Six Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Pigeon Forge

Pigeon forge town in Tennessee is a unique holiday destination with countless exciting opportunities. The town accommodates the tastes of every traveler, so it will not disappoint you if you go with your family, spouse, or alone. And most importantly, it remains functional and vibrant throughout the year. But it also means that the place remains crowded most of the time. So before finalizing a date, plan your trip and make arrangements accordingly. Your holiday will be stress-free when you have a plan of all your do-to activities beforehand. Suppose the vacation site is as diverse as Pigeon Forge. In that case, you will squander time and money trying to find ideal spots if you have endless possibilities. You’ll find yourself asking for advice from strangers as you wander around. Additionally, making unnecessary queries from strangers puts your security at risk, especially if you’re traveling with a family. So it is best to make a plan of your preferred locations, double-check all the relevant information, and go cautiously.

The following sections explore some options. Take a look and prepare for an exciting vacation with your kids and family.

Explore the Island

The purpose of the trip is to have fun while discovering new places. There are countless fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, such as hiking, the water coaster, rides at Splash Country, and a unique place like WonderWorks, where you can experience earthquakes, hurricane-force winds, and space exploration. The island is one such spot where entry is free. You can go whenever you want and explore with your kids. You can enjoy the spectacular fountain show and roam through specialty shops without paying anything. It is a package of adventure, excitement, and relaxation. Since it is a family attraction, it satiates visitors with budget-friendly offers. 

For instance, you can buy an unlimited ride pass and entertain your kids with several fun options for the next 24 hours for just 35 dollars. So your kids will love exploring the island. In addition, you will also find several economical options to dine. You can visit shopping stalls and shops, a jumbo observation wheel, a thunder dome, Alcatraz east crime museum, the island ropes course, band performances, and amusement parks for amusement. 

Enjoy drenching in Splash Country Water Park

Who does not love playing in the water? Kids and adults both go crazy over water sports and activities. So if you visit pigeon forge in the summers, then splash country water park is a must-visiting attraction spot. It is among the most visited fun destinations in pigeon forge because of its exciting offerings and variety for water sports lovers. The park has proper arrangements to make the most of your time and money, so you can keep your expectations high. Your kids can enjoy water slides, swimming pools, and other water games. And you do not need to worry about children’s safety, as the park operates according to safety guidelines. You will also find guides to assist visitors if they need help. If you feel reluctant, read instructions on the sign boards or ask administrators before trying any water sport or activity. And before letting your little ones jump into the water, you can use air-filled bubbles, balloons, and other safety equipment to ensure their safety.

Jeep ride through the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountain national park must be on your list if you want to experience adventure, excitement, and serenity in one place. You can do several things like hiking, horse riding, fishing, camping, and more. Some highlights along the track include Cades Cove valley, Cataloochee valley, and Foothills Parkway. Each of these spots has several fascinating things to see and cherish. For instance, Cades cove alone is full of diversity and excitement. Its lush green trees, antique churches, buildings, and cabins offer serenity and trigger curiosity. Your kids will also love seeing wild animals like bears, coyotes, deer, and other animals roaming around Cades cove. Since smoky mountains are a must-visiting attraction for visitors, there are proper arrangements to ensure visitors get the most out of their travel. For instance, you can rent a jeep and explore the vast wilderness on your own or book a tour guide. It is a better and safer option to explore more in less time.

Play games in a rockin’ raceway arcade

The rockin’ raceway arcade is an inescapable attraction in pigeon forge if you anticipate an adventurous, exciting, interactive, and rewarding experience. It is a distinctive game zone for gaming enthusiasts that your kids will enjoy the most. The arcade has over 150 game options, from the treasure hunt, kart racing, and coaster rides to virtual reality. And they also have gifts and prizes for winners to augment players’ engagement and excitement. The attraction also has arrangements for families to relax and dine while taking turns at gaming stations. For instance, Sawyer’s farmhouse restaurant, Paula Deen’s family kitchen, J. Del’s Pizza, Big Rock Candy Kitchen, and many other restaurants reside close to the racing arcade. In short, you will have a tough time getting your kids out of the arcade arena. But some fatigue is given when you plan for kids’ entertainment and joy. So mark any date in your calendar, as the arcade remains operational all day.

Visit the Titanic Museum

Perhaps every literate person knows about the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Your kids may not know about the historical aspect of the Titanic, but they will encounter the story at some point in their lives. So why not walk them through the pages of history in a fun way? They will store the information for longer if they learn about something while having fun. The Titanic museum replicates the historic vessel that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean 100 years ago. The museum manifests a reality-like experience so visitors can explore history without getting bored. As you enter, you will see various visually appealing forms of information like signboards, posts, artifacts, and pictures. All of them hold a piece of crucial information to help visitors decipher and comprehend the Titanic tragedy puzzle. The multilingual audio facility inside the vessel further augments the learning experience, so your kids will not get bored. You can also touch the artifacts and take pictures for your recollections. Souvenirs are also available if you want to purchase them as gifts or showpieces.

Visit Dollywood

Dollywood is another star of the attractions in Pigeon forge for entertainment and amusement whether you go alone or with a family. It is a theme park near the entryway of Smoky Mountain. Since pigeon forge hosts millions of guests from everywhere, Dollywood is among the well-planned destinations to share the tourism load. That is why satiating dining options, coaster rides, parks, hotels, and other attractions are all tucked into the theme park. They also have several thrilling varieties for kids. For instance, some ride options in the park include the black bear trail, piggy parade, lucky ducky, busy bees, Rockin roadway, village carousel, Dollywood Express Train, and others. Given its offerings, it is among the most visited vacation attractions in Tennessee. It also hosts some famous festivals throughout the year. So you can enjoy performances, stage plays, and music. If you visit in the spring, you will also see colorful flowers at the food and flower festival. In short, there is no limit to the entertainment options.

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Pigeon forge may be a small town in the vast Tennessee State. Still, it is full of mystery, excitement, vibrancy, diversity, and adventure like indoor skydiving. A holiday to Pigeon forge will offer you more than your imagination. So do not waste your time contemplating. Plan your holiday and get ready for the excitement.

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