Rum: Understanding Different Varieties and Making the Right Purchase Online

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Rum is a vast category with many options, variables, and details. The type of sugar cane used, whether the rum was pot distilled or column distilled, and whether it was blended or single barrel are all things to keep in mind. One way to categorize rum is through a system developed. It has 21 categories broken down by raw materials, distillation, and aging.

Understanding Different Varieties

Whether you’re interested in making refreshing cocktails or sipping on the rocks, the correct type of rum can make all the difference. With various flavors, styles, and brands, deciding which type is best for your needs can be challenging. Fortunately, this guide will help you narrow your options and find the perfect rum for any occasion.

From smooth white rums perfect for mixed drinks to robustly aged dark rums ideal for sipping, there’s a rum out there for every taste and occasion. Many of these different types are used to create unique and distinctive libations and cocktail recipes. Almost all rum is made from the fermented juice of sugarcane, but how rum is produced, distilled, and bottled determines its final character.

For enthusiasts seeking a convenient way to add quality spirits to their collection, the option to buy rum online provides a diverse range of choices and the ease of doorstep delivery.

The four main categories of rum are white, gold, dark, and flavored. Different distilleries produce each type of rum, and it comes from different countries worldwide. While some producers may focus on building premium aged rums, others may have more consumer-friendly varieties of rum, and others may offer a variety of spiced rums that add bold tropical flavor to cocktails. Like wine and whisky, rum is often aged in oak casks to impart rich flavors that connoisseurs appreciate.

Making the Right Purchase Online

For a spirit commonly dismissed as a pina colada mixer and tiki bar staple, rum has much more depth than you may think. The wide range of flavors, styles, and origins make it a versatile choice for any occasion and palate, from refreshing white rums that work beautifully in classic cocktails to dark rums with rich caramel notes that add depth to craft drinks and can be enjoyed on the rocks.

Though rum can be produced anywhere in the world, the best examples hail from places that offer ideal climates for cultivating sugarcane. Once the sugarcane has been pressed to yield its juice, it can be distilled and fermented before it’s aged in barrels or infused with additional flavors and aromas.

While the only consistent quality among rums is that they are all made from sugarcane, other factors, including fermentation and distillation methods, aging and blending processes, and place of origin, contribute to each brand’s unique personality and style. The result is a vast selection of rums that range in alcohol by volume (ABV) from 20 percent to 75.5 percent and come in light, dark, and aged varieties.

To help you navigate this expansive collection, here’s a look at some of the most notable types of rum on the market and how they’re commonly used.

Buying Rum Online

As a spirit that can be distilled and bottled in dozens of different ways, rum is one of the most versatile liquors on the market. Many differences between different types of rum are based on the distillation process, aging method, and flavor profile, but other factors are distinct from the next.

The most fundamental difference between the different rum styles is that some use molasses as their raw sugar source, while others are made from cane juice. There is also the option of using turbinado sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, or blackstrap molasses to make rum, each offering a distinctive taste.

Light rums are often used in cocktails or mixed with other spirits in tiki drinks, while dark rums are usually consumed straight. After fermentation and distillation, flavored rums can be infused with different flavors, including coconut, mango, and other tropical fruits.

The different rum-producing nations of the Caribbean offer distinct styles based on their traditional production methods. For example, rums from the former English colonies are typically thick and full-flavored, while rums from the French-speaking nations have a grassy flavor. In addition to the varying flavors, each of these regions has a specific rum-making style that is unique to their area.

Buying Rum in the Store

There are many different types of rum, all with their unique attributes. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your cocktails or want to sip a smooth and flavorful aged variety, there’s something for everyone regarding this versatile spirit.

While all rums are made from sugarcane, many differences set the various categories apart. A combination of factors, including aging, distillation method, and even the country of origin, all work together to create a wide array of distinct varieties.

White rums, for instance, are made from molasses or freshly squeezed cane juice, but they’re typically aged less time than dark rums. This results in a lighter body with a sweeter, more mild taste. This type of rum is the basis for many classic cocktails like pina coladas and daiquiris.

Flavored rums, on the other hand, focus more on adding a wide range of natural and artificial flavors to the spirit. These include everything from fruity options like coconut and mango to dessert-like versions that add extra sweetness to your drinks.

When buying rum online, you must understand the different options available. This is especially true when shopping for a large order to stock your bar or speakeasy.

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