashed away to pull out and reminisce over. The Book of Everyone has created a way to keep our memories front and center!

Whether your memories are of; milestones, romantic getaways, graduations, or that funny thing that you’ll never forget, The Book of Everyone has a special way to commemorate the memory!

I chose a map with two special places highlighted. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of both the map and the frame!  My husband is a dreamer and he LOVES to travel and help people. This personalized map is a sweet reminder that when we said “I do” we became a team. Wherever we go – it will be together – making memories all along the way!



If you have someone on your shopping list that is hard of hearing – look no farther! ZVOX has got you covered with this TV speaker!

My father in law is all but deaf. Watching TV used to be an absolute chore – we love him but whew, he would have the TV maxxed out and he still couldn’t hear it. Meanwhile, we couldn’t carry on a conversation in the other room! ZVOX has saved us!


ZVOX uses hearing aid technology to get the sound out from under the TV and distribute it into the room and it works! No more TV blasting at max volume during family gatherings. He can watch his favorite show in the den while we play games or chit chat in the dining room – and we can ALL hear what we each other!

Some other great features of this TV Speaker include:

  • Includes new SuperVoice technology to reduce distracting background sounds.
  • Three 2″x3” high-output full-range speakers.
  • 24 watt Class D digital amplifier.
  • Dolby™ Digital decoding.
  • PhaseCue virtual surround delivers room-filling 3D sound from one small cabinet.
  • New remote control uses large buttons with easy to read labels.
  • One optical digital toslink, input, one 3.5mm analog.
  • One headphone/subwoofer output jack.
  • Bright, Easy to read Alphanumeric display.
  • Can be used on furniture or wall mounted.
  • Dimensions: 17″w x 3 3/8″d x 2 7/8″h – 2.8 lbs (3.1 lbs with power supply cord)

Give the entire family a gift this year when you give this TV Speaker from ZVOX!


Custom Photo Blanket from Flashprint Designs

Are you looking for a personal gift for your loved one who has everything? Flashprint Designs has the PERFECT gift to wrap up under the tree – a Custom Personalized snuggly blanket! Flashprint Designs has wonderful quality at a fabulous price!

I absolutely adore these personalized blankets! My sweet daughter has a pet cow… yes a big sweet bull is her pet. She loves him and he loves her – he was born with little chance of living and she was depressed due to Covid keeping her home from school. They saved each other! She is going to ABSOLUTELY flip when she opens her personalized blanket this Christmas!

I got the perfect picture of “Sammy” giving my sweet girl a kiss or as she likes to refer to – “Soogars”. This is a momento that will last forever – a sweet reminder to never give up on someone (or something) that you love!

Go HERE and check out the MANY Personalized gifts Flashprint Designs has to offer… socks, scarves, blankets… they have it all! Make this Christmas personal!



Bamboo Lap Desk

Could you imagine how a 4-in-1 desk could look like? Emerging Green created a desk that can serve as a tray table for bed or chair to eat, lap desk with legs, low table for sitting on the floor, or folding table. But, wait! There’ more! This product is made of 70% environmentally friendly materials that guarantee good quality and safety.

Why can this Bamboo Lap Desk can be an excellent buy? First, its flat folding design makes it space efficient. You can store it anywhere you need. Secondly, it is not only versatile, but also aesthetic. It has a minimalist design, showcasing a superb craftsmanship. Therefore, it will look good in the living room, bedroom, office, or on the terrace. Finally, you shouldn’t forget that bamboo is 3 times stronger than timber. So, it’s definitely worth the investment! I think I already found a place for it in my living room!


Personalized Gift Card from GiftCard Granny

We ALL have that one person (at least one person – I have 4!) – you know the one. That person that you dread buying for every year. Not because you don’t love them and appreciate them… but because they have EVERYTHING and TWO of some things! Gift Card Granny has heard our cries and delivered us a gift that will never fail! Personalized Gift Cards! (Why didn’t I think of that?!?)

Imagine sharing that family photo or old inside joke memory on a custom and usable gift! Not just bringing a smile to their face, you may even get a call or text right away thanking you for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift card. A gift so nice, they would even keep the gift card as a keepsake forever. Better yet, if you choose to send a virtual Visa eGift card or Mastercard eGift card, your gift is sent instantly via email – no need to wait for printing or physical postage and waste!

