Tips For Hosting Overnight Guests

Some people host guests overnight at their homes with little thought. The stronger ties between them likely help them take liberties, getting away with the odd shortcoming in their hosting responsibilities. 

Others make drastic mistakes, too. For example, some charge their loved ones for the privilege of visiting in the first place. If you want your overnight guests to have a nice time and eventually return one day, more thought is needed on what environment you wish to create and how to provide for your guests.  

An overnight stay can be different from a quick visit. More trust is placed in you to provide comfort and good times. There can be a lot of pressure, but it most not get to you. 

So, what are the types of things you should think about here? How can you ensure that your overnight guests have a good stay? Here are some tips to help you host them. 

Have a Neutral Guest Room

Homes can form a part of your distinctive personality. However, not every room should say something about you. This is true when it comes to your guestroom. 

Your guest room needs to be a space that is not polarizing and helps guests settle. Try to instill a sense of neutrality in the space. Calm color schemes, minimal decorations, and even lighting are just some of the ways you can make the space less overwhelming for them to deal with. 

Make the Guest Room Practical

Think about practical elements more than decorative ones. For instance, you could put a desk and chair in the guest room, ensuring your overnight visitor can establish a little base for their work. After all, work rules are constantly changing, and flexible hybrid work schemes are more popular than ever.  

Ensure your guest has writing utensils. Provide extra pillows and extra bedding. Ensure there is a good range of hangers available. If your guest has everything they need, you will not put them in an awkward position by making them need to ask for stuff. 

Set up a Coffee Station

Set up a coffee station in the guest bedroom. That way, your guests can pour themselves a drink in privacy without needing to mingle in the communal areas of your home every time they need something. 

Many gracious hosts will pour their guests a coffee multiple times a day. Though it’s a kind gesture, it can be somewhat thoughtless, muting the impact the beverage will have on visitors. Coffee can be drunk as an energizing drink in the morning. It can also be consumed twenty or so minutes before bedtime to help someone get off to sleep.

If you research coffee bean nutrition in more detail, you will soon appreciate the finer points of what coffee can do. For example, the additives in one type of coffee might make all the difference between a dessert treat or a healthier beverage. If you are worried about fats and sugar, there are plenty of alternate ways to prepare a coffee if you follow nutritional guidance. 

Think About Scents

Your guest room may only enjoy infrequent use. Because of this, musty aromas can start to form over time. Ensure the guest room is well-ventilated before your friend or family member arrives. Get lots of fresh air in. 

You can also think about adding artificial scents with things like reed diffusers. Take care when doing this and choose an understated and soothing smell rather than one that is overpowering. If you have any doubts, message your overnight guest in advance and ask them what scents they might prefer. 

Plan Shopping and Meals

Sooner or later, it is time to think beyond the guest room. After all, it should be a base for your visitor, not a prison. 

Message your overnight guest in advance if possible about shopping arrangements. Conduct a little survey with them where they can specify what they would like you to stock up on. If you can address their needs with more precision, it can highlight your commitment to ensuring they have a relaxing time. 

Many people may buy their holiday presents for loved ones early, often months before the big day. Try to be in a similar frame of mind here. If your guests can arrive and find a full fridge and cupboards, they will never be in any doubt about you having their best interests at heart. 

Try to appreciate the more serious side of this effort too. By planning out meals in advance, you can respect food preferences regarding things like allergies or vegan and vegetarian lifestyle choices. It is vital to respect your guest’s preferences, and a lack of forethought here may communicate ignorance and bring many of your hosting duties to a grinding, disruptive halt. 

Overhaul a Bathroom

Families often share things like bathrooms, toiletries, and towels. Guests should not be playing by the same rules, though. 

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple bathrooms, cordon off one of them for guest use only. Ensure they have their own range of towels and toiletries inside. That way, they can take as long as they like getting ready and not worry about using something that may not belong to them or holding anyone else up. 

It may be good to adopt a schedule if you do not have multiple bathrooms. Encourage your guests to use the space first, and ensure they have their own cabinet filled with the toiletries they need.  

Your guests may elect to bring their own toiletries, but keep in mind that it is quite common for people to forget the odd product when visiting other places. Instead of taking a trip to the shops on arrival, they can know that you have their back instead, greatly influencing how much they enjoy their stay. 



Overnight guests often worry about not having their own space or what they need. By dispelling those fears on their arrival, you can create an environment where they are more likely to ease up and enjoy their time with you. Make sure the guest room attends to their every need first as a priority, just in case they need a safe space to gather themselves within. After that, you can focus on broader requirements. 


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