The 10 Best Places In Ibiza To Visit In 2022

Ibiza is a world-famous island. Since the arrival of the hippy movement in the 1960s, leisure tourism has grown overwhelmingly. We would not tell you anything about these leisure centers. We are going to discover the 10 best places in Ibiza to visit, those that made generations of tourists fall in love and that today continue to amaze those who know them.

1. The sunset of Cala Conta

The favorite spot for many to spend the afternoon, Cala Conta hosts a spectacular sunset, especially beautiful on days with clouds and wind when the sky turns reddish. Although the beach is usually crowded in summer, Cala Conta has the best holiday villas in Ibiza to rent at affordable prices to make your vacation unforgettable. 

 We will tell you a secret: the surroundings of Cala Conta are much more incredible than the beach itself, with dreamlike coves. From the Cala Conta tower itself, the sunset can leave you breathless.

2. It is Portixol, a lost place

A little-known cove, with somewhat winding access on foot, but worth exploring. A backpack with water and a desire to enjoy it is the only thing you need. Es Portixol is a circular cove through which the sea penetrates calmly. The fishermen’s huts are the only construction for a few kilometers. A natural landscape and absolute tranquility.

3. Cala D’hort, a place to visit

Cala D’hort is the name of the beach that is in front of the islet of Es Vedrá, but it is also the name given to the entire area that surrounds it. The most amazing corner is located in the Torre des Savinar. Like all the old defense towers on the island, the panoramic views of the coast are amazing.

4. Es Pas de S’illa, visiting the north of Ibiza

Certainly one of the places in Ibiza that is worth visiting, although apart from Solo Ibiza, very few seem to know about this place. Despite being to the north, in a very touristy area known as the port of San Miguel, the fact that it has to be accessed through a secondary road makes the place a very peaceful corner. Es Pas de S’illa is the name dedicated to a small beach located at the starting point of the small bay of San Miguel. On the one hand, the views of the port are spectacular. On the other hand, a small natural cave with high cliffs will leave us speechless.

5. Cala Mastella, hidden corners

Although you will not find Cala Mastella highlighted on any map, the truth is that this small cove has corners hidden from the naked eye. A short walk along the left bank takes us to a unique restaurant, well known among the local population. We are not going to ask you to go eat, but of course, the feeling of peace and tranquility that it offers you, and the beauty of the landscape, invite you to do so.

6. Dalt Vila, the charismatic place of Ibiza

If you are going to reach the island through the port, or you are going to move to Formentera, you will see the profile of a wall above your head. Above it, you will find the tower of the cathedral which is crowning the city. Although you have several entrances, we recommend the Puerta de Ses Taules if you are walking. An ascending route between old buildings, churches, and cobbled streets awaits you. If you like to get up early, don’t miss the sunrise from the Plaza de la Catedral.

7. Broll de Buscastell, the garden of the island

From a small spring that flows between the mountains, we can find the Broll de Buscastell. For lovers of lush green and moist places, enjoying this little gem is going to be a different sensation. In a route of about two kilometers, we will be accompanied by the flow of water between the pipes of unknown times.

8. Cala Tarida, a beach with a surprise

Many will recognize Cala Tarida as a tourist beach on the Sant Josep coast. But the truth is that Ibiza keeps little secret corners as soon as you move carefully along the coast. In this case, we are going to find a peaceful corner, with crystal clear waters, where it really does not matter what time of year you are in so that you feel like at least putting your feet in it.

9. Sa Caleta, the first settlers

Sa Caleta was the first acknowledged human colony on the island of Ibiza. We are sure that the choice was not incidental. Along with the remains of that town, we find small coves that lead to two beaches. Es Codolar on the one hand, with a beach full of boulders and the presence of dolphins at certain times of the year, and Sa Caleta beach. A walk above its cliffs is quite a visual spectacle.

10. Las Salinas, more than just a beach

Las Salinas has probably been the beach most visited by the most illustrious tourists on the island in each season. But if we understand that only the beach gives the place its name, we will be wasting two spectacular corners. On the one hand, the one that takes us to the end of Es Cavallet beach. A walk where you will find small coves with sculpted stones. On the other, the salt pier, a dock next to a small enclosure of houses with a maritime atmosphere.



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