Road Trip Must Haves

Road trips and national, rather than international, holidays and short breaks have taken over from the longer more traditional summer holiday overseas. Whether you are a caravanner, have a state-of-the-art RV or will be driving to an amazing spot to camp, there are a few things that will make the drive, or road trip a lot more enjoyable for all those involved.

The Music to make a Trip Playlist

With modern day music streaming prowess, this won’t be a problem but you need to have the means to access and play music whilst on the trip. You will need as much music as your trip will need and then be able to save and store the tracks of your trip, and voila, a soundtrack to your road trip and a great way to remember the adventure forever. Keep in mind that regardless of the genre of music you like, you will have to play a wider range than just this, firstly to change the rhythm as you drive, and then to ensure that everyone else has some tunes that they like. Once you’ve played the music and have the playlist stored and saved, share it with your fellow road trippers and it’s a great way to sustain the memory.

Car Games

If you’re all going in the RV or motor car together then playing a game as a family is one of the most entertaining and fun ways to bond and grow. It’ll also allow the miles to fly by. There are all sorts you can play such as I- spy, animal alphabet games, car spotting on the motorway, streamed quizzes, and more. Just ensure that the excitement and fun don’t disturb the driver. Do some research to find the games that work for you and yours. There are numerous ideas for such road trip games to kill boredom and increase bonding. We have to mention the tech games that can be played on the drive as well, and these will definitely serve to keep family members entertained, but the drive should be largely tech-free if you want to interact and enjoy the ride together.

Food and Drink Receptacles

Not all meals will be eaten at the stops and for those ‘in car’ snacks and eats ensure that you have the right mess-free holders. These should be as specific as possible to reduce mess, so if hot dogs are the family guilty road trip pleasure, then ensure that you have hot dog trays to prevent spills, but also, to keep the meal packaged and well presented when you have time to stop for a break. Look for compostable or recyclable containers and trays and buy these well in advance. They’ll make eating in a moving vehicle or even at the RV table a little less messy.

A Clear Plan

A critical part of the road trip is a clear plan. It sounds a lot more romantic and carefree to say that you will simply drive till you find a good place to stop or camp as you go. The downside to this type of thinking is that showers and ablutions won’t be available everywhere unless you have a fully kitted-out RV, so try to have at least a few options of where you will stop and where you won’t.

Road trip has become one of the main forms of holiday and this trend is expected to only increase with more people buying RVs and caravans. The tips herein will allow you to prepare for the fun ahead and ensure that you have some of the essentials for long periods in a vehicle.

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