Restoring an Old Home? 4 Ways to Keep Its Original Look Alive

Are you restoring an old home and want to keep its original look alive? Thankfully, there resources available to help you accomplish this goal. Before you do anything in restoring an old home, consider these four ways to keep its original look alive:

Research When it Was Built

The first way to keep the homes original look alive is to research the era of when your home was built. The internet makes this easy. Look up historical publications and photographs to find what styles were fashionable during the year your house was built. Old magazines and interior photographs offer a wonderful glimpse into the home-life of past eras. Pinterest has a lot to offer in way of pictures of various room within historical homes, and the Library of Congress offers a huge online resource of historical photographs as well.

Find the Original Wallpaper

Another way to restore an old home to keep its original look alive is to peel through the layers of wallpaper or paint to find its original first layer. If the first layer you find was paint you can easily take the sample in to your local paint shop to have it replicated. Techniques of replicating the exact color are easy to do. Finding an exact copy of the first layer of wallpaper might prove more of a challenge, however there are companies that specialize in replicating historical wallpapers. Even if you cannot find the exact pattern you will find patterns from the era of when your home was built.

Use Period Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing or installing period fixtures and hardware is another great way to restore an old home and keep its original look alive. Restored antique or replicated fixtures and hardware can add that special little touch that can transport your rooms back in time. You can again do research to find out what home details were most common during the year your home was built.

Protect Existing Fixtures

You will want to be careful about how you treat certain areas of your home and find ways you can enhance or protect them. The restoration of an old bathroom should be protected with a shower screen. This will add the right protection to your newly restored bath to help keep its original look alive. If the home has the original hardwood floors, consider using a stain or finish to preserve them.


When restoring an old home these four ways to keep its original look alive will not only give you a home you can feel proud of, but will also provide you with a home you can enjoy and feel comfortable to live in for many years to come.

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