5 Ways to Participate in Your Child’s Preschool Experience

Guest post contributed by Dixie Somers

If you have a few extra hours per day or even per week, you might want to consider getting involved in your preschooler’s educational experience. There are many different ways to directly and/or indirectly participate in your child’s preschool experience. Research shows that students who have involved parents tend to do better on homework and tests, regularly attend all of their classes, pass their classes, have better social skills, and eventually graduate and continue on with college and/or a career. Even though preschool is meant as a preparation for later schooling, the trick to participation is to begin as early in your child’s education as possible. Being engaged in your child’s preschool experience can help them better adapt to the classroom setting and develop stronger social bonds with others. Below are five ways in which you can get involved.
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Raising a Responsible Child: The Benefits of Growing Up With Pets

A relationship between a child and their pet is exceptional and provides immense love and comfort. Pets influence all aspects of a child’s life and help parents raise strong, confident, and compassionate children. Pets can help children deal with stressful situations, develop empathy, and easily establish new contacts. Here are some benefits of becoming a pet-owning family.

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