The 10 Best Books for Rental Property Investors in 2022

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to save and grow your money. Furthermore, it has the potential to become a profitable source of income. Many books have been written on real estate investing, highlighting the most relevant issues and providing answers to questions that you should be aware of.

According to statistics, the United States has approximately 20 million rental properties. They are owned by individuals, businesses, and unreported landlords. There is an abundance of information available to help you better understand investment processes.

The most valuable source of knowledge, however, is practical advice from top specialists who have achieved success in this industry. What books should beginner rental property investors read to learn them all?

Top Real Estate Books 2022

Here is a list of the best books on rental property investing that you should read:

1. “The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.” by Robert Kiyosaki

The author of this book has long amassed multimillion-dollar assets through real estate deals. The book is a valuable source of advice from the author and his 22 trusted expert analysts.

Together, they share their experience and provide practical recommendations that can be applied effectively in this area. Here are some examples:

  • There is always a profitable deal in the real estate market;
  • You can join the deal in a variety of ways. The financial benefit, in this case, is not so important;
  • To be successful in real estate investing, you must have financial consultants.

The book contains a wealth of information on how to invest competently, take advantage of hidden investment opportunities, find promising real estate, obtain financing, protect your assets, and establish legal ownership.

2. “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss” by Ken McElroy

This book will be beneficial to newcomers in the industry. It contains helpful hints on how to find a good property, correctly evaluate it, close deals, and negotiate.

In addition, the book includes detailed calculations and business game rules. You will learn how to manage property and deals, as well as who to work with on a team.

This book delves into the majority of the contentious issues surrounding real estate investment, including investor myths, the importance of setting strategic goals and assembling a team to conduct transactions, factors influencing the value of the object, competent budget planning, and much more.

It is not easy to learn about investing in the real estate sector. It may remind you of conducting extensive research, where you uncover details step by step. While scientific research may involve the participation of experts and consult Rated by Students‘ professionals, in the real estate sector, you should do all the tasks by yourself to learn the basics and the rules.

3. “Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World’s Greatest Investor” by Jeremy C. Miller

This book allows both novice and experienced investors to learn more about the great entrepreneur Warren Buffett and his ally, Jeremy Miller, and their way of thinking and investment philosophy.

It will teach you the key secrets to success and the development of a career in the real estate sector. Also, you will learn some useful tips and ideas that can be applied not only to business but to life too.

4. “Empowered Investor: Manage Your Investments the Way the Professionals Do” by Mark Harrison

Anyone interested in real estate investment should read this book. Mark Harisson began his career as an analyst and quickly advanced to become a successful real estate investor.

His book highlights key investment strategies, as well as the principles of work and a methodology based on the author’s knowledge. It also contains the main ideas and tools that will help you develop in this area.

5. “Investing In Real Estate” by Paul McGreevy, Gary W. Eldred

In this book, the authors share their personal investing experiences with readers. In his book, you will find many tips on how to increase your profit from real estate investing, negotiate with partners correctly, and make a purchase with little or no investment at all. The book addresses the issues of cost minimization, what should be considered when signing contracts, and how to properly classify the object for maximum profit.

Thus, if you are now a student, you can also think about making some investments in this field. If you are short on time, visit Top Writing Reviews for writing assistance and free some time to focus on investing in your future. These steps will teach you how to acquire property and profit from it in the long run.

6. “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller

The book’s author is the founder and chairman of a successful real estate agency in the United States. In his book, he explains how to start earning money from real estate, highlighting the path from a simple realtor to a great investor.

The reader will learn about the importance of motivational attitudes in working with clients and effective algorithms for real estate sales. Aside from that, he will study the process of the creation and implementation of economic and organizational models in this industry.

7. “Real Estate Investing for Dummies” by Eric Tyson and Robert Griswold

The book is recommended for beginner investors and those looking to expand their knowledge in this field. It addresses many processes:

  • Real estate market analysis;
  • The selection of conscientious offers;
  • Conducting personal and telephone negotiations with customers;
  • Competent calculation of the cost of the object, etc.

The authors examine and structure all the information and actions that must be gathered and completed to finalize a profitable transaction.

Due to education-related expenses such as consulting Trust My Paper‘s professionals, purchasing textbooks, transportation-related costs, and so on, students are always on a tight budget. As a result, it appears that investing in real estate is a pipe dream. However, with the right advice, you can not only buy it but also turn it into a small rental business.

8. “Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor” by George H. Ross

This book was published in 2016. It will be of interest to both professionals and newcomers in this field. The author examines all the components of a successful operation, emphasizing the importance of telephone negotiations with customers, the need to use their charisma, and conducting object information presentations.

This book contains the most experience because George Ross served as former President Donald Trump’s consultant for a quarter-century. He closed the world’s largest and most promising real estate deals. The principles described in the book apply to both the purchase of a small apartment and a large warehouse.


There are no universal textbooks or manuals that clearly and little by little indicate how to succeed in the world of investment, just as there are none in life. To discover your effective recipe, you must constantly improve your real estate skills, research the experiences of successful investors, put your knowledge into action, and strive for a positive outcome. Only those who stick to their goals succeed in life.


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