4 Ways to Get Around China Without Speaking the Language

Is it at all possible to take a trip to China without speaking a word of Mandarin (Chinese)? It all depends on which part of the country you’re going to, but generally it is doable. But, Mandarin isn’t as difficult as you may think, so it’s always worth learning a few words to get by.

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Learning a New Language for Pleasure and Business

French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic… Which language have you been telling yourself that you’ll learn but have just never got around to? You should consider making now the time to learn – it’s never too early or too late to start learning a new language. And learning a new language opens up whole new areas of your brain, and it can be beneficial to both pleasure and business. Here’s why you should learn a new language and what it can do for you:

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This is How to Make Your First Trip to China Interesting

The country is huge with a variety of languages and dialects that even native Chinese would find it challenging to communicate with the compatriots from other regions. When you move away from the big cities, however, it becomes beautiful, friendly and captivating in a way you never imagined. If you are going for online passport renewal so that you can make your first maiden trip to China, then you need to gather as much information as you possibly can, since the success of the trip and whether or not you have a pleasant experience will depend on how well prepared you are. Here are some of the things you can consider doing to make your trip to China interesting:
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