Top Tips for Getting Through the Madness of the Adoption Process

As soon as you start the adoption process, you may be anxious to get your baby. There are a lot of steps that need to be completed before you can bring your baby home. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Be Prepared for the Wait

To receive approval for adoption, you may feel like you have to run through a gauntlet. There are background checks, home studies, and references to be checked before you get the seal of approval. Navigating all of this may pale in comparison to the waiting that lies ahead. Every time the phone rings, your first thought may be that your baby is ready. The ups and downs can be hard to handle. Be prepared to wait it out. Have something that can distract you from it.

Have the Nursery Ready

Keep the nursery simple. You don’t know the gender or background of the baby that you’re adopting. All a baby really needs is a warm and safe place to sleep. It may be hard to not completely go overboard with your decorating. This is how you’re expressing your love for a baby that you haven’t even met. You can always add more items after your baby has arrived. This will allow you to make the nursery something that’s meaningful to your new baby.

Develop a Support System

Friends and family are a vital part of helping you through the adoption process. They will also play an important role once you bring your baby home. Having a newborn is the same no matter how they come to you. There will be sleepless nights and more tasks than you have time to complete. A support structure will allow you to maintain your sanity during the wait and after the arrival of your baby. A strong support structure may even make you more attractive as adoptive parents.

Coordinate with the Agency

An adoption agency is your point of contact with potential birth parents. If an open adoption is something that is on the table, they can make all of the arrangements. You will need to develop the relationship with the birth parents. This may occur either through the agency or directly with them. Some birth parents may want to be a little more involved with the baby. This can mean that they come over for holidays and birthdays. Determine the extent of the relationship prior to the adoption being finalized.

The adoption process can seem like a whirlwind and then the calm after the storm. Be prepared with this tips so that you can survive it.

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