5 Ways You Can Make an Easy Income as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Many parents feel conflicted about having to leave the house to provide financially for their family and staying at home to spend quality time with loved ones. While these seem to be conflicting forces, you may actually be able to blend them through a work-at-home job. These are some excellent work-at-home ideas for parents to make an easy income.

Party Planning

Many people find party planning to be stressful and time-consuming, and they are eager to pass the torch to a professional. If you enjoy organizing special events and being creative with themes, designs and more, you may be a natural party planner. This is a wonderful option because most of the work can be done from home, and you may only have to attend a special event that you have planned at night or on the weekend when the other parent is home.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are a common problem, and many people do not want to pay a professional plumber such as Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. to snake a drain. With an investment of the right equipment from your local home improvement store, you can run a side drain cleaning business that can be very profitable. However, do not provide any services that you must be a licensed plumber to complete.

In-Home Childcare

Another idea is to provide childcare to a few of your friends’ or neighbors’ children. With in-home childcare, you can enjoy spending time caring for children, and a side benefit is that you give your children playmates to have fun with during the day. Pay attention to your area’s licensing requirements for in-home childcare services. To make this a part-time gig, only care for older children during afterschool hours.


If you enjoy writing, you can start your own blog. This option may not make money right away, but it can be enjoyable. Profits may come later on if you are successful. Some ways to monetize your blog are to sell ad space on the page and strategic product recommendations.

Customer Service Agent

If your children are older, becoming an in-home customer service agent may work well. With this type of position, you generally must be on the phone for at least part-time hours during the day or in the evening. Because of this, it is not well-suited if you have younger children who require constant supervision.

As you can working to provide for your family and spending time with loved ones do not necessarily need to conflict. Each of these options are wonderful ways to earn a living from home.

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