Spectacular Travel Destinations That You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer!

Hurghada Egypt

It seems like yesterday when we celebrated New Year’s Eve and now we are already heading towards summer. Gone are the cold winter days with “mountains of snow” on the street. As spring is almost coming to an end, you should begin looking for options to spend your summer holiday. What better place to search for the perfect destination than Holiday Gems?

We have selected some of the top places on the planet that gather millions of visitors annually that we know you’ll love.  It does not matter if you prefer luxury or leisure, a rustic retreat in the mountains, or to see how life looks in a different country, the destinations below will satisfy even the most pretentious tourists.

1. Egypt

One of our top destinations in Egypt is Hurghada. There is one phrase that could describe a destination like this during summer: “perfect weather all year round.”  It lies on the banks of the Red Sea and it amazes the tourists with its rich cuisine and soft sands. From Indian to the Italian, French, Mexican, or Japanese food, Hurghada has it all. Check it out and you will not regret your choice!

2. Italian Riviera

When you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family and stay away from the noise and agitation from the crowded resorts, you cannot miss the Italian Riviera. Italy has everything you could dream of, soft white sand and turquoise water. Add to these the fantastic and delicious cuisine and you will soon discover that Italy is a destination that you cannot resist.

3. Greece

The Greek islands can be described as the synonym for the summer holiday that will make you want more of it and come again next year. It doesn’t matter if you choose Crete, Kos, Santorini, or Rhodes. Each of them offers various options to spend your time. They are excellent for sunning, snorkeling or swimming. If you want to try the best of the Mediterranean cuisine, then Greece will give you everything you need. You will want to try the fresh octopus or fish, tzatziki, olives, or feta cheese. Add to all these a big glass of wine and you will start feeling like a veritable Greek.

4. Turkey

Once you take your first steps in Turkey, you will feel that you have stepped into heaven. When you go to the beach and have a look around, you will feel hypnotized by the surroundings. The Turkish culture impresses with its unique combination of sweets and flavors and the deep, blue sea that will make you wonder if you are dreaming or everything is actually real. Just imagine what your day will look like on a yacht, with a plate of freshly riped fruits, and a delicious veal barbecue.

Any of these destinations have a lot to offer. The clear water, friendly local people, and excellent services are some of the things that will attract you and help you make a decision. All you have to do is just book your flight tickets right away and start your adventure in exploring amazing places during your summer holiday. You will not regret it!


Contributed by Anda Ilie


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  1. Have always wanted to go to Egypt almost made in one time. We were in Israel and had just checked on tickets when there was some PROBLEMS there. So we decided that it was time to go home.

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