Antique Retro Furniture:  Right Way To Restore Your Furniture

Contributed by Adam Wilson 

Are you bored of the way your curtains looked for the past decade? Do you hate seeing the same sofa in the house of all your friends? Well, what you are looking for is something that caters to high lifestyle and taste. There is an array of antique retro furniture restoration services available today, which cater to your unique taste and stand out in the common homes. Nevertheless, where do you find them? How do you select them from the huge list available online? When it comes to a luxury concierge, there is no stopping you from accessing the best and turning your home into a demi-paradise.

How to Deal with Carpentry and Polishing?

An antique retro furniture restoration consultant by the character of his work gets access to the most personal part of a person’s life- his home. A person’s home is a reflection of what he is. Likewise, it goes for his taste for the furniture too.
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Restoring Your Floors: Laminate, Hardwood and Deck Flooring

Guest post contributed by Bernard Fisher

Whether you’re looking to restore the floors in your home ready for selling, or just want to revive your old floors to give them a new lease of life, giving your floors some much-needed love will certainly be worth the effort! Has your laminate, hardwood or deck flooring suffered from general wear and tear over the years? Does your flooring require repairing, cleaning or polishing? This article, written by Bernard Fisher at 4Everdeck, will help to guide you through the process of bringing your flooring back to the standard it deserves.
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