Top 6 Home Remodeling Projects to Give Your Home that Extra “Ooomph”

Home improvement projects can benefit homeowners in more ways than one. If you’re happy in your current home and plan to stay for the long term, home improvement projects can make the home more livable, lovable and suited to your personal sense of style. If, on the other hand, you are planning to sell and move into a new place, a home upgrade or two can help increase your current abode’s resale value.  If you’ve just moved into the home, you may want to take on certain projects that will allow you to personalize the space, making it truly your own.

Keep in mind that different home remodeling projects offer different benefits. So, before you sign on with a contractor, learn which projects are most likely to bring value to your investment and give your home the best upgrades. In this post, I will share with you the top six home remodeling projects that are sure to not only increase your home’s value but give it that wow factor as well.

  1. Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling the bathrooms in your home makes for better relaxation. Some bathroom updates also improve safety and convenience. Furthermore, if you are selling your home, take note that buyers will prefer a nice, clean bathroom over one that not only looks worn and dirty but could also greatly depreciate your home’s resale value.

Minor bathroom updates are said to give larger returns on investment (ROI); by shelling out just a small amount, you can improve the most important aspects of the bathroom.

LUXURY AT HOME: With the right design and materials, you can enjoy luxury in your own home with a well-planned bathroom remodel.

Replacing the vanity, toilet and primary fixtures is an inexpensive way to dramatically improve a bathroom’s form and function. Add to that well-designed lighting, and you can create a more relaxing ambiance. Replacing the flooring and tiling, especially if the tiles are already stained and chipped, is another cost-efficient project to consider, too.

However, if a bathroom in your home is really old, then you might want to do a major remodel–especially if you are planning to stay put. This could mean stripping your bathroom of all fixtures and getting everything replaced. While this will be no small investment, you’re likely to enjoy these upgrades for many years.

  1. Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and just like a person’s heart, it should be taken care of. If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, you’ll definitely want to improve the less appealing aspects of your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t always mean a complete kitchen overhaul. In fact, a minor kitchen remodel can give you an ROI of as high as 80%. Meanwhile, a mid-range remodel can garner you a  65% ROI. When remodeling a kitchen, you can start by re-assessing its layout. Today, open kitchen layouts are all the rage because they allow for better accessibility and easier movement. However, to achieve this, you may need to move some components around, including the stove and sink.

You may also want to consider cabinet refacing or installing additional cabinets. Or, perhaps, think about upgrading the countertops and flooring.

  1. Interior renovation

Interior renovation can involve a couple of things, from repainting to renovating an entire room. The options are limitless when renovating a home’s interior, making it easy for one to get overwhelmed and to overspend. It is important to focus on aspects that really need improving and projects that can improve not just form or function, but both.

LIMITLESS OPTIONS: There are a lot of options when it comes to interior renovation, so it’s important to focus on what’s important.

In addition to repainting, other minor interior remodeling projects you can consider include redesigning lighting and installing new fixtures, replacing carpet or flooring and bringing in new furniture. For major projects, refinishing or remodeling the basement or attic to become an actual living space can also bring great value.

When deciding on which interior renovation projects to invest in remembering the following:

  • Home buyers like versatile rooms that they can use for different purposes. For instance, a basement that they can use as storage and workshop at the same time, or a game room that also serves as a TV room.
  • Color schemes must be cohesive throughout the house.
  • Renovations should take the home’s architectural style into consideration
  1. Roofing

You can never go wrong with a sturdy, weathertight roof that can protect you, your valuables and your entire home. After all, what’s the point of investing in all the other home upgrades if your roof is falling apart, letting water and moisture in to wreak havoc on everything you hold dear?

Aside from its important role in protecting your home, a roof also affects your home’s look. Seen from the street, an old and run down roof could make your home look really bad.

Roof replacement can be costly, but at times, inevitable, especially if maintenance has not been regularly performed over the years. But if you’re lucky, your roof may only need some repairs and some new shingles here and there, as well as other minor work.

  1. Hardscaping

Hardscape refers to landscape components or the structures incorporated into a home’s landscape. If you think your home’s exterior lacks that X-factor, you might want to consider investing in one of the following: Patio or deck

  • Arbor or pavilion
  • Fire pit or fireplace
  • Walkways
  • Garden pathways
  • Planters
  • Steps or stairs
  • Fountains

These outdoor structures and upgrades can lend your home that oomph it needs to give visitors a good first impression. Not just potential home buyers, but your own family, friends, and neighbors, are bound to appreciate it, too.

OUTDOOR LIVING AT ITS BEST: Adding a screened porch or sunroom can greatly enhance a home’s look and value.

  1. Additions

If you have an extra space on your property that is not being used or that you want to transform into another living area, then an addition project could be a good investment. For a growing family, you may need a new bedroom or playroom. You can also build a new garage. Adding a bathroom is yet another project you may want to consider if you only have one in the home. You can also build a home office or a small apartment-like room that you can rent out. A family room, sunroom or screened porch are also good options.

By knowing what home remodeling projects to prioritize, you can rest assured that your investment is going into something that can really add value to your home. You can even regain a portion of your investment in the years to come. And by working with a reliable home remodeler, you can gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that every penny you spend is worth it.


About the Author

Marcela Montoya is the owner and Marcela Montoya Remodeling. When she first came to America, she was a young woman equipped with a degree in architecture and design, who, despite not speaking English, found ways to achieve her goals. As she gathered experience by working with a reputable contracting company in South Florida, she witnessed how some contractors would take shortcuts, resulting in sloppy workmanship. She figured it was time for a woman to take charge and offer a different kind of service, one that is built around a genuine concern for clients.

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