False Sex Crime Charges- A Guide For The Innocent

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Sex crimes are serious offenses that deserve harsh punishment to set an example for the community. But false accusations are a grave concern as people often use the law with the wrong intentions. Your ex may want to get back at you after a bitter breakup or a jealous colleague may accuse you in order to stop your career progress. A false charge can be frightening for an innocent person as it can lead to penalties and jail time, affect employability, and ruin a reputation. 

If you encounter an allegation without being guilty, you will probably want to ignore it and hope your innocence rescues you. But the mindset can land you in deep trouble because a false sex crime is far more serious than you imagine. You must understand its implications and handle the situation correctly. Here is an expert-backed guide for the innocent facing false sex crime charges. 

Take the charges seriously

It is tempting to ignore a sex crime accusation only because it is false. The court will not take your word when it comes to establishing your innocence. You will have to prove facts and expose the fallacy of the charges against you. Ensure taking a proactive approach to sex crime accusations because they can have dire consequences down the line. Besides the risk of penalties and convictions, you may face social stigma and career disruptions. Your accuser may have fake evidence to incriminate you, so you must build a defense strategy to counter them. 

Avoid speaking with the accuser

Your first instinct on facing false charges would be to confront the accuser and get to the bottom of the matter. You may even try to clarify your position if a misunderstanding led them to make the accusation. It is the last thing you should do because your statements and actions can go against you in court. The accuser may use any form of communication as evidence in court. Refrain from meeting them personally, calling or texting them, or sharing posts on social media. You may have all good intentions, but the effort to clear your name can get you into an even bigger problem. 

Hire an attorney immediately

Sex crime charges require legal expertise to handle, so steer clear of the DIY approach. Experts recommend hiring a seasoned sex crimes attorney immediately after the accusation. The police may take you for questioning, but you must not say anything until you get legal representation. You have the right to remain silent and speak only after seeking guidance from an attorney. Make sure you share all facts and information with the lawyer so that they can guide you about the statement and build a viable defense strategy ahead. 

Gather supporting evidence

Being innocent does not guarantee an acquittal in court. You need a robust defense strategy to prove your innocence and get out clean. The best way to do it is by gathering as much supporting evidence as possible. Consider getting tangible pieces of evidence such as the video footage of the area where the alleged incident happened. You may provide records of calls, text messages, and emails to prove that the act was consensual. Witness testimonies can go a long way in establishing your side of the story. You may even get friends, neighbors, and colleagues to vouch for your character and ethics. Share every piece of information with your attorney as they can use it to build your defense. 

Write down your recollection of events

A false allegation can be overwhelming and stressful. There are good chances to forget about the incident when you are in a state of shock. Try recalling every detail of the incident and write down whatever you can remember. Note details such as the location, lighting in the area, the clothing you were wearing, the witnesses present, and whether drinks or drugs were involved. Do not share these details with anyone except your attorney. 

Control your emotions

Losing control is a natural reaction to a false sex crime accusation. You can expect to feel frustrated, scared, anxious, and depressed simultaneously. But letting your emotions rule your mind is the worst way to handle the situation. Stay calm and watch your words and actions in public. The accuser can use any outburst against you, and it will only weaken your defense. Listen to your lawyer and follow their advice without second thoughts.

Being falsely accused of a heinous act like a sex crime is daunting. The best way to get through the situation is by staying calm and seeking guidance from an experienced sexual misconduct attorney. You can follow these tips to get a chance to prove your innocence and save your reputation. 


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