The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer for Home Improvement Projects

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You can rent a pressure washer from any home store, but should you? While the rental fee for a few hours with a pressure washer is less than paying a company to do the job, the benefits of hiring a professional are worth the expense. In this article, we’ll discuss six ways you can benefit from hiring a professional pressure washer.

Get the Best Cleaning

Pressure washing seems like a straightforward process, but there are a lot of small details you can’t overlook. For example, you can’t always use the same cleaning solution on your entire house. Something that cleans your bricks could be too harsh for your siding.

Even if you research the right solutions, you’ll spend time changing them out of the machine. There’s also the possibility of error due to inexperience, thinking you have already switched cleaners but realizing too late that you haven’t.

Instead of trying to find the right cleaners and configuring the machine to the ideal temperature and settings, hire a professional. They know all the details and can clean your house in a way that delivers the best results.

Prevent Property Damage

Using the wrong cleaning solution on your house can cause damage in terms of ruining the siding or causing the paint to peel. But you can also inflict other property damage if you use the wrong water temperature or machine pressure. 

Doing it yourself can also lead to mold or mildew issues if you don’t handle it properly. Water from the machine can splash onto your roof and drip through the shingles, causing the framework to rot. You also need to work carefully around items on your property, like your air conditioning unit.

Pressure washing professionals understand what cleaning chemicals can do to the ground. They’ll properly dispose of the wastewater to ensure your yard stays in good condition. If you try pressure washing, you’ll have to find out how to dispose of the cleaning solution safely.

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Protect Your Safety

Using a pressure washer without the proper training puts your personal safety at risk. The machines have a strong spray meant to remove debris from structures, so understandably, this force can hurt you.

The spray can also push items off your house or out of the surrounding area, meaning you could hurt someone with flying debris or cause damage to your home, your neighbors, and any vehicles in the area.

Save Time

You might save money renting a pressure washer instead of hiring professionals, but you’ll spend a lot of time on the task. You’ll have to rent the machine and learn how to use it. A quick read-through of the instructions isn’t always enough. You may need to research the specific model and watch video tutorials on how to use it properly.

Pressure washing on each side of your house takes time. You must avoid the windows until you change the pressure setting to prevent damage, then change it back for the rest of the house. You also need to change out the cleaning solution for various surfaces.

The task will also take a physical toll on your body. Even if you work out daily, you’ll feel aching muscles in your arms, legs, and back that you don’t normally use so much. You have to hold the machine in a certain way and move it around to clean your whole house. Though it sounds like a simple task, it will wear you out quickly, and you’ll need to take breaks.


When you factor in the time, including research, practicing, and breaks, you’ll have rented the pressure washer for several additional hours beyond the time you’ve used it. You might find that your cost is already close to that of hiring a professional company, and now you’re out of money and exhausted to boot.

Keep Things Simple

There’s no need to go to a home store, rent a pressure washer, and educate yourself about the machine. It’s much simpler to hire professionals. They already own the equipment and know how to use it, so your only time commitment is a phone call to book the service. At that point, you’re in good hands and can kick back without worry.

Hire a Professional Pressure Washer

Protect your physical health, home, and property, and make the most of your time by hiring a professional pressure washer.

Professional pressure washers have training and experience cleaning any structure. They’re licensed and work promptly to give you the best results. If anything goes wrong, they have the tools and skills necessary to fix the issue without putting any responsibility on you.

Instead of renting a pressure washer and struggling to figure out how it works, hire a professional—you won’t regret it.

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