The process is beyond simple! You simply upload the image you want on the gift card, select the amount you want on the card, submit your order, and wait for the gift card to come via mail! So beyond simple and it’s a gift ANYONE will appreciate!

Try it today, the Build-a-Card by Gift Card Granny.


GIGI Building Bloks

I remember as a little girl making castles out of cardboard boxes and sheets – I felt like a queen (pun totally intended 🙂 ). I can only imagine the fun I would have had with these super fun Gigi Bloks! It never failed as I was building the sheet would fall (or my brother would give them a shove) and tear down my handiwork. We won’t discuss what ensued after a brother destroys a queens castle… ahem.

I can’t wait to build my niece her own Gigi Blok Castle and I will gladly be the guardswoman over the castle. No little brothers will destroy this castle!


These building bloks feature interlocking design like many of the smaller building blocks on the market. Gigi’s is built out of sturdy cardboard and snaps together so you don’t have to worry about a younger sibling or pet bumping them and knocking over your work of art!

Children’s imaginations have always marveled me – the sky is truly the limit. Whether you are building a castle, a dragon, or a car wash Gig’s takes it to the next level of fun!


Doctor Who Coding Kit

If you have a budding techie on your Christmas list, the HiFive Inventor Coding Kit needs to be under your tree this year! 

The BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor Coding Kit makes coding fun and easy:
  • HiFive Inventor mini-computer
  • Doctor Who and Tynker coding lessons
  • Thousands of activities and challenges
  • External speaker
  • Light up USB LED cable
  • External battery pack
  • Alligator clips


The HiFive Inventor is a hand-shaped programmable coding board for kids, with guided lessons voiced by The Doctor herself, Jodie Whitaker. The board is an educational and fun way to learn to code for ages 7 and up, using lessons by online learning leader, Tynker and powered by SiFive.

  • This is the first programmable mini-computer for kids designed around the Iot. SiFive, the BBC and Tynker aim to provide engaging STEM education to the next generation of coders to unlock the future potential of the IoT. Unlike other kids coding kits – the HiFive inventor offers limitless opportunities to continue learning to code.
  • The HiFive Inventor includes a robust SiFive open-source RISC-V processor, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, an onboard suite of sensors, illuminated USB cable, and edge connectors.
  • The kit includes lessons for all ages, including block coding for early learners and MicroPython for advanced learners.
  • Coding lessons are set in the world of Doctor Who for game-based learning.


Cutting Board Volano

What would cooking look like without durable and qualitative appliances? While having a modern stove can do miracles for your dishes, you shouldn’t underestimate the cutting board’s importance. The amazing product from Berkel, will be your ally in the kitchen for slicing vegetables or portioning meat. Made of durable materials such as durmast, this product will impress you with its classical form and sturdiness.

Apart from helping you in your cooking activities, you can view this cutting board as a “classical piece of jewelry” that can become your legacy for future generations. With each use, you’ll leave a piece of taste and soul on it, that will inspire your kids and grandkids to experiment more. Besides, its size is ideal for both a beginner and advanced cook. With dimensions of just 395x200x25 millimeters, it will fit any corner of your kitchen without difficulties. Whether you buy it for yourself, or as a gift for someone you care about, you cannot go wrong with the Volano Cutting Board!



Fluff Co Down Blended Comforter

When it comes to comfort, no compromises should be allowed! You can experience the hotel luxury directly to your home thanks to Fluff Co. Enjoy your days in a cozy atmosphere with a super soft down blended comforter. Made with a combination of ethically sourced fibers and down, this comforter will make you feel like in a 5-star hotel. However, you should be warned! Once you buy it, getting out of bed becomes almost mission impossible.

This Down Blended Comforter is 100% made of cotton. The producer used a mix of high-quality materials such as the Sorona, which is a highly-breathable and plant-based material, and Down. What’s more, its generous sizing options make this duvet ideal for a queen or king-sized bed. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortunate to reach this level of luxury and pleasure. You deserve to feel comfortable at home!



Emergency Backup Lamp from inPOWERED Lights

Lamp Angel is bringing convenience into power outages! My daughter is terrified of losing power in the middle of the night, thankfully where we live it seldom happens. In the past I have left one of the battery powered click on lights on her night stand to ease her mind. inPowered Lights has solved our problem and they are doing it quite fashionably!

