Best 5 Tips On How to Write No Plagiarism Essays

Research paper writing is certainly a challenging task. Apart from writing, research and language, it has many other enormous dimensions. This article aims to provide you with the best 5 tips to know the exact recipe for writing a plagiarism-free essay, unique an A+ grader. 

Use quality sources

To write no plagiarism essays, one has to be very picky when it comes to research work. Well-directed, focused research is the guarantor of a high-quality, unique paper. Consider quality research as the backbone of your writing. Plan your research in line with the topic understanding. Grasp the essence of the essay brief; know your examiner’s expectations beforehand. Figure out how the quality of sources is to be maintained. The literature gathering process needs to be carried out with perfection. Keep the entire sources primary for relevant details. However, you may consider secondary sources too, but the focus must be to back your argument credibly without compromising the quality. A careful digging into the research material helps in avoiding plagiarism. Your content becomes weighted with evidence, proven facts, scholarly articles with citations to reliable references. Do not forget to double-check the authenticity of the research. It is also advised to keep skimming the research pool. Remember, only relevant details must be a part of the paper. So, utilize quality sources to avoid essay plagiarism. And, remember to:

  • Double-check the author’s name, book, article; 
  • Who said what should be made clear;
  • Rephrase ideas in your own words;
  • Always mention your source;
  • Add bibliography;
  • Spend enough time on references.

Paraphrase rather than quote

This is tricky and needs to be understood well before attempting it in your paper. To write an essay without plagiarizing, it is significant to know how to paraphrase the content. The essence of the idea needs to be reworded to fit in your essay. Remember, the central idea remains the same, but the language, tone, and delivery of words are changed. For instance, change the sentence structure; leave out unnecessary phrases to make it look fresh and new. This will help craft a paper that is not a copy-paste of the original. Also, keep in mind that paraphrased part of the essay will still require citation. Simply restating the concept in your own words will not make you the scholar. You must cite the source. What is important here to understand is that showcasing the sources makes your essay credible. It shouts to the examiner that another source also upheld your angle or stance on the topic. 

So, have you ever gone through your friend’s social media post saying reword my essay? This is what you just learned. Life becomes easy peasy with this tip of paraphrasing provided how well you execute the needful. Once you become a pro in this art of paraphrasing, writing without plagiarism won’t be a big problem for you. 

Use an outline to plan your paraphrases

To avoid plagiarism essay, create an outline. Outlining your writing helps you a great deal in keeping it organized. An outline gives you a direction and enables you to remember all the ideas. Often, students think of ideas or come across relevant sources in the research phase that they plan to incorporate. However, when they start writing, they cannot recall those ideas or the sources and find it difficult to write without plagiarism. Therefore, it is crucial to create an outline. You can use this outline to plan your paraphrases too. Mention the source in front of an idea in an outline that you will be paraphrasing. Doing so will make it easier for you to ensure you don’t forget to paraphrase. Sometimes students copy-paste certain information that they plan to rephrase later. But they fail to do so, and they don’t even realize it. When they run a plagiarism checker before uploading the assignment, it detects that chunk of plagiarism. This last moment plagiarism removal could create a lot of panics. Or, if you don’t run any plagiarism checker, it could land you in great trouble. Therefore, creating an outline for your paraphrases is a great idea to avoid plagiarism in the first place. If you are still unclear about it, you may go through other plagiarism articles to comprehend it better. 

Add your inputs

This is a more credible and authentic way to write a paper without plagiarizing. Instead of paraphrasing the ideas or words from other sources, ponder over what you have to say. Think about what unique viewpoint you can contribute to the topic. Don’t be afraid to say what you think. Your perspective may not match with the perspective of the examiner. And, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter what your point of view or opinion is. It could be something completely abstract but original. And, that’s what the examiner appreciates – originality. Remember, when you allude to others’ words or ideas to frame your perspective, you are still required to employ the plagiarism guidelines. If you’ve written on the same topic previously, you may be tempted to reuse your previous words. This act is known as self-plagiarism. And the risk involved in it is the same. Hence, it is essential to use new words every time you write something. It may seem challenging to produce original ideas and words. But, in reality, it is not that tough. When you do good research on your topic, you can easily create a unique piece. The ideas and words would naturally generate in your mind. This is why they say reading is an essential step towards writing a great piece. It allows you to write no plagiarism essays without much effort. 

Make a list of references

When you read a plagiarize definition, you comprehend what is taking someone’s idea/work and passing it off as your own. It could be intentional or unintentional. Either way, it is a serious offense. Thereby, whenever you represent someone’s idea, don’t forget to cite it. Plus, this is not enough. Always make a list of full references in the end. You must know what referencing style you’re required to follow. Using that referencing style, create a list that includes a full reference of the cited sources. This step is crucial because you would lose your precious marks without a good reference list. The examiner may doubt if you have to use real references. So, don’t forget this last yet crucial step. 


In short, all you need for a plagiarism-free essay is to be smart. Use your brains as well as the tips mentioned above. Doing so will help you create a piece that leaves an impression. 


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