Stay Warm with a Heating System at Home

The cold weather during winter requires a heating system at home that makes the temperature inside your home a comfortable environment to live in. There are several ways of heating the rooms, and some of the most popular choices are given below. Each has its own set of advantages.

Types of Heating Systems

#1. Electric heating = Electric heating includes various types of convection heaters oil-filled radiators, convection heaters without fans, and with fans. It is a good solution for those who want to heat small spaces like small rooms. These do not need much maintenance and can be used effectively for short periods of time. Electric heaters are also used in fireplaces nowadays and are highly effective. However, they may not be a very cost-effective solution since heavy usage can lead to inflated electricity bills.

#2. Gas heaters = Heaters which use gas to operate are also a good choice. These heaters can be connected with the mains or you can even use separate LPG cylinders. Many houses now have gas outlets installed in the living room through the mains; Portable heaters can be easily plugged into these. They need very little servicing in a year, and they provide excellent service to those who require heating for a longer duration or have to heat large spaces. These kinds of gas heaters are also quite cheap, but they may give off some unwanted gases.

#3. Solar panel system = This is a relatively new kind of heating system. In this system, the sun’s rays are captured by the photovoltaic panels. After catching the rays, the panels produce heat energy from the solar energy. This is a more cost-effective solution in the long run. These are also good for the environment since solar panels do not cause any pollution.

#4. Wood heating system = Wood, as a fuel is extremely cheap and can be used in as much quantity as one desires. However, it pollutes the environment and over a long period of time, it can be disastrous for the ecology.

Some other systems of heating are ducted gas heating and hydronic heating. Ducted gas heating involves the burning of gas to heat air, which is then pushed into rooms via ducts. Similarly, hydronic heating burns gas to heat water, converting it to steam which is then piped into radiators to heat rooms.

How to Choose your Heating System?

There are a few things that one should consider before deciding to buy the heating system which will be perfect for their home. 

  • The cost of the heating systems: There is a different kind of heating systems like electrical, wood, solar, gas, and so on. Have a clear idea of what your budget is, and then plan the purchase accordingly.
  • Size of the heating system: The size factor must also be taken into consideration while buying the proper heating system. Smaller heating systems are appropriate for heating smaller spaces. These heating systems can be used for short periods of time. Larger systems ensure more effective heating. However, larger heating systems may be better for commercial purposes and may not fit into household settings.
  • Area of usage: Not every kind of heating system works in every room. Different kinds of machines are suitable for different rooms/ areas of the house. For example, Heating through the wood in a fireplace is mostly used in living rooms, where it adds to the aesthetics of the room in addition to heating it.

It is a good idea to discuss with heating systems experts, since they will be able to guide you on the kind of heating system you should invest in, keeping in mind your requirements.

Contributed by Joseph Webb

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  1. Thank you for talking about gas heaters and their ability to heat up large spaces very efficiently. After moving into a newer and larger house, I realized that the appliances we used to rely on simply are not up to the task anymore and that I should find bigger and more efficient means of heating. A gas heating system sounds like exactly what I need, so I’ll look for any HVAC contractors in the area that can get us one.

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