Each inPowered Light includes:

  • Emergency lighting during power outage
  • USB port charges mobile devices with or without electricity 
  • High quality base
  • 16-24 hours of continuous backup light
  • Rechargable LED emergency light 
  • Smart phone integration for remote operation

There are different lamp styles to choose from to meet everyone’s decor needs. I chose the Lamp Angel because of the shatterproof base because… well kids… need I say more? I know this lamp will help my daughter get a better nights sleep as storms roll in, which means this mama will sleep better too!



The Drape

Give the gift of a refreshed home with beautiful custom drapes that can turn any house into a home.  You pick the fabric, the style, and the size.  Then they make custom drapes for you and send them your way.  Whether you want to block light or to just add some charm, The Drape has the perfect curtains for you.  The quality and aesthetics will please everyone on your list, or just get some for your own house.  Go ahead you deserve it!

I chose the room darkening fabric and love them. The room darkener is a tonal textured fabric.  Once hung, the fabric has a lovely flowing aesthetic.  It is a triple woven construction assisting in blocking unwanted light.  This construction also works as a barrier around the window to keep the cold air out (or in if the AC is on). 



Personalized Star Trek Art Prints from SIJYL

Get your Star Trek lovers the gift of a lifetime from SIJYL! You can order art prints of your favorite Star Trek Characters, customized by the actor himself! You may never have to buy them another gift… like ever… after they unwrap these artistic prints!

You can ask your favorite actor to inscribe a CUSTOM message to a special someone on these high quality, unique art prints. I gifted one of my sons an autographed picture for his birthday one year and wow! It’s truly amazing to see your loved ones reaction when they get something directly from one of their favorite people!

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a friend with a witty inside joke as the inscription, or creating a unique piece of customized artwork to decorate your home office or man cave, each SIJYL you purchase is completely unique to you, thoughtfully signed by your favourite talent and is sure to be a conversation starter on your wall. 



Customized Maps from Point Two Design

Do you have an adventure taking, world exploring, travel loving friend or loved one on your Christmas list this year? I do – my sweet hubby LOVES traveling. In fact, he has 3 states to go and he will have visited all 50 in the continental US! I love to celebrate the places we’ve been with maps. I have two maps over our bed from Point Two Design and they are simply stunning!

Design your own city map with just a few clicks and create a truly unique piece of art with your own personalizations. Build a map of any city or town in the world and build a wall art collection of all of the places that are special parts of your past and present. These maps are a great way to celebrate your hometown, your favorite places you’ve travelled to, where you met your Special Someone, and the cities that tell your story! You can choose from 25 curated color combinations ( I chose sage and navy and it is gorgeous!). 

One of my favorite things about these particular personalized maps is that I could add a special message to your print for a truly customized art piece. Put a special phrase or a date to commemorate a special time with a special someone!

These will make great gifts for any newlyweds on your list as well! Give them a map of the city they were married in, where they met, or where they honeymooned! You give the gift that will bring a smile and fond memories when you give a gift from Point Two Design!



Blankets for Her from Elegear

Cooling blanket

As a mom who is headed down the proverbial hill, I feel like I can honestly say nights can sometimes be torture. I’ve come to that moment in time when I sweat like a pig perspire throughout the night and it’s no fun. If you have a mom or special lady in your life who suffers from “night sweats” this Cooling blanket from Elegear will be the only gift you need to get!

The top is a fabric woven with Arc-Chill cooling yarn, which can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate, so that your skin is dry and comfortable.  The bottom side is made of 100% cotton – so you know it’s cuddly and soft! The dual sides of this cooling blanket make it perfect for four seasons! 

Being able to toss this comfy blanket in the washing machine is another HUGE win for this mama! No trips to the laundromat and days without my cooling blanket!

Tie-Dye Blanket for Her

Every girl needs a “go-to” blanket that she can curl up with at home or on the go. This ultra soft blanket from Elegear is just that blanket!

The beautiful colors in each blanket are unique ~ each blanket ishandmade, so that the color and pattern of each blanket are different! These beautiful blankets can go from the crib to college. They are soft enough for baby to be snuggled in and big enough to cuddle up in at college on those nights when she’s missing home.

Each blanket is made of super comfortable flannel material, with Japanese Heatwarm +2℃ Technology. Making sure you stay toasty and warm on cold nights. Like moms cooling blanket above, this tie-dye blanket is machine washable!

You can go HERE and HERE to find out more about these fantastic throw blankets for your favorite girls this Christmas!


Fine Art Prints from Winter Museo

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for family and friends?  Winter Museo has reinvented the gallery shop to help you out. They offer everything art; from posters, gifts, souvenirs and stationery to limited edition fine art prints, each one hand signed by the artist.

I absolutely love the maps I have from them. I got a map of the capitol of the state I live in and one for a city that means a great deal to me and my husband. I can’t wait to get them framed and added to my map collection on my wall. I can’t emphasize how wonderful the quality is on the maps I have. If you have a fine arts collector or a travel lover on your Christmas list this year… Winter Museo can hook you up!


Candles from Buckeye Candle Co.

I’m not sure what it is about the Holiday season that is drawing ever near, but I crave seeing the flicker of candles more for the next three months than any other time of year. Seeing a candle burning just speaks cozy home to me. These candles from Buckeye Candle Co. are some of the most versatile candles you will find!

Buckeye Candle Co. boasts All Natural Handmade Soy Scented Candles in Mason Jars of and they smell absolutely heavenly. With several different scents to choose from – there is a candle for every lovely lady on your list! Go HERE and stock up now!



Elite Cotton Throw from Ameridown

There is nothing that screams cozy like a soft throw thrown over a chair to me. I love curling up after a long day with a soft afghan and catch up with my sweet hubby. 

The Elite Cotton Throw from Ameridown offers a light and airy layer for year around comfort. It is made from 100% cotton that is woven in a softly textured waffle-weave and is finished in accordance with strict Okeo-Tek Standards. You’ll love this blanket so much you will want one for every bed, sofa, and recliner in your home. 

Ameridown will be your one stop shop for all of your bedding and bath needs this Holiday season! Go here and stock up early!


Personalized Childrens Books from Wonderbly

Christmas Wishes for “You”

A Christmas story that never grows old

Written in charming rhyming verse, and with illustrations that transport you to a wintry wonderland, it’s the perfect story to share together every Christmas. Make it your new festive family tradition!

Choose four festive wishes for a child to discover under the tree. A spellbinding personalized Christmas book that teaches children the true meaning of the holidays. Perfect for ages 0 to 8.


ABC is for “You”

Supercharge your child’s learning journey with this amazingly personalized alphabet book, full of beautiful illustrations and hilarious characters.  Nothing beats the moment of wonder when a child realises the story is all about… them! Give a truly meaningful, memorable gift this year, that’s sure to be treasured for many marvelous Christmases to come.

Wonderbly has a huge variety of personalized books to excite every child! Go on magical journeys with your child each and every day as they become a character in their own story! Wonderbly is a must have for any child on your Christmas list! Whether you get the sturdy soft cover or hardcover books, they are sure to last a lifetime ~ along with the fun memories made while reading them!


Shape Bending Box from Shashibo

Looking for something to fidget with and stimulate your mind? You’re in the right place. Shashibo is a shape shifting box that transforms into over 70 shapes. Plus, with its strong magnet system you can combine several cubes to build even larger shapes, sculptures, and structures.

The thing I love most about Shashibo is that it gives families something to bond over. Kids and grandparents alike can gave a competition to see who can come up with different shapes. I love products that bring generations together and Shashibo does just that! What are you waiting for? Go HERE and order one for everyone in your family! Pop some popcorn and have a Shashibo party!


Candles from The Drunkin Candle Shop

My kids know if they ever need an idea for a gift for me… go to the candle shop. There is something so relaxing about seeing the gentle flicker of a candle as I wind down from the day.  The Drunkin Candle Shop has a variety of some cleverly named candles that will bring a chuckle to your Christmas get together! 

All of their candles are unique:


You can go HERE and learn about how The Drunkin Candle came to be and HERE to order some yummy smelling candles!


Care Packages from Cancer Care Parcel

There is nothing more tragic than childhood cancer. The “C” word is terrifying for anyone but unfathomable for a child. Cancer Care Parcel has some of the most precious gifts that can be shipped to not only children but anyone on your Christmas list that is fighting the battle to stay healthy and cancer the same time!

These care packages come with something fun to do while waiting in doctors offices or hospitals. They also have a variety of items to keep the patient comfy, like fuzzy socks, blankets, etc.  These gift packages are made to enable children (and adults) to take some of their worries away and bring some peace back into their lives.