Tips for Throwing a Classy New Year’s Eve Party

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Stately tuxedos and shimmering evening gowns in a simple palate of black, gold, and silver certainly are evocative of a classy New Year’s Eve party worthy of a champagne tower. A black tie dress code can set the stage for your classy evening but there are other things to consider. The tone will be set with everything from your choice of invitation to the assortment of decorations, so make thoughtful decisions that point toward your idea of classy when selecting these party variables. After all, Dom Perignon and caviar are most certainly classy but can easily be substituted by a great prosecco and other quality hors d’oeuvres if you choose to focus your funds in other directions. Let’s look at some choices you can make beyond formal attire that will pull together the classy night you envision that will most definitely be storied for years to come.

Different beverages call for different drinkware for a reason – they are designed to heighten the flavor of your chosen potent potable. They also are indicative of the serving size, for example, you wouldn’t fill a double old-fashioned glass with a martini, if you planned on staying upright, anyway. Others have adaptations suited to besting the individual liquor’s unique qualities. Champagne flutes allow only a small surface area of the beverage open to the air, lessening the number of bubbles that can escape. Brandy snifters are designed to be cradled by the palm of the hand so that the imbiber’s body temperature gently warms the contents. Make sure your bar is supported by these supporting players that add elegance to your beverage service – especially if vintage. Weston Table’s vintage barware is a carefully curated collection of some of the best and most beautiful pieces selected from across decades and around the world. An additional benefit of vintage is that you are supporting sustainability by bringing these vessels that have lain dormant back into circulation for your classy evening and beyond.

Feeding your guests decadent delicacies is not only a primary mission of a good host but can elevate your event to classy when you present a consumable showstopper. Take this opportunity to provide your celebrants with a treat they probably experience on very rare and special occasions like an oyster raw bar. Striking and succulent, oysters also pair perfectly with champagne or other sparkling beverages which will more than likely be flowing throughout the evening. The centuries-old, family-owned, and sustainably harvested bivalves of Hama Hama Oyster Company will thrill your attendees and prove to be a memorable part of the night, which has quite a climactic activity to compete against. Be sure to select as wide a variety as possible to suit the palates of the various attendees as different oysters each bring their own flavors, brininess, creaminess, and more to each serving. You’ll want to clearly identify each grouping of halfshells and call out their signature characteristics on small placards placed throughout the bar. Or classier yet, create a dedicated oyster menu that guests can digest and select from, while also creating a clever keepsake for your special new year celebration.

Holding a New Year’s Eve party is akin to putting on a theatrical production, except that no one has lines to learn. Remember that every element you bring to your party is quite literally setting the stage for the type of evening you and your guests will have. Probably the most overlooked and underappreciated production element is that of lighting. It sets the mood, or various moods that are location-specific highlights the action, and makes sure that everyone is presented in their best light. Inviting an event designer to imbue your space with targeted and overall lighting will elevate your event from possibly being too bright or too dark to be striking and classy. Event Lighting Concepts in the Northeast bring, as they say, it, creative, inviting, and custom solutions to your evening that will wrap your guests in light and project just the atmosphere you desire. Attention will be paid from floor to especially ceiling to frame each component of your party in the glow it deserves – after all your raw bar has different lighting needs than your dance floor. Imagine how gorgeous everyone dressed in their best surrounded by all the elements you’ve introduced into the evening will look when properly lit, both live and in the sure to be numerous photos you’ll have to commemorate the night.

What an amazing gift to give your guests but that of a classy New Year’s Eve party that has considered all their needs cater to their appetites and desires and has them looking their best while enjoying the biggest night of the year. Vintage drinkware for Weston Table shows your exquisite attention to detail, reflects to your guests how highly you think of them and indicates that you view beverage service as an elevated component of the night, not just a way to quench thirst. Your guests will be wowed by your raw bar stocked with oysters from Hama Hama by both its visual impact and its ability to sate their refined tastes with a decadent dive into the deep. Imagine the beauty that will permeate the night with exquisite lighting reaching all corners of your event thanks to a designer from a partner like Even Lighting Concepts. Pulling all these pieces and more together demonstrates your classiness as a host and will project that class into your celebration of where we’ve been and new beginnings.

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