Think Out of the Box – Choose Metal Prints for Valentine’s Day!

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Soon after the winter holiday season ends, there’s another special occasion that makes couples demonstrate how much they care about each other. Even though you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show your love to your sweetheart, it’s a nice moment that you can use to create some unforgettable memories. Most likely, you’ve already started looking for a nice restaurant to book a romantic dinner for the 14th of February. Or, maybe you began browsing the internet for a spectacular flower bouquet and a box of delicious chocolate candies.

Have you thought about choosing personalized metal prints to offer as a unique Valentine’s Day gift? You can order this customized gift from to remind your better half about your couple’s special moments, now printed on an elegant metal print.


Why Choose Metal Prints as a Valentine’s Day Gift

To begin with, the metal prints ordered from make not only a unique and high-quality gift but are also made of durable materials. I am in awe of how well my own metal print turned out. The modern yet simply elegant design complements all of my other wall hangings. It was easy to place my order online and shipped rather quickly. The entire process took just a few minutes. Still, need convincing? Keep reading the details below to learn more about this particular Valentine’s gift idea.

1. Premium product

Metal prints are part of the premium products’ category as the producer uses top-quality aluminum. This metal print is made of two slim sheets of aluminum. Besides, your chosen images will be printed on lab-quality photo paper, which will be laminated onto the panel. Thus, you shouldn’t worry whether the print will look the same even after one, two, five, or ten years.

2. Luster finish that guarantees durability

Each Valentine’s Day is unique for your couple. So, wouldn’t it be great to look at your photos printed on this significant occasion many years from now? makes sure to protect your print with UV-resistant laminate. Therefore, your pictures will be protected from humidity. This means that you can choose to display your metal print anywhere in your house, as they will look the same over the years.

3. Elegant and discrete

While you don’t have to worry about quality and resistance, you shouldn’t get nervous about the elegant aspect, as well. These metal prints will match any interior décor. They harmoniously combine the sturdiness reflected by the metal composite with an elegant slimline. Besides, the product features a hidden hanging system, offering you different alternatives to expose it in your home or at the office.

Save 50% on Wall Décor

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day more special than ever by offering a personalized metal print that will surely put a smile on your partner’s face. On top of that, you’ll benefit from a 50% discount on products if you use the code THISLADY50OFF at checkout.

The price reduction applies to the second less expensive canvas, metal, or acrylic print.

Now that you know everything about metal prints, all you have to do is choose the pictures, upload them on, and order the product. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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