Southern Star Tree Service: When Trees Fall What Steps To Take

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Trees are amazing creatures that give us beauty, shade, and oxygen. Nevertheless, there are times when trees fall, whether because of aging or natural disasters like storms or illnesses. There may be serious hazards to the environment, safety, and property when this occurs. Prompt and appropriate action is essential in these kinds of circumstances.

In this blog post, our professionals from Southern Star Tree Service will explore the steps to take when trees fall, highlighting the importance of professional tree services in Alpharetta and Decatur.

Assess the Situation

When a tree falls, you should thoroughly analyze the situation as soon as possible. The first priority should always be safety. Look out for any potential threats, including live electrical lines, and avoid them. Make note of any damage the fallen tree has caused to vehicles or structures, or if it is obstructing your property’s access. Determine whether you can handle the damage on your own or if you need to hire professionals by assessing the amount of the damage.

Contact a Professional Tree Service

It is usually recommended to seek the assistance of a professional tree service for instances with fallen trees. These certified arborists are equipped with the know-how, abilities, and tools necessary to remove trees safely and effectively. Without the proper equipment and knowledge, attempting to remove a fallen tree can cause more damage and raise the risk of danger.

Safety First

Prioritize safety if you choose to address the problem alone and the fallen tree has not presented an immediate threat. When approaching the downed tree, proceed with caution and make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment, such as gloves and goggles. Make sure that everyone in the area is mindful of the possible hazards and maintains a safe distance.

Clear Debris and Assess Damage

Once the immediate threats have been eliminated, begin removing the fallen tree’s debris. To cut branches and limbs, use a chainsaw or other suitable instruments. Watch out for any concealed hazards, such as stressed branches that have broken. Examine the extent of the damage to the tree and its surroundings after the debris has been cleared. If the tree is salvageable, a tree service in Decatur may be able to provide pruning or other necessary care to restore its health.

Proper Disposal

For safety and environmental concerns, the fallen tree and its waste must be disposed of properly. It’s crucial to follow any special regulations that some towns may have regarding the disposal of trees. Expert tree services in Decatur or Alpharetta can help with appropriate disposal, which includes repurposing wood for mulch or other purposes.

Prevention for the Future

It’s important to think about future preventative steps after handling a fallen tree. Pruning trees regularly can help lower the likelihood that they will fail. Expert arborists can evaluate the condition of your trees and make recommendations for the right maintenance to guarantee their stability and durability.


The best way to reduce hazards and stop additional harm after a tree falls is to respond quickly and intelligently. While doing it yourself might be possible in some circumstances, hiring a professional tree service is usually safer and more efficient. These professionals can remove trees safely, protecting both your property and people nearby, because they have the necessary expertise, abilities, and tools. Recall that while handling fallen trees, safety should always come first and that doing the correct things can have a big impact on how things turn out.

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