5 Incredibly Useful Features of Google Maps You May Not Know

Contributed by Scarlett Watson

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The best features of Google’s mapping app are a bit difficult to find out—till you recognize where you have to look.

Google Maps is amazing for finding locations but it’s just not that for which you can use Google maps. This app is way much more than an admirable Garmin. Maps have almost every kind of influential features and time-saving shortcuts which are to be exposed. So grasp your compass and get prepared: you can check out some of its really cool features right here:
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Interesting and Useful Office Accessories

We spend a lot of time in our offices and at our desks, that’s just a fact. That’s why there’s a trend all over the world for people to enrich their work environment with their own custom accessories which will help them feel more relaxed and hopefully be more productive.

Some of these things are meant to directly help productivity, whereas others are there to personalize and humanize the workplace. As for me, I’ve got an assortment of Lego and similar figurines all over my desk.
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