Renting An RV For Your Next Vacation: Pros And Cons

Going on a vacation can improve your overall performance, and using an RV can make this experience 10x better. These recreational vehicles are like bringing your house along, helping you save on hotels and meals while having your vital supplies nearby.

However, these benefits also come with some noteworthy downsides, such as doing chores on your vacation, dealing with clutter, and buying gas. Therefore, we recommend looking at the big picture before taking an RV for your next vacation.

Therefore, this post will dive deeper into the pros and cons of renting an RV, allowing you to decide whether it’s perfect for your vacation goals. Read on!

Top Pros to Rent an RV

Renting an RV, compared to buying one for your vacation, presents exciting benefits worth exploring. These include:

1. Testing Before Buying

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are one secret to stress-free travel as you have a convenient travel option. However, there are different types of RVs, which makes it tricky to choose if you were to buy one. 

In this case, renting from the best RV Rentals in LA is one way to experience the vehicle without a large budget or extreme dedication. Besides, if you don’t enjoy your experience with the RV you hired, you can return it and not be stuck with an unwanted purchase.

2. Reduced Vacation Cost

Imagine being able to bring your home along to tour a new location or go camping; this can slash the entire trip’s cost. Essentially, you can save on hotels and buying meals, especially if you’re traveling with a family on longer trips.

This perk also leaves you with more cash, which you can allocate to other parts of your vacation to boost the excitement.

3. Better Exploration Potential

Sightseeing can be exhausting, especially when finding transportation to move your family from one location to the next. Even if you order a ride, regularly waiting for the vehicle can quickly siphon the excitement.

However, an RV quickly combats this problem by always being available wherever you park it. Once you’re satisfied with the site you’ve seen, the family can instantly hop into the RV and be on their way to the next location.

4. Excellent for Camping

When going camping, you’ll have to adhere to multiple safety rules to enjoy the experience. This involves getting a first aid kit, carrying weatherproof equipment, erecting a safe tent, and more.

Carrying all that gear can be discouraging; fortunately, an RV provides adequate space to take everything you need to enjoy camping. You also have additional safety and comfort in your RV, depending on the type, allowing you to drop your guard and appreciate the view.

5. All the Benefits of Home

RVs come with a bed, kitchen, and bathroom, which you can’t always find on vacations, especially when camping. This added comfort allows you to save money and be more relaxed to enjoy the moment.

Additionally, these vehicles come with heaters and air conditioners, providing relief from the blazing sun or the chilling night. You can also do outdoor picnics or sit underneath your RV’s awning to create a temporary patio on the go.

6. No Packing and Unpacking

If your vacation involves visiting different locations, moving in and out of hotel rooms is an inconvenience to expect. During this process, you may forget personal belongings like a charger, clothing, jewelry, etc.

With a recreational vehicle, everything you need for the trip stays in one spot, irrespective of the new location. While there are limits to how much you can pack into your RV, the amount is far more significant than carrying a few bags.

7. Extra Time Together

During trips with your family, traveling together in an RV makes it possible to spend more time with each other. This extra time spent with family has several benefits, including helping kids perform better.

However, too much time together can equally be damaging; that’s why all RVs are spacious enough for increased privacy. Therefore, your kids can find time to entertain themselves alongside the ability to reach you quickly, just like being at home.

The Primary Drawbacks of Renting an RV

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Around 11.2 million households use an RV, which proves the benefits of getting one outweigh the cons. Nevertheless, exploring the negatives is vital to make an informed decision.

The drawbacks of renting an RV include:

1. Chores on Vacation

You’re on vacation to escape your daily routine and “live a little,” and while having an RV helps with that goal, it also defeats it with chores. Essentially, you’ll have to keep your dishes clean, wash your sheets, vacuum the floors, etc.

However, it makes more sense considering that you’re traveling with a mini home; so, expect to do chores similar to those at home. 

2. Learning to Drive an RV

RVs operate differently than regular cars; they brake and accelerate much slower, and their blind spots are more prominent like a bus. Therefore, you can’t simply rent one, hop in, and be on your merry way.

It would be best to practice operating a recreation vehicle properly, and this process involves getting used to its weight, length, amenities, etc.  Depending on your learning speed and type of RV, it could take 15 days to a month to understand how to drive an RV.

3. Worrying About Fuel

Unlike hiring an Uber, renting an RV means you’re responsible for filling the tank, which can be a hassle for many people. At the same time, note that how much fuel an RV consumes depends on the vehicle’s size.

Therefore, the larger the rig, the more gas it consumes; for example, Class As weighs between 20,000 and 50,000 pounds and needs around 8-10 miles per gallon (mpg) of fuel. 

In simple terms, taking this vehicle will require paying constant attention to the gas to avoid an empty tank during a trip.

Conclusion – Should you Rent an RV?

An RV’s biggest perk is cost-effectiveness since it allows you to bring more crucial items and save on accommodation and meals. However, it also has some noteworthy downsides; therefore, renting one will depend on your vacation goals.

For example, if you’re traveling with family and plan to visit multiple locations in a week, getting an RV is a bright idea. On the other hand, if you travel solo with minimal movement, there are other reasonable options.

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