Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS & Android

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The mobile app industry strives to leave no stone unturned in perfecting the apps in the market. With small and big businesses competing in the app market to produce the best quality app for the consumers, the competition is quite hard. Every enterprise tries to remain updated on all the technological advancements made across the globe.  Statistics 2022 shows that more and more people are using applications to shop and buy online, invest, trade, and even make money online through applications thus giving business owners the advantage of getting more sales, click here to learn more.

Artificial Intelligence is the Key Technological Leap 

Considering the tremendous and everlasting impact of artificial intelligence in deriving businesses to the top of the competition, tech and industry giants like Amazon, Tinder, AirG, and eBay utilize this technology to remain on the top. Artificial intelligence is the most effective leap in technology, making the user experience more customized and close to real-life. 

An excellent user experience that is more customized than ever significantly elevates the popularity of the app developers, as reflected by users’ opinions, such as AirG product review. People love when their gadgets understand and connect to them in the most relatable ways. 

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 This article enlists some of the top functioning artificial intelligence apps for Android and iOS. Let us dig in and know more about them without further ado. 

Top AI Apps for Android and iOS 

1. Alexa by Amazon 

Alexa is probably one of the top well-known artificial intelligence apps worldwide. Developed and powered by Amazon, Alexa is its robotic artificial intelligence-enabled assistant, which operates in tandem with Amazon Echo. 

Alexa typically works as a virtual assistant that helps you access all the information in your gadget and plan and schedule things for you. It operates on speech recognition software that allows you to control several other Alexa-supported devices around your smart home, including home utilities, TV, tablets, wearable gadgets, and vehicles, from your phone. 

When you speak to Alexa, the spoken words are translated into text commands and utilize Wolfram language to answer your queries or fulfill your commands. Users are increasingly entrusting this AI app as it is becoming more of a necessity to live. Quarterly earnings from Alexa have helped Amazon achieve record-breaking success and yearly earnings. 

2. Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is another impressive AI-powered virtual assistant by Google. It is easily available on several smartphones and other gadgets. It can understand and handle commands in more than five languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Espanol, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, etc. 

Users can interact with Google Assistant via keyboard input other than speech recognition. This virtual assistant can help turn on your favorite music for you, search nearby restaurants preferred by you, or make calls. It primarily extracts all the information from Google to fulfill the command and perform its functions. Artificial intelligence is becoming our daily life partner, thanks to AI apps like these. 

3. ELSA 

ELSA is also an impressive AI-powered application that is a digital English language tutor. It helps users in learning or improving English pronunciation and conversation. The artificial intelligence technology in this app helps store your updated progress and lets you continue from where you left off. 

Also, ELSA’s AI technology gives accurate, timely evaluations on the progress of English language learning, which further helps make this app more effective than others. Unlike the previous two AI-powered apps listed above, ELSA is available for Android and iOS. 

4. e-Bay 

Nothing wins the hearts of potential customers other than accurately targeting them with what they want. E-bay is designed to do the same with users by utilizing artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, shopping software like e-bay can speed up searching for a product and ordering it by presenting the users with a comprehensive list of probable products. 

In addition to cutting down the searching time, the AI technology utilized by e-bay increases customers’ happiness by providing a customized purchasing experience. 

5. Hopper 

Booking hotels is a tedious task requiring loads of reviewing, comparing, and scanning for your preferences. Artificial intelligence has eased up this process by backing up booking apps that are aware of the user’s preferences, choices, and desires. Hopper is another AI-powered booking app available on Android and iOS. 

While you can find many booking apps that predict the prices for hotels or flights, Hopper’s AI-powered engine can precisely predict the prices in advance with approximately 95% accuracy. As a result, this app has raised roughly $84 million. 

6. Yooper 

As the need for better mental health has become a prime prerequisite in all walks of life, mobile apps have also entered this arena of improving and maintaining mental health. Yooper is mental health assistant app powered by AI. 

Through Yooper, users can monitor and nurture empathy, emotional support, and mindfulness. This app offers thorough discussions of various psychological topics that the users can relate to. It has in-built chatbots that remain confidential. 

7. Cortana 

Cortana is Microsoft’s brainchild and a virtual assistant like Google Assistant. Powered by artificial intelligence, this virtual assistant is supported by almost every platform, including Android, Microsoft Band, Invoke, Mixed Reality (MR), Xbox One, and iOS. 

It is one of the best hands-free voice recognition out there. The best part about applying AI to Cortana is how it soaks in and retains information about the users. It learns the commands and follows actions over time and, as a result, can perform increasingly complex tasks after some time.

8. Cleo 

Understanding Cleo is like imagining having your personal financial assistant present with you all the time, calculating your expenditures, managing your accounts, providing you with some practical money-saving tips while also cheering you up. It was awarded the most effective budgeting app in 2019. 

It not only implies artificial intelligence in predicting your expenses and calculating your losses but also roasts you in the most unique and unoffending manner. You can hear a lecture from this financial assistant of yours if you try and go way beyond your budget now and then. 

There is also a cheering-up feature that puts a smile on your face when your funds are running low, and you need to hear some comforting words. 

9. Artificial Intelligence Dungeon 

We all know very well about the famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. This AI-powered game is set on the same fundamental layout, except in this game, the player is free to choose his route. The role of AI in this game is to keep producing a never-ending cycle of adventure situations especially customized according to the player. It uses the Open AI text generation engine to carry out its functionality.

10. Replika  

Replika used to be the best AI buddy for Apple users only. However, it is now available for Android users too. Replika uses AI to converse with users as if it were a real person. It functions on learning the thoughts and behavior patterns of the users, and thus, using the information is framing probable answers and personalized requests. 

It is one of the most incredible uses of AI, as it attempts to learn all the things there are to learn about the users. It is the future of this world as businesses can use this technology in forming a digitized team for several aspects, such as customer services. 

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Artificial Intelligence is the Future 

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has changed how businesses are run. The course of artificial intelligence’s role in improving the user experience in technology has not ended yet. It is the most promising futuristic technology that, undoubtedly, makes us more excited for what is about to come. Technology would not have come this far if it was not for artificial intelligence changing the app world. 


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