This is How to Make Your First Trip to China Interesting

The country is huge with a variety of languages and dialects that even native Chinese would find it challenging to communicate with the compatriots from other regions. When you move away from the big cities, however, it becomes beautiful, friendly and captivating in a way you never imagined. If you are going for online passport renewal so that you can make your first maiden trip to China, then you need to gather as much information as you possibly can, since the success of the trip and whether or not you have a pleasant experience will depend on how well prepared you are. Here are some of the things you can consider doing to make your trip to China interesting:

Know how to use the currency properly

When you are in Shanghai, don’t bother the taxi drivers with small bills such as one yuan or five jiao notes. They like the sound of coins. But when you are in northern or western China, be informed that the market vendors will easily reject your coins. Because in these regions, paper money reigns supreme, irrespective of the amount. Therefore, know where and how to use your currency properly.

Get a language app if you have zero knowledge of the Chinese language

If you are traveling to China and you want a relatively good experience, then it is imperative to learn how you will be communicating with them. The most recommended suggestions are to get decent language app such as Pleco. With such apps, basic communication, as well as reading Chinese writing becomes very easy. For example, if you want to read the menu, all you have to do is just point your phone to the menu and you will get an instant translation.


Learn how to get extra beds for free if you are traveling with the family

Chinese hotels are not very strict when it comes to matching beds with the number of people, especially if you need extra beds for kids. If you are traveling with your family, you can make a considerable saving in accommodation when you opt for a twin room instead of opting for a double room. In most cases, the beds in the twin room will mostly be of the same size and the beds in the regular rooms.

Know how to order rice the right way

Of course, food will be part of your travel experience to China and for you to enjoy eating the lots of Chinese foods, you should have some information about them and also know how to order them the right way. Take rice, for example, this is a meal that is rarely served in most of the restaurants. This is because it is considered as a cheap way to fill up, mostly at the end of meals. So when you order rice, you must make it clear to the waiter that you need it straight away as part of your meal. To do this, you must say, mifan mashing, to mean, “Rice straightaway.”

No toilet tissues in the restrooms

If you are coming from the west, then it is common to find toilet tissues in the restrooms. But in China, this is never the case, and you will have to carry your own toilet tissues every time you want to use the restrooms, especially in the public restrooms.

Avoid the difficult breakfast

Other than in the international hotels and the big cities, most of the restaurants in China serve breakfasts geared exclusively for the locals. If you are fond of pickles and congee, then you will not find any problem with this. However, if you are a picky eater or you are traveling with children, then this can be some kind of a challenge. To avoid this, carry a box of cereals for kid’s breakfasts when you are traveling away from the big cities and for adults who are picky, you can always avoid the breakfast and find any other suitable alternative.

China is safe

Don’t believe about the kind of danger described in many of the cheap guidebooks. It is a fact that the traffic may sometimes get terrible, and sometimes smog is a real issue in the big cities, but just know the rates of crimes are really low and China is one of the safest countries in the world, and highly suitable for families, lone travelers, and female travelers.

Don’t be afraid to trespass

If you are from Texas, then you know that you can easily get shot if you trespass someone’s property. But if you have gone for online passport renewal to travel to China, don’t think you will be shot dead by trespassing. You can pretty much walk to any place within the public areas without getting worried about trespassing.

Loud voices don’t mean arguments

It is common for Chinese people to make stories with loud voices and for visitors, sometimes it might appear as if they are engaging in a hot argument. Well, just get used to it. Sometimes when the stories become so interesting, they can’t help but raise their voices. So don’t be surprised or wish that they weren’t arguing, because they aren’t.

If you want help, get a high school student

The wide range of Mandarin dialects across China can sometimes hinder effective communication, even for native Mandarin speakers. But you can always find help easily. Most of the people under the age of 25 can speak both Standard English and Mandarin. There are many students who have been studying English for long but have never had a chance to speak with native speakers so they would be more than willing to help you.

Try out the street foods

The culinary diversity in China is humongous and you will never find it in the big hotels or the major restaurants. The best way to sample some of the finest cuisines the region has to offer is to try out the street foods. You will not just be pleased by the variety, but they are extremely delicious and very affordable.